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Cheating hubby get Valentines Treat.

juicyeeju   February 16, 2017   | 41009 Views
I return to her almost naked body now, only suspenders stockings and a half cut bra to hold her firm false breasts and still of course the Heels. She’s busy playing with herself using her vibrator on her clit, gently rubbing it. The wet stickiness making a clicking slurping noise, very pleasing to see. My cock is hard and already waiting to get busy. cheating

The text was sent earlier that day, she was off duty so knew she would be free.

“I’m going to stick my cock so far up your arse that when I cum you will be able to taste it!!!” She was at the right part in her cycle that such a message shouldn’t piss her off, but we’ll see.

The reply came.


Ah!! I was right, my wife was at work till midnight so today would be perfect.

“Tonight, just finishing at the gym and I’ll be there.” I sent back.

“Ok.” Was the reply.

A shower and some street clothes followed by a visit to a wine shop for a nice Red and I’m on my way.

“Five mins away.” I sent.

“Great let yourself in and lock up.” came the reply.

I walked in not sure what to find, she’s not on her sofa, walked through and standing at the top of the stairs was a vision of sexy loveliness in the highest fuck me heels I’ve ever seen. Suspenders and stockings, silky top and red, bright red lipstick. She spotted the bottle

“You better get some glasses, I can’t use the stairs in these heel’s.”

I grabbed a couple of glasses and raced up to greet her, wrapped my arm around her petite body and smudged her lipstick with the deepest most passionate kiss.

“You look wonderful” I complimented.

“Sometimes a girl wants to look good and feel good.” She diplomatically replied.

Not to let me think she had feelings for me.

“And you certainly do.” I replied.

I followed her to the bedroom, eager, so eager it showed and she noticed.

“Do I make that happen???” she looked at my bulging crotch.

“There isn’t anyone else here honey.” I smiled.

She climbed on the bed and laid back, she was wearing a dark red Basque and matching thong, I cracked the bottle and poured us both a glass. I was undressed in seconds, clothes neatly folded as her OCD insisted they should be. My hugely erect cock was plain to see but she avoided it’s gaze, although she knew it was there. I climbed on the bed beside her and drank the red. She downed the glass and reached for her phone.

“So.” she started off “You’re message says You’re going to fuck my Arse???” She asks.

“Yes I am.” I replied.

“And you think I’m going to let you????” she retorted.

“I hope you’re going to try and stop me.” Was my response.

She reached under her bed and pulled out her box of “Bit’s” (Vibrators, Red Ribbon, Cuff’s, Baby Oil, Chains, Ben Wha balls).

“You’ll be needing these then.” she had a smirk on her lips.

We knew this was a game but the result was set in stone.

I finished my glass and climbed astride her hips, she was slim, small under my huge frame, I cupped her face in my hand and told her.

“I’ll rape you and leave you broken and sore.” A slap to the cheek to reinforce my comment was harder than expected and she retaliated with a punch to my face, sending the remains of my red over her white quilt cover like a blood splatter on snow.

After a frantic few mins of stripping the quilt and soaking it we jumped back on the bed and I complimented her on her south paw .

We soon got back to work and I was quickly snogging her bright red lips, biting her, tonging her mouth, nibbling and kissing her neck. Running my fingers down past her pert false breasts to the moist pussy lips, pulling her thong to one side so as to get to her clit. Gently rubbing it with my fingertip, massaging it slowly and methodically, slipping one finger inside her and releasing a gasp from her mouth. Ages of continuous kissing rubbing and fingering follow. Occasional slipping a wet finger into her arsehole and then back.

The sticky wetness increases and I slip two fingers deep inside her massaging her GSpot making her wince, then pull them out and lick and suck them. We share her taste before reinserting them deep, up to my palm, where I thrust them in and out slapping her clit with my hand, her eyes close and head stretches back with the pain and pleasure. Her wetness sounds to inviting. I get on my knees between her legs, Take her thong in both hands and tear it apart exposing her wet swollen freshly waxed pussy, she knew I was going to be there. Then grab her thighs open them and pull her too me. With my hands under her ass cheeks I lift it up to my mouth, bury my tongue inside her, bite her clit. Run my tongue from her ass to her clit and back rough and brutally. She wraps her hand round the back of my bald head and pulls me deep inside her, her juice soaks my face and chin. I lick her pussy drinking her precious fluids, enjoying the moment getting drunk on the taste.

Putting 2 fingers in her dripping pussy I get them wet enough to slip into her arse, as I do I nibble on her clit, insert them all the way then finger fuck it while paying maximum attention to her clit. The moans and head squeezing tells me I’m winning. Her pussy, arse and inner thighs are now wet and slimy, as are my chin and cheeks, it’s a pleasing feeling one of satisfaction of a job well done. I move back up to her face and lips, still red with lipstick. She licks my face tasting herself on me. I snog her lips, deeply, passionately, forcefully then I pull back and spit on her face then lick it off, long strokes across her cheeks, then kiss again. fingering her pussy, slapping her clit, then spit again and licking off, several times to show her who’s boss.

I roll her over to her front. Hold her hands high, spread eagle, kiss the nape of her neck, lick it, snuggle it. Hold her body down with mine, my hips on her’s my already hard cock resting against her pussy lips. Teasing, nudging. She makes a feeble attempt to struggle, but that only pushes my cock into her so I pull it out. She squirms trying to get it back in but I hold back. I run my tongue down the middle of her back then up again, then back down this time letting go of her hands and going down to the crack of her arse. I lift her hips up to meet my face, bury it deep inside her cheeks. licking her arse while rubbing her clit. She joins in with her fingers, my tongue deep in her arse thumb in her pussy and rubbing her clit, she almost dehydrates from fluid loss.

She reaches into the box and gets the cuffs, I roll her over and cuff her hands to the tubular bed head. With the red ribbon I tie her feet to her hands leaving her pussy and arse pointing at me, wide open and waiting. Her body is almost bent double her knees resting on her tit’s. I lick her pussy and arse slowly, spitting on them and licking it off. Spitting on her body, soaking her face and neck, slapping her face, gently this time. Slapping her pussy and arse, spitting and slapping till the pain is greater than the pleasure. She tells me to fuck her, begs me, to brutalise her, I of course oblige.

Holding onto the bedhead and holding my body off hers with my legs, I slip my dripping cock into her hot pussy. Then with the full force of my body I pound into her repeatedly, pulling out to the tip and back in, slapping her pussy and clit with my smooth clean hips. The sting is painful but needed by her. She’s vulnerable, can’t escape my pounding, her screams turn me into a raging bull and I continue to go in deeper, her raised legs giving me maximum penetration.

Her gaping arse is too much to resist, I look into her eyes, the terror of my pending actions are sinking in. I pull out of her pussy and slip it into her arsehole, our eyes are fixed onto each other. The initial pain of entry is followed by moans of pleasure, her eyes close but I continue to watch her face, contort, I slip 2 Fingers in her pussy and can feel my cock in her arse through the wall of her pussy. My fingers get very wet and I pull them out and put them in her mouth and she sucks them, I join in the feast then reinsert them to the sound of her moans. Her arse tightens around my cock, I feel it grip tight as I push myself deep, balls deep over and over. I pull out of her arse and push back into her pussy, I feel it start to spasm as she cums, She squeals with pleasure as I keep pounding deep relentlessly. My cock throbs with the feeling of her cumming but I don’t want to cum yet, Shes not broken enough.

I untie her feet and uncuff her from the bed, roll her over onto her front and cuff her again to the bed head. Lifting her arse into the air pushing her face down into the bed, I push my wet cum soaked cock into her swollen cunt. Hold her hips firmly and pound deep into her, pushing her head into to sheets as she screams again. Her long dirty blonde hair is an easy grip and soon I’m holding onto it, pulling her head back, crooking her neck her arse high and pussy red from the heat and friction. The sweat from my chest and face drip onto her silky slip making it stick to her Basque. The frantic action makes me so horny I need to blow my cum. She’s almost had enough, the look on her face tells all, she needs to rest and recover. I pull out of her wet sore pussy and force it into her arse once more, pulling her cheeks apart giving me a great view and a great feeling of her tight arse again. She quickly cums at the insertion, her leg muscles tighten, arse cheeks squeeze me and she shouts

“You fucker!!!”

“Yes I am Aren’t I.” I reply.

I quickly pull out and lie on my back under her crotch, pull her dripping cunt onto my mouth and set about drinking her delicious cum. licking it all up biting her clit and thumbing her arse.

I eventually uncuff her letting her rub her wrists and get some feeling back. I kiss her passionately and tell her she’s good, very good and ask If she wants a coffee.

“Yes please.” She replies with a warm glowing smile.

I put on her dressing gown, to which she always giggles and go make coffee.

I return to her almost naked body now, only suspenders stockings and a half cut bra to hold her firm false breasts and still of course the Heels. She’s busy playing with herself using her vibrator on her clit, gently rubbing it. The wet stickiness making a clicking slurping noise, very pleasing to see. My cock is hard and already waiting to get busy.

“Sorry.” She said “Couldn’t wait for you to get back, you fucked me so well I want more now.” Putting the coffee’s on the side I laid on the bed beside her and lifted her eight stone frame onto my cock.

“You cheeky Fucker.” she said. “You’re going to make me do all the work.”

“Yep.” I replied “I just made Coffee.”

She starts to ride my cock, her wet cunt making a suction sound as she does. I can feel her cum running down my balls, I fell the inside of her pussy, swollen and hot, it rubbed against my head, I could feel that getting sore too. She leans forward and kisses me deeply, bites my lip and winces as I rub her clit. She pulls my hand away and say’s.

“I’m doing all the work, Remember???”

She reaches in and rubs her clit, inserts a finger in her pussy, I feel her fingernail scraping on my cock, almost painful but it makes her tight so worth it. Pulls out her finger and puts it in my mouth, I suck it clean and ask for more, she slips it in from the back this time and I feel it on the underside, the tenderside of my cock. Much more painfull but it’s still worth it. I suck that finger clean also. She kisses me again then sits up on me and pulls me deep inside, painfully deep but she does it over and over yelping with the discomfort.

“Do you want to fuck my arse again?? you naughty boy.” She asks with a smile.

“Most definitely, all the time anytime.” I respond.

She lifts herself up, looks me in the eyes, proceeds to grab my cock, pull it from her pussy and push it into her arse.

“Fuck the hell yea!!” I shout “that’s fucking awesome!”

She smiles and pulls me deep inside her arse, lifting her knees up to get as deep in as possible, she reaches for the vibrator and rubs herself with it while riding my bursting cock. My balls start to ache and I want to blow. The tightness and harshness of her ride make it impossible not to cum, She lifts herself up so just the tip of my bulging cock is in her tight arse, then slips the vibrator in her pussy. The feeling is electric, I feel the vibrations running up the tip of my cock, I thrust my hips up to hers forcing it deep into her alongside the vibrator. She screams with pain and pleasure, The vibrations are all along my shaft now and deep inside her. I continue to pound her arse from below, pushing the vibe in deeper with my pubis. Her actions become more frantic.

Reaching down she grabs my hands and places them around her throat. She known I have special training that enables me to asphyxiate her, close to unconsciousness without causing harm, It’s me Forte’. I cross my thumbs over her windpipe while pressing on her Carotid artery with the fore finger. I apply pressure, just enough to cut air supply not all just part. Then the artery too. She grips my wrists knowing what’s about to happen. The fear starts to grow. I use this grip on her to keep pushing myself inside her, pulling her onto me not pounding just pushing deep.

Her eyes start to flicker and eyeballs roll, her breathing is laboured as she lets out gurgling sounds, grabbing for oxygen. My cock is deep in her arse, the vibrations are sending me into spasms or pleasure. I feel the heat in my groin grow to a stabbing pain, I have to cum, there’s no going back. Her face is pale, her grip is loosening on my wrists now. I feel the first muscle pulse from inside my pelvic floor. I explode inside her arse the feeling of pleasure and pain are equal and make me shout out.

“You fucking dirty slut” another pulse not as strong but equally as pleasing followed by four more of diminishing intensity. I feel her orgasm through her pussy wall, she tries to scream but only gurgle’s. I loosen my grip on her throat and she let’s out a real scream.

“You cunt!!! Fuck me harder!! Now!!” She hollars.

with all that’s left in me I pound her from below. She keeps cumming for what seems hours but is only a minute or so. She collapses on my chest, gasping for air, rubbing her neck. I feel the remnants of my orgasm fade and start to relax. She looks up at me saying.

“I can’t taste your cum.” with a smile.

She climbs off my cock pulls out the vibrator, throwing it on the bed and goes down to my cock. licks the now softening shaft from base to tip. The tenderness of it makes my arse hole twitch, once clean she moves back up to my face and say’s.

“Mmmm Now I can.” I pull her face to me and give her the biggest cum kiss I could muster. tonging her and licking her lips.

The scolding mugs of black coffee are now just Luke warm, the right temperature to drink. We chat about her work and family, she asks if my wife knows where I am.

“Yes I told her I’m fucking you tonight.” She smirks and asks what I would do if she knew.
“leave her.” I reply. At this she cuddles up to my sweaty body and runs her fingers up my waxed chest. It’s all to soon time to leave her alone.

“Thanks for a lovely evening.” She says, as I dress “And the wine.”

I walk over and kiss her still red lips.

“No thank you.” I say. “You made Valentines day a day to remember.”

On my way home she texts saying I had made her sore.

“It’s a nice feeling knowing I’ve been used.” She says. I smile and think A Job Well done. “Night x.” is my reply “ Sleep well.”


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