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Me and my best friend

Liza   June 27, 2020   | 4350 Views
other with hug.. He felt that my boobs grew bigger and more attractive and we both entered the room we chat for hours and had stepmom

Hi everyone I m liza and currently I m 21 years old and I have good all the qualities to make anyone fall in love with my body and and I have been doing sex since I was 17 while begun kissing and small steps in my school days and my all details for entire journey was known to my best friend who is also my body lover but it wasn't the same always I and my best frnd were too close we used to share everything but didn't involve in sex but after having sex in college for the time the urge for me of sex increased so high that I wasn't able to resist.. It was a break from my college and I was at home all alone so I was enjoying some porn shows with barely any clothes that gave me great orgasm so I love doing it that way and since I didn't meet my friend for so long I asked to meet so he was on his way to my home and suddenly the bell rang and I wore the suit quickly and went out to open the door and I was so excited that I forgot to wear my undergarments.. I opened the door and greeted each other with hug.. He felt that my boobs grew bigger and more attractive and we both entered the room we chat for hours and had some snack I loved his presence as he was a truly lovely boy.. But the slutty part began soon
Me - did you make up anything with shreya
He - still using hand 
Me- say something good
He- how many fucked you
Me- shut up idiot 
He - hey please say 
Me- no way 
He- hey I know you do with many so it's not a problem to say me 
Me- ok ok got it.. But I never counted 
He - wow.. I only use my hand here
Me- you ll get someone
He-  not like you
Me- shut up.. You ll get very soon 
He- what was the Maximum size you got till date 
Me - why you want to know all this 
He - I have my intention 
Me- maybe 7 inch max
He - I got 8 inch long and 1.5 inch thick 
Me- no way u gotta kidding me 
He- you need to trust me 
Me-  I can't
He- I ll show you but
Me - thnks but I don't want 
He - you just need to give bj
Me- yuck u nasty 
He -come on just bj
Me- no 
He- I saw u naked in photos so y do u mind doing it 
Me - no no that's another thing

Actually we were very frank i said everything about my gang bang and all sex stories with strangers so i guess he was a bit horny that day and i m horny always so i wanted to tease him a bit than be his whore for that day 

All of a sudden he started requested me for a blowjob  and took his dick on his hand and started doing crazy stuff I didn't hold it or he forced  me i walked out of the room seeing his dick size and moved into my room and locked the room.. I could feel that my pussy started dripping I started getting goosebumps so i got my clothes out covered myself in towel and walked out with bare feets and a towel in which I was exposing my ass.. As I came to him I saw his 8 inch long black dick in his hand and I fell in love with it. I didn't knew my beat friend had this big dick.. He saw me with lusty eyes and signaled me to be his whore and I accepted it with no conditions

I asked him to come to my room after removing the towel from my body.. I went to the bed and laid down and spread my legs he came closer to me and grabbed my boobs tightly and spanked me hardly I was getting a feel of real sex a great fun

I took his dick in my mouth it was so thick that it was chocking my mouth I requested him to be slow and patient but he was wanted me to squirt so he started fucking my pussy I was unable to scream even though it was giving me immense pleasure

I squirted multiple times and as a promise I surrendered my ass to him in which he exploded all his cum and at last asked me to be a queen for his friend's party indirectly a gangbang with all new friends

Deep inside I wanted to be with his friends and enjoy it but I felt a bit shy and wired to do with them so I tried to say no but at last he convinced me and we had a bit warm up so we basically grabbed each other and kissed like mad guys and I submitted myself to him and gave him all the freedom and at last he thanked me and asked me the date and time when I would join them    

I said him that I m ready all the tine.. And will be their queen when they will get me out of my house he gave a puzzled smile and asked me to grab any sexy dress and so I followed his command and wore a jeans n top and inside then a tight lingerie and we chat for while till my parents came and he managed to take me out of my house told few lies and than as soon as we left the house he took me to a unknown place which was owned by him for parties btw he was very rich.. Now I enjoy his wealth and he loves my ass so both enjoy.. We both moved inside and I took off my clothes and we kissed each my mouth was full of his saliva which I swallowed and he made me sit in doggystyle and took few pictures and sent them to his friends and asked them to come I insisted him that I can't take at that time but he wanted me to do and afte

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