After All That Time

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She had 34 DD sized tits, long black hair, dark eyes and a figure with the likings to a pin up model. I knew it was wrong but I also knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. For so long, we pretended to be unavailable to each other sexually. In a way, I suppose we were. She was married and I was engaged. Luxury

She had 34 DD sized tits, long black hair, dark eyes and a figure with the likings to a pin up model.  I knew it was wrong but I also knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.  For so long, we pretended to be unavailable to each other sexually.  In a way, I suppose we were.  She was married and I was engaged. 

Before that it was easy.  The two of us were able to spend a lot of time together.  Mostly I would visit at her apartment and we would just sit around and finish a box of wine then head out for the night.  We were wild, uninhibited and yet very protective of each other. 

It was always hard watching the two of us dating people who weren’t good for us.  Especially when we brought them around each other.  It was the look that we gave each other.  That ‘I want you so bad but I can’t right now’ look.

She was in a tougher position than I was.  A single mother of three, by three different fathers and two ex-husbands.  I was never married (Early on in our friendship) had no children but was always in some type of relationship in those days where we were freer to spend time together.

Eventually, I went off to get married and moved out of state and in the meantime she married some other loser and then it just so happened that we filed for divorce roughly at the same time a few years after that. I came back to town with no woman and fresh out of the gates ready to go on the prowl.  Her soon to be ex-husband was still around, spending nights on the couch as opposed to with her in bed. 

It seemed like the very next day I came home we reunited.  She rode along with a friend of hers to pick me up to spend a night on the town.  We got pretty loaded like we used to.  Just before close we piled back in her friend’s car so her friend could drive us home.

“Why don’t you pop over for a bit babe, you can spend the night if you have to, it’s been awhile since we hung out” she said to me on the way to her house.

Didn’t really seem like too much of an unusual request.  I spent many nights getting drunk at her place and crashing on the couch and since I had just come back, I hadn’t got myself a job, had nowhere to be the next day so I took her up on her offer.

We got back to her place and I don’t know if it was because I was drunk or I just didn’t pay attention for whatever other reason but I didn’t notice her soon to be ex-husband sleeping on the couch.  I must have walked right by him before stumbling into the kitchen.  It was kind of dark and at the time she never mentioned him being there until I saw him leave for work the next morning.

She cracked open a bottle of wine and took me to her bedroom where we on occasion used to hang out.   Mary and I never had an affair despite knowing each other for a good 12 years even though everyone else swears we did.  The closest I think that we ever came to that was a few drunken moments where we kissed but it never went farther than that.

That night, in her bedroom it was around 3am.  She poured us each a glass of wine and shut the door.

“Ok Mike, let’s cut to the chase, it’s been far too long” she said to me as she sat down on her bed and began to remove her shirt.  She was wearing a sexy black bra that could barely contain those enormous tits. 

My mouth dropped to the floor as the bra came off.

“Oh yeah it has” I said. “I don’t know about you but I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a very long time” I told her as she reached over and began taking off my shorts.

“I know its crazy isn’t it. Well here we are” she said back to me as she grabbed a hold of my stiff cock and stuck it in her mouth. 

I’ve been with a lot of women before her, but to be honest, nobody has ever sucked my cock like her. She worked it hard and fast and making sure that she kept it really wet.  I held her hair back as she bobbed her head back and forth really fast.  Faster and faster as she twisted her hand up and down my shaft simultaneously. 

She then laid back as I slid my big wet cock back and forth between those luscious tits.  This was my first titty fuck.  A subject I often complained to her about in the past when in her presence and engaging in drunken conversation. 

“Fuck those titties Mike! I know you’ve always wanted to!” she whispered softly.

“Oh yeah!” I moaned as I fucked that cleavage like a pussy.

I then buried my head between them and began sucking on her nipples.  Back and forth between her tits and her face, I kissed her passionately as I lowered my hand between her thigs.  I began to rub that pussy and clit hard and fast.  She was getting really wet. 

“Oh Fuck!” She screamed as I took out my hand and immediately buried my head in that hot wet snatch.  Eating that pussy was like heaven.  I went down on her for a long time.  I loved watching her cup her tits with both her hands as her hips would shake while she moaned and breathed heavily before cumming all over my face.

I then sat up, looked her in the eyes, kissed her gently and slowly guided my cock into her hot wet cunt.  She wrapped her legs around my back as I fucked her really hard.  You can hear the slap of our skin colliding as I worked up speed. 

I wanted to cum inside her but we weren’t using protection and I slowly remembered that she seems to easily get knocked up.  So I pulled out and laid on my back holding my cock.  She started stroking it slowly as I sat there trying to catch my breath.

“Cum for me babe, I want it all over my tits and face, I want your cum in my mouth” she said before  opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue and cupping her tits with both hands on her knees.

“Here it comes” I said as I sat up and spewed my load all over her.  I spread my sperm evenly.  Putting some on those 34 DD’s, some on her face and then I stuck it back in her mouth shooting the rest of my load to the back of her throat.

Both taking a swig of wine we sat back and just giggled for a few minutes.

“Wow” we both said at the same time trying to catch our breath.

“That was fucking…fantastic!” she said looking at me.

“Nobody ever sucked my cock like that! Nobody!” I said to her as she just turned and smiled.

“So, are you glad you finally got a chance to fuck some titties?” she asked me in a playful sounding voice.

“Well yeah, I got extra lucky and got a chance to fuck yours.  You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to just see your tits never mind get a chance to bury my head in them” I said laughingly.

“Well, if it means anything to you, I’ve just been wanting to suck your cock and fuck your brains out since the day we met. What’s it been 12 years ago now?” she went on to say.

After that night we maintained a ‘Friends with Benefits’ relationship for about 4 years before we finally ‘Officially’ became a couple.  After we broke up a few years after that, the relationship was over but the sex didn’t end.

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