Mom banged hard by pastor

Goldbill   July 02, 2024   | 2764 Views
This is the story of my sexy mom getting banged hard by a pastor. stepmom

Hi this is Sandy and am 22 years old and am from Kerala.My dad is a driver and he is a drunkyard and my mom is a house wife.Am doing 2 year degree and having good marks.Dad is never good with us he is a fraud loots money and drinks fucks sluts and customer who are alone. His hobby is drinking all time but never bothers about us.Mom is much worried about him.We are praying for his well being and he is always boozing a lot.
Telling about mom she is 5'6 tall and very fair complexion with long hairs and she is 39 years old plump her big eyes are so lustful and her pink lips make every men to fuck her so hard.Her assets are so big her boobs are so big and huge in size and her ass are so large being banged well by my dad but he lost interest in her.Her sizes are 36-38-46 and her boobs are 36dd melons.Her vulptous shape make her mermaid.
        We are roman catholic and mom is so much religious and she never misses church prayers and meetings.But there is no improvement in dad behaviour and his health became so bad nowadays and mom was so worried and one day our aunt came home Her name is Debie and she is following AG so she asked mom to follow her and mom was some what ok with that and she went to her home for prayer meeting one day.She never knows that was the day things going more worse for her.Aunt introduced mom with the pastor and he was 55 years old bald and dark complexion and he blessed mom.And seeing mom first time pastor had a evil smile on his face.Mom was wearing a yellow saree and white blouse and he could see her huge boobs out of control of her blouse he wanted to suck her boobs but he controlled.Now he prayed for some time and mom was so much interested in his prayers.Now he told some phrases to her and he told her that he will come home one day for prayer and she was so happy.
        That was fine evening and dad went to liquor shop evening itself and aunt was there helping mom to make some meals for people who visit home for prayer and they made some good food.Some time later pastor came and he prayed for some time feast was over and everyone was going out and aunt too went adter sometime and now it was pastor and mom only in home and he started to do some holy things and now i was seeing him noticing mom nook and corner and his lustful eyes were tearing moms dress.Now he told mom that our house is having some problems and need to do some things to get rid of itand mom said whatever i will do for my family.Now pastor went in the bed room and asked her to remove her dress and she asked for what and he told her that he is going to do some rituals as there is bad spirits to get rid of them and they are lustful for women like you.Now mom was hesistan but she now removed her pallu and her huge blouse was visible to him he was so eager to suck her big boobs and her sexy fatty navel was so sexy for her age and now she removed her skirt and she is wearing a black panty and she removed it and it was a well shaved pink pussy and her sexy huge thighs are sexy like teak wood and now she removed her blouse and her melons are inside her big bra and now she released her bra and her huge melons hanged in front of him.Now he told her to take bath and come in front of him and she went to bathroom and he started to do some stuff and now mom took bath and came wet and her nipples are so big like grapes and ripen and her wet body made him mad and he now done some prayers and now he told her that some spirit are i want of women and they are young ones and they need sex from a wife of another men.Mom was shocked to hear it but she believed him and she asked how can they have sex with me. 
     He replied that they will come into his body and their soul will make me fuck with you dear and now mom was shocked too and now she had no way she said ok to him and now pastor was smiling and now he removed his pants and trouser and now he had a huge dick 9 imch long python and huge balls too and now he removed his shirt and he came full nude in fromt of mom and he started to squeeze her melons hard and it was so many years later mom had a man touch other than dad and he sucked and licked her boobs so hard she was moaning and he played with her boobs and he kissed her lips.

After some time her sucked her pussy so well and ate them and she was moaning like a slut and now she sucked his huge cock like a pro slut and his cock was so huge and now he fucked her so hard like a sex hungry man and he fucked her for 20 min with his huge cock and now released a huge load of cum into her pussy and still he is hard and he fucked her in doggy position and fucked her very hard this time her boobs were running here and there. I heared moms moaning ahhhahanhaooooo and he fucked her so well and good.That day he fucked her whole night and till morning he fucked her.

            Then he told her that he will do this for next 6 months and then only problem will be gone and the pastor fucked mom every day and night and she got good fuck in the name of dad and finally mom got a good fuck of her life..,,

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