Naughty nun

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Nice quiet evening was interrupted with a church bell. It was time for the evening prayer. Nuns gathered into the main building, where late meeting was held. Sister Mary was slightly behind, convulsively looking for something. “Oh my God, where is my prayer book? I couldn’t leave it somewhere.” To be late on the meeting meant to have rough rebuke from the prioress. She desperately tried to remember, where she left damn book. “Can it be in kitchen storage?” Panic attack slowly wrapped a girl. She had just few minutes to think about the situation.

She walked into the kitchen storage with quick steps. Outside was almost dark, and she could barely see surroundings. “I didn’t think about candle, did I?” It was kinda a joke to look for dark covered book in a room with no light. Girl tried do not lose hope, and kept searching for hapless prayer book. “Dear God, why right now? I don’t think I ever failed towards you. I didn’t do anything prohibited so far.” She sink into a reverie why this idea came into her mind right now, but she didn’t have enough time for deeper thinking. Well, God will solve the problem. She opened the door and wanted to get out, but felt somebody’s strong arm around her waist. Her mouth was closed with foreign male’s hand. Nice male’s voice quietly whispered into her ear.

“Don’t scream. I won’t hurt you. Just close the door and listen to me. Nod the head, if you got it.” Girl was frozen for a few seconds, but then slightly nodded her head.   

“Ok. Now I will release my hand from your mouth and you will remain quiet. Do you promise?” Girl nodded her head one more time. “Good girl. My name is Gabriel. I am a deserter. I came to your monastery by accident and got lost. Found a kitchen. Thank you, I’m not hungry anymore…” He was interrupted by sister Mary. “What do you want from me? They will look for me.” His low voice became more pleasant and more seductive. “My dear, I was without female body for over six months. What do you think I want?” Girl swallowed loudly.

“I am a nun. I can’t give you what you want.”

“Well, I don’t think God will be too upset. And, I’m quite sure you also want it.”

“I-I can’t. What are you talking about? No man touched me.”

“I will ask you only one question, and I want an honest answer. I will know whatever you lie, or not. Are you ready?”

“No, I’m not, I have to go. Leave me alone. I won’t tell to anybody about you.” Man’s hand carefully held the back of her head and slightly turned left. His lips barely touched her ear, sending warm waves along her body.

“Tell me, do nuns have fantasies about men? Do nuns masturbate?” Girl froze for half a second. She clearly imagined scene from the Garden of Eden. Probably, Eva was seduced the same way. She couldn’t get rid of picture and say truth to the stranger. “I knew it,” man started to laugh, “I’m very glad I found a naughty nun.  I want you to touch yourself. Now!”

Sister Mary closed her eyes and started to pray really hard. Can it be her punishment for losing the prayer book? In the same time she couldn’t stop thinking about, how excited was current situation. She didn’t see the man, but she wanted to know how he looked like. What color are his eyes? What shape are his lips? All her scanty fantasies appeared the same second. He was truly a seducer. Girl felt his warm kisses on the neck and her legs got weaker.

“I want to pull up your skirt and explore your pussy with yours and mine fingers. I want to play with you there.” She didn’t have time to argue, his full lips covered her mouth. His hand was “fighting” with hem of the skirt, while he softly kissed her lower lip. “Help me to meet with your fingers inside of your sweet pussy.” His lips were so juicy, so persevering. Nun almost lost her mind because of his kisses. Her hand pulled skirt up and gave him access to the center of her pleasure. She felt how male’s hand covers her own one. His finger gently slid in inside. “Mmm, my girl isn’t virgin. Great find. I didn’t want to defile you. So tight and wet. Touch your clit with your finger. I wanna know we play together.” He found her lips again. His kisses became deeper. His dick wanted to be inside so bad, but he can wait. They will meet one more time, and he’ll have it all. Now he wanted to earn her trust. He wanted her to wait for him, fantasies about him.

Poor nun lost track of time. Everything was so unreal. She tried to convince herself that she is real nun, and soon she’ll belong to God. Instead of that, she is masturbating with dirty soldier. What a shame! Battle of her thoughts was interrupted with waves of desire. The clit got so sensitive and swollen. She almost moaned in his mouth. Girl felt how he took her finger, gathered juices and started to tease tender button of hers. She did masturbate, but with male’s hand. Orgasm got her so unexpected. Waves of pleasure were going through her body. Man turned her body towards him and went down. She still tried to calm down her breath.

“What-what are you doing?”

“You smell so good. I just can’t take it anymore. I must try you.”

Girl slightly screamed, when his sharp tongue started to attack her gentle skin. Strong and heavy licks wouldn’t allow her to relax. He skewered his pussy on his mouth. It was so erotic, so sensitive, so prohibited. She wanted more. Another orgasm was behind the door. Man was so good with his tongue and fingers. Nun dug her teeth into her sleeve, holding scream. Body was shacking from another orgasm.

When man was done, he whispered in her ear. “I will come one more night and I will fuck shit out of you. I will do it deep and rough. And you will have nobody after. I will be your last man. I will own your pussy. Will do everything I want.” He gave her something. “I think you were looking for this. Very interesting book, when you are not hungry.” He gave her another long kiss. “Think about me. I like when girl is wet because of me.”

Stranger opened the door and disappeared.   

 (to be continued...)

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