Confessions of a Pizza Delivery Chick

janus   March 02, 2023   | 4660 Views
The pizza box hit the floor, and the dessert was a mess. However, flesh always makes a more appealing meal. The bitch got that excited smile as her fingers massaged my sleek, shaved slit. She knew I was a tart. stepmom

I occasionally get sour looks and no tips from MILF’s expecting the pizza boy ‘to fuck brainless’ before they indulge themselves with a Supreme. They don’t realise I wouldn’t mind a lesbian dabble now and then.

I’ve never been lucky enough to deliver to a buck’s night, so I’ve no idea how far I would go in the gang bang direction. I keep hoping.

Anyway, recently I had; what I supposed was one of the standard boring middle-class suburban deliveries. You can tell by the number of pizzas and the flavour combination being delivered who will answer the door and guesstimate a tip.

I was sure my next delivery was a couple eating in on a Friday night meal. You know the type; they can’t be stuffed cooking, they have known each other too long to be bothered making an effort to go out, or their mortgage is dominating their lives. They’ll briefly have missionary sex under the sheets in the dark at 10.00 pm and hope they sleep before their partner starts snoring.

Their order was one large gourmet vegetarian pizza, a side of garlic bread, two mini self-sauced chocolate puddings, and the two-litre soft drink. How cute and how boringly quaint.

I found the address easy enough and barely needed the GPS. Oh, it was a neat place and fancy garden, with its white picket fence. I rang the doorbell. Waited. I rang the doorbell again. Waited. I frickin gave up and rapped my knuckles across the door loudly. Hell, it was open. It swung back.

I had one of those do I or don’t I moments. I’m paid the minimum wage plus a bonus for speedy max deliveries. I didn’t have time to traipse through their place to the frickin patio, where they were probably quaffing their bloody chardonnays. Still, I needed their goddamn money and a tip. So, I applied my smiley face and sauntered down their hallway...

“Fuck ME, “ I roared, nearly dropping the pizza box and the sides on top.

There was this woman about thirty getting a fantastic, perfect ramming from a gorgeous stiff cock, filling her trimmed light fuzzed but dark pubic framed pink open pussy lips, as her feet were planted on her man’s thighs, on their sofa.  I’d never seen another woman in real life getting shagged and fucked, and it was a turn-on watching cock pumping into wet, pliable, moisture-soaked coochie. It was riveting, and I was randy, so fast.

I now decided the brunette with long wild hair, probably only in her late twenties, wasn’t embarrassed. She coaxed me over to her between her moaning, and before I knew what I was doing, I knew what her touch would be like because I was into this before my panties were off. Her hand went straight under my short pleated dark skirt. She didn’t worry about the preliminaries like feeling me up through my knickers. Her fingers went straight to my already seeping wetness. I was still watching this awesome cock pummelling into her body.

The pizza box hit the floor, and the dessert was a mess. However, flesh always makes a more appealing meal.

The bitch got that excited smile as her fingers massaged my sleek, shaved slit. She knew I was a tart.

“My, you have a gorgeous blonde ponytail, “she crooned, “and cute titties under that tight t-shirt.”

“Mmm “, was all I managed. My pussy was being introduced to her second finger, a bit rough, but very happy for it to find and fill space next to the first welcome intruder in my girly cavity of wanton immediate need.

“You like that little whore “, she added; “What’s your name, sweetie?”

“MMm...Mandy...Mmm...Mandy...Mmmm,” I managed. Lucky, my name started with an M...I doubt she would have gotten it otherwise.

She was finger fucking me in a jaggy irregular way, testing my limits, as her third finger joined the party in my squelch.

“You like it a bit rough, don’t you, honey” she inquired unnecessarily.

I was moaning gratefully as my pussy was being basically mugged.

Still riding cock like a pro, she managed to yank my skirt and panties off and get me too willingly, pressing my pussy into her face. Directly into her face where she could enjoy all of me.

Oh god, I moaned: and a series of; “Mmm’s” and less feminine “Oh shit yeah...that is good good...”

She knew exactly what to do with me, the saucy experienced bitch. Manipulating me around so that she could lick out my arsehole. If I thought her pussy work was divine, her butt crack work was bliss. Her tongue just slotted into my tight pink starfish perfectly.  A tongue and an arsehole made for each other.

I entered the forbidden zone and expressed my happiness: “Orrgh yeah...that is heaven...please, please more.”

She did, her tongue circling my rim and her fingers gaping my back passage and, slowly, so slowly, so teasingly entering my butt hole and crooking my puckered slot with shards of pleasure.

I was leaning over the edge of the lounge. My arsehole was in total joy. Her face pressed into my butt cheeks. Her tongue was in a frenzy of ecstatic pressure.

I remained surprised at how gentle she was with my butt crack, given how she had loutishly treated my pussy. I thought she would fist my cunt for a moment, and I wasn’t sure if my tender years were ready for that. Then she had been so kind and tender with my arse.

Suddenly her tongue wasn’t there anymore. I had cravings of denial. My body couldn’t cope with the loss of its building pleasure.

“Oh MY GOD...Oh, Fuck...Orrgh...Aah... Yes...Yess...Ah... Ahh... Arragh...Orrgh “as her husband just rammed his cock into my prepped arsehole. I thought my arse would split; he jammed and shoved so quickly. I had an immediate upsurge of pure sweet body sensation. Oh, fuck I felt good, but so breached too. My arsehole seemed to tighten beyond tight momentarily. I had no idea how the guy’s cock had space in me. Then I had that wonderful moment of euphoria as my constricted furrow relaxed to the tempo of his stiff, pounding cock movement.

Not having seen his face made all the sensations more memorable. It was as close to stranger sex as I had ever come...not surprising at a tender eighteen years.

He started to smack and slap my arse cheeks at the same time. It was stinging me. I had that unbearable yet desirable combination of pleasure and a hint of pain.

Then he was buggering my arse. Deep and well, there is no other word for it, plain male nasty. I was caught in the need for it to continue while being aware that my little poop shooter was passing the limits of its design. A girl you’d think wouldn’t allow her arse to get battered and ambushed, but the joy was so intoxicating, it somehow balanced the uncomfortable sensation lurking in my gratification.

The brunette added to my bodily pleasure by grabbing my tits roughly over my bra cup, pushing up my pink t-shirt and letting my breasts dangle over the arm of the sofa. Her play was curt and blunt. She was tweaking my nipples, grabbing handfuls of my tits and teasing my teats between her teeth and fingernails.

The guy was groaning behind me. My arse was more relaxed and in sync with his engorged pecker. But so tender as it was cock thrashed.

Once the prick got his fingers working around my clitty, too: I was a goner. The tip of pleasure became a spike of delight, then a spur coursing through my clit; it spread to my entire pussy, seemed to flood my arse and flush through my panting manic needy body. The tightness in my arse was like I’d been pounded in a cage fight.

I flopped over the sofa arm as my arse was jizzed like it was receiving a special internal lotion, a warm injection of moisturiser designed as a balm of happiness.

Yeah, sounds nice.

The truth was I was brusquely creamed. My arsehole was stuffed with jism. Wads of dribbly gooey cum seeping from my satisfied yet equally misused gaping crack. Attractive, fetching, charming are hardly the words you would use: I was a woman sperm injected, my arsehole gawped, split, gashed open, the complete old-fashioned ‘rent.’

Oh shit, I was a happy mess. Boy, did they give me a massive tip.

And geez, I had a wonky walk as I returned to the pizza store to collect my next delivery. My petite choccie starfish till tingling and a tad sore as I ventured out again, only half an hour past the arse rampage of my life.

I checked the delivery coupon in my mini.

“Oh, sweet Jesus.”

It was a new order from the same couple.

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