Exposing to the hotel waiter - Part 1

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It was a night the lockdown had ended and we got vaccinated for corona. I convinced my wife to have an erotic evening with me in a hotel away from home. banner1

It was a night the lockdown had ended and we got vaccinated for corona. I convinced my wife to have an erotic evening with me in a hotel away from home. She agreed to it. I told her that the whole evening will be a surprise and nothing will be told to her before.

I searched for the hotels and booked a 3-star hotel on the Gurgaon road. It had good reviews and they provided the room for half a day without any questions. We did not plan a nightout as we had to go to work the next day.

So we reached to the hotel around 1 pm. My wife was surprised to see such a hotel booked. She wondered what were my plans. So I told her that I want to be free of the disciplined world and wonder. I also told her that I wanted some exhibitionism to make the evening more erotic. So we went inside. There were two men at the reception. I told them we need a room for 6 hours and want to have drinks in the room. They booked us under anonymous names and asked us to enjoy the evening without any fear.

We went in the room and paid Rs 50 to the porter. He was happy and as he left he told me that he can help in any way I want like extra pack of condoms, cigarettes, imported drinks, a masseur,  photographer etc. I was amazed at the offers. New plans arose in my mind. I tool his contact and told him that I will let him know.

I sat with my wife, we visited the washroom. It was decent looking with a bathtub. We planned a shower and I got the tub filled. We both went in the tub and discussed about our evening. She said that she can only show her boobs at the most to the waiters and nothing else. I reluctantly agreed. We played in the tub and then I ordered two beers from the washroom phone. After 5 minutes, the bell rang. I went to open the door in the towel and the same person was infront of me. I guess they did not have many serving people in the hotel.

I allowed him in and he kept the beer bottles on the table and got near me for signing the cheque. To my surprise, my wife came out of the washroom wrapped in her towel with bare legs and shoulders. His eyes could not move away from her. My wife assumed that this was the time of exhibitionism but I did not plan it so. It was just a normal order. My heart was pounding as what she is going to do. She went near the suitcase and started taking out her lingerie which was red laced. The person’s eyes were popping out as to what is going to happen. I interrupted and told him to leave since I had signed the cheque. He said thank you and started leaving. All of a sudden my wife asked him to check the bathtub outlet since the water was not flowing out. He nodded his head and went in the washroom with my wife. I stood outside the washroom. My wife was explaining him the problem and in the mean while she dropped her towel and revealed her sexy sot boobs. That was an amazing scene. Both of us men could not control ourselves. My wife said sorry and lifted the towel. The man did the job and parted and I got fully erected.

I hugged my wife and she started caressing my penis. Before I could say anything, she said that she loved it. It was amazing experience and she wants to do more. I got awestruck. I did not expect these words out of her. She started discussing with me as to what else can we do in this hotel. Since it is a low lying hotel, it gives an erotic and safe feeling.

So I said we can show the side boobs to the waiter but she said she had already shown her full view. I suggested she can get a massage. She agreed as she loves massages. She asked me if it would be the same guy who came before. I said that is upto us. We can get the same guy. She nodded her head and said it would be nice to seduce him again and again until he cums.

I ordered some food and he came again. My wife was in her dress lying in the quilt. After he served the food, I asked him if we can get a masseur. He asked me if they wanted a male or a female. I said my wife wants to get the massage and she needs a male. So he said that he could do it himself. The lust could be seen in his eyes. I suggested him to come after an hour after we finish the meals.

So he came back. My wife lied on her back before he came and acted like sleeping. I told him that he can do the back massage as she is not comfortable for the front massage. So he brought oil and started applying on the back by lifting the T-shirt. I said wait this will totally spoil the clothes. I lifted my wife’s full T shirt up and opened up her bra and made her back bare for the massage.

He poured the oil on her back and started massaging slowly. He seems afraid and I could see his erection. My wife was lying with her head towards me. I acted again and lowered her pyjamas to expose half her butts. He was reluctant to massage there but I said him to do there also as she likes it there. He put both his hands inside the butts and started massaging them. Her fingers were going to a bit inside the butt crack. The oil was tingling down the butt crack. I told him to massage her legs and thighs also from the back as that will be more relaxing. So I lowered her pyjamas fully without removing her panties. Her panty was just half lowered.

He started massaging all the way down from her butts till her feet. He spread her legs and started going inside till the very end. He was getting more easy while massaging. The strokes were getting smoother. The side boobs of my wife were totally visible throughout. He even caressed them while massaging the back. That was totally erotic.

I was sitting on the bedside and started stroking myself inside the quilt. My penis was erect and I think he could notice what I was doing as I was continuously looking at him. Then he started massaging the arms with a little tilt which made the boobs more visible. That was even more revealing. In between my wife asked to take a break as she wanted to pee. She got up facing me and asked for a towel. He brought the towel and handed to her looking at her boobs. That was a big flash of boobs. My wife peed and came back and then lied on the front with a bra over her boobs. She said that can I have the front massage also. He started applying oil on her stomach and chest. His hands were running down the boobs without touching the nipples as the bra was not hooked properly. I suddenly excused myself for attending a phone call and went in the balcony. My wife started touching him on his penis with her hands slightly. It was totally erect. She asked him to do the massage nicely. So he started going inside the boobs and touching her nipples. My wife started moaning a bit. I was seeing from outside. It was erotic. I was about to cum. The more he was massaging her boobs, she started pressing her penis with her hand. He could not control himself and lowered his pants to get it touched from my wife. She started stroking it. I then opened the balcony gate and came back. Instantaneously, he pulled up his pants. Then he went near the legs and started massaging. I went near my wife and told her that I got the promotion and kissed her. She kissed me back to congratulate me and I held her from her boobs and stated pressing her boobs. I started chatting with my wife and told her that we may have to click some photos for the calendar. He could not understand what we are talking. So I said him that if he can get me a photographer as we need to get some couple photos for a project.

Part 2 to continue ___

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