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Love Mother, Love Son - Nights To Remember

LucidBi888   August 22, 2021   | 17508 Views
Mother breaks our tongue kissing and leads me to her bed. She lies back on the bed and I above her follow exactly where she is. She has her legs open wide to hint to her own boy’s penis. I lower my lips and we kiss again. She holds my penis and brings it to her wondrous vaginal entrance. I hold it here for as long as I can until I must enter my mother. Luxury

Motherly Love, Love Son - Times Of Their Life

My mother and I love skin diving. We’ve happily been to all of the most beautiful places the world has to offer. Being from an ultra wealthy family definitely has it’s perks. Never having to worry about where the next meal is coming from and never having to worry about the usual obstacles most have to contend with. Mother and I are extremely blessed and we are clearly thankful, so,  through much of the portion of our year we volunteer our recourses, time and care to the disability, the aged and the children’s hospital.

My name is Russell and my mother’s name is May. I’m 20 years of age and my mother is 39. We bother keep ourselves religiously fit with all the right equipment and a regular jog on the beach.

Presently it is just Mother and I doing a spot of skin diving off the coast of Spain for a week. Recharging the batteries so to speak. We are on a huge luxury yacht Mother has leased for a week or two. Rinsing the diving gear admiring the view all around when mother stops and says,

“Hey Russell let’s call out for seafood pizza tonight - pizza and ice cream!?”

“Sounds good mum, seafood pizza and ice cream it is, I’m going to take a shower”

I head down to the bathroom area and start to take off all my diving gear. More of a struggle than I thought. Suddenly mother sings out...

“Hey darling, these are impossible to get off, can you give me a hand.”

So with my diving suit still on I walk down to her bedroom where she is standing there looking in the mirror waiting for me. I approach from behind and our eyes meet in the mirror.

“If you can get to the zipper at the back things should start to make sense darling”

I lower her zipper and this eases the tightness of her gear. Something strange came over me as I pulled her gear down. I kept on pulling her gear down from behind her as we kept looking at one another as I lower her gear all the way to the floor. 

I couldn’t believe it but as I look up I’m looking straight up at my mother’s nakedness. My mother’s naked ass. She lifts a foot to step out of her gear and I’m still looking. I can clearly see my own mother’s beautiful anus and even her smooth vagina between her legs. I look back to the mirror and my mother is looking directly back at me with a smile. 

I raise to my feet and I cannot help but admire my mother’s stunning naked boobs in the mirror. She gives me a look as if to say she is flattered by my gaze. She turns to me to help me out of mine and I slightly blush out of this new situation we are in. My mother has a reassuring look upon her face as she reaches for my zip.

I don’t know what has got into me but I just stand there and let her. Maybe because she is standing there completely nude and ever so beautiful that I forget my own modesty as she slowly pulls her own son’s gear lower and lower. 

My mother lowers herself now on her knees as she works my diving suit as low as my hips. My heart is pounding as now she works her hands around my gear and lowers my gear just enough that my cock springs out suddenly and stands at attention. My mother gasps with a grin as she clearly stares at her own son’s erection only inches from her face. 

I just stand there for a while kind of frozen in time. She keeps on lowering my gear all the way trying not to stare at my raging cock. One foot out of the diving gear after the other. She stands now and faces me with our bodies almost touching. One body part touches though as my cock throbs up and down it comes to rest right on my mother’s tummy.

My mother puts out her hands to make me feel better. To soothe me. To help me. She glides her hand down my chest and stops her hand right on my cock. She kisses my chest and I reach out and hold her. I lower my hands and they naturally stop right on her ass. I’m holding my own mother’s ass and she is holding her own son’s cock.

I lower my face a little and now our faces meet. A kiss begins in the ever so innocent way. Our lips barely touching as she slowly glides her hand up and down my throbbing meat. I can’t believe I am feeling every part of her soft and sexy ass. 

Our kissing becomes more and more heavy as our tongues now meet. One of my hands now move to her front and down between her legs, to her smooth vagina. Her boobs are against my chest now as we are pressing against one another. We are standing naked making passionate love. Love that is meant to be.

Mother breaks our tongue kissing and leads me to her bed. She lies back on the bed and I above her follow exactly where she is. She has her legs open wide to hint to her own boy’s penis. I lower my lips and we kiss again. She holds my penis and brings it to her wondrous vaginal entrance. I hold it here for as long as I can until I must enter my mother.

My cock is dripping with pre cum as I start to push against my mother’s cunt. She accepts me inch by inch as I push in and out until we are both perfectly wet for each other. We are panting with each other in short breathing spells as she lets out a gasp,

“I love you darling!”

“I love you too mother - I am ever so in love with you!”

My mother cups both my ass cheeks now and pulls me to her as I feel I am about to cum. My mother is shivering now and this shivering is starting to escalate into orgasm. I feel where she is in her climax and at the ripe time I feel I cannot hold it in any longer. I am about to cum. I am about to cum inside my own loving mother.

“Do you want me to pull out mum?”


She holds me to her ever more tightly,

“Cum inside mommy! Squirt inside me darling!”

With that I could not wait one more second as I begin to squirt my seed deep inside my mother’s womb! We are one! We exist for each other. We are complete. We stay like this as I completely empty my seed love inside of her and she wants and exists for every last drop.

We have just begun who we are...

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