Mommy's Hero

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A son relives the time that he saw his mother completely naked. cheating

     The sun was shining, birds were singing and most importantly school had just ended two hours early for our 16 year old hero that day. If he was quick enough he could be home alone for a few hours. Thomas, our hero, was the eldest child of five, with two loving parents, his strict but goofy father and his kind, beautiful mother. She turned heads wherever she went. Debra, his gorgeous mothers name, was 5'6'', 195lbs, with beautiful hazel eyes and long brownish hair. A bomshell despite her age of 42 years. But to Thomas she wasn't just beautiful she was the sexiest woman on the planet, and that fact that she was his mother just made her all the more sexy. He desired every part of her voluptous body. From her head, feautring her dazzling eyes, cute pointed nose and seductive lips, to her body, feautring her massive D-cup breasts with such lovely milky freckles that after one look turned Thomas into a raving mommy loving freak. Her body didn't only house the best tits he's ever seen, Debra also was packing some serious hip an ass game. Her hips did not tell a single lie. Thomas could not help but oggle her rump every time she walked by in her tight leggings. This woman had curves for days. Her legs were no joke either, she didn't have long sexy legs since she is on the shorter side but her legs were thick. Since she was so short and weighed as much as she did her curves were  abundant everywhere on her body. She wasn't fat by any means but she was plump with a capital p. Now most people in their younger years are attracted to their mothers, its perfectly normal. But Thomas was different. He wasn't just attracted he needed her. He needed her on her knees looking up at him with her beautiful eyes with her lips puckered as he plopped his penis onto her forehead. Remember how he was attarcted to every part of his mommy, yup he loved her forehead jus as much as he loved her titties. The way her forehead wrinkled up when she was upset gave him some akward boners.
     So why is Thomas so attracted to his mother, well it all started a few months back when he needed to ask his mother for permission to go on a school trip. Where to you ask? That doesn't matter, no one came here for school trip detail, you came here to read about a son and mommy making sweet sweet love, so back to that. Thomas, not really thinking too much of it opened his parents bedroom door. A sudden burst of wind hit him from one of their open windows launching his permission slip under their king size bed. Thomas crawled under the bed to grab the paper when his mother walked out of her onsuite bathroom. All Thomas can see are her clean feet with what remains of pink nail polish she had applied for his parents date the other night. Thomas at this point was kind of into feet, haing watched a few foot fetish videos on the web but he wasn't crazy about them, however something about his current situation turned him on. Suddenly a towel dropped around her feet before she quickly ran to her door to close it. Thomas peek out for a second but all he could see was her legs but instantly made him rock hard. She was all dried off fresh from her shower which made her legs look so smooth and inviting but he pulled back all the way under the bed as she was turning back. He followed her pretty feet over to her closet where she grabbed out some clothes presumably. Thomas glanced away to the washroom where he was able to make out through the darkness what she was wearing previously on the bathroom tiles. She had discarded her tanktop, leggings and a pair of matching purple underwear. Thomas wondered what they felt like, were they still warm? What did they smell like? Taste like? Before he could catch onto what his own body was doing his hand was around his boxer covered cock slowly massaging it despite his akward position. Thomas pulled his hand back disgusted by himself. Sure he was alone in a room with an attractive older naked woman but that attractive older naked woman was his mother. He should just close his eyes and wait for his chance to leave. But what harm would one more peek do? So he turned back to his mother. Lets just say it did a whole lotta harm to our naive young hero. He entered that room with a mother but he would leave that room with a mommy fetish.
     Thomas made it home and now he had unlocked two whole hours where he was alone in his house. His father would not be home from work until 6pm. His mother was running erands until 3pm when she would have to pick up his brothers and sisters. The time was 1:14pm. He opened the door, kicked off his shoes, threw his backpack onto the ground near the door, hung his sweater up veru neatly, he really liked his sweater that his mother had handsewn for him. With nefarious thoughts in mind he shouted to see if anyone was home by any chance. A simple mistake right now could ruin everything. Luckily no one was home. To be extra careful though he checked every room, even the pantry, garage and attic just in case a fast one was about to be pulled on him. The time was now 1:17pm so he didn't lose a ton fo time being careful. But alas out hero was free to do what ever perverted things came to mind. After drinking a glass of water he walked back up the stairs with a feeling of great anticipation. Butterflies were flying around his stomach as he approached the forbidden door. Once open he would have complete unadultered access to all of his mothers clothes, panties, bras, towels, robes, socks, shoes, you name it it was his for the taking. For 1 hour and 43 minutes that is. He opened the door and was reminded of the time he saw his mother naked. 
     A pair of panties came falling under the bed landing near Thomas' face. He knew that he was done. Hos mother would bend down to pick up her panties to find her 16 year old son hiding under her bed with his hand on his hard dick. Some would call that a recipe for disaster. He saw her legs bend down and once again his body reacted before his mind did. He crawled out from under the bed and into the dark bathroom. He looked back to see his mother on her hands and knees trying to grab at her lost panties. Her ass was swaying in the air with her back arched so she could fit her jiggly arms in as deep as they could go. His dick was completly out this time as he stared through the crack between the door and the hinges. He rubbed his cock no longer worried that he was doing something wrong, he knew what he was doing was wrong but he didn't care. His milf of a mother was butt naked before his very eyes. She pulled back panties in hand and stood back up. Thomas could see it all. Her big round tits bounced around, knocking into eachother. Her pussy with a a hairy bush around it beckoned all who looked upon it to enter its warmth. Thomas coukd barely stand as he ejaculated onto her bathroom wall. His mother was divine. A Mommy Goddess. She raised her left leg to put her panties on and did the same to her right. Thomas looked around the bathroom for some toilet paper to wipe up his cum but the sight of her pulling up the panties got him hard again. However Thomas turned to the pair of panties on the ground and pulled it to his nose, the smell was intoxicating. He was furiously rubbing his cock as he smelled and tasted her vagina through her panties. He looked back towards her and saw her fat juicy ass jiggle as she bent over to grab a bra from her dresser. Once again this heavenly sight plus his mothers taste sent him over the edge in climax. Cum once again covered the wall. He did not stop licking her panties though. He gobbled up every last drop of juice or pussy hair he could find on it before turning his sights to her warm leggings. He picked them up and brought them to his dick. The fabric felt so nice on his cock. Like a gentle summer breeze. He turned bak to his mother and wacthed her get dressed. She put on a pair of tight fitting jeans and a flowery blouse before she started walking towards the bathroom and her half naked son who had came twice on the wall and was about to bust another. 
     He looked around the room, thinking of all of the possibilites. He could sit on her bed and look at photos of her as he mastrubated with her panties. He could dress up as his mommy and masturbate. He could lick clean her vibrators, or cum on her toothbrush or on her lipstick or in her panties or shoes. He could smell, lick and fuck her shoes. There were so many naughty possibilites for our hero so he quickly stripped naked and walked over to their bathroom and he was not dissapointed. Panties, bras and leggings strewn all over the floor with her towels bathrobe hanging up. He grabbed her bathrobe and started fucking it. He was excited. He exited the bathroom and walked over to her side of the bed. He lifted the covers plunging his face deep into the bed taking a huge sniff of where his mothers body lies. He began dry humping the  bed before pulling back and walking over to her closet. He found hidden stash of dildos and vibrators and began licking all of his mommys pussy juices. He put them back and walked over to her heels. He grabbed out his favourite pair of golden 4 inch heelds went to town. He put the right one on his dick to fuck and the left he sniffed and licked all over. The excitement got to him and he came into her right heel. He put the left one down and sucked his semen off of her shoe as to not leave any evidence. He put the shoes back and left the closet. The time was now 1:31. Thomas did a quick once around of the room again and boom he became filled with a singular purpose. He had the technology, he had the willpower and he had the time. He was going to build a mommy sex doll right here right now!
     Thomas was screwed once and for all. There was no escaping this time, no clutch body reacting before mind. Both his body and his mind had one thing on their respective "minds" and that was his cumming to his smoking hot mommy for a third time. Debra, now fully clothed mind you, had just entered the bathroom with only the open door seperating them. She reached for her makeup bag. Thomas was still clutching her leggings and her panties were soaked through with his saliva back on the floor, if she even glanced down he could kiss his ass goodbye. Thomas couldn't really see anything because if he peeked from outside the door she'd catch him in the mirror. His fate was entirely in her warm loving hands. Those same hands could turn cold and merciless in the blink of an eye though. This only proved to got him more excited for his mommy. Woosh, another powerful gust of wind laucnhes the same paper he had dropped and forgotten about into the air. Debra put her makeup down and walked over to the paper. Thomas sprang into action. He used her leggings to clean his sticky mess and arranged them back on the floor. With his pants pulled back up he peeked out of the crack to see the backside of his curvacious mother reading his permission slip. She was no doubt distracted but for how long. She could turn around at any second. He saw the open window and thought about jumping outside but that was a dangerous idea but was it more dangerous then getting caught in this situation. He could hide innthe shower but the curtains ae completly open so if he were to close them slightly she could become suspicious. Fate once again smiled upon our hero. His mother called out to him, which he was stupid enough to almost respond to, and exited her room. He silently followed after her. She went to his room across the hall to see he wasn't there but thaks to his quick thinking he pretended to becoming up the stairs.
     "Yeah mom?" Thomas said hoping she wouldn't catch on, his heart still racing a mile a minute.
     "Sweetie I found a permission slip for a field trip in my room were you in my roon earlier?"
     "Uh yeah I ws but um you were having a shower so I left it for you. Is it call if I go on that um trip, m-mommy?"
     "Oh baby for sure you can go on this trip. Mommy just needs to finish getting ready for the movie tonight and then I will sign it, okay." She walked away swaying here ass. Thomas stared the whole time. She turned to close the door and smiled at her son. For a second Thomas thought she knew but the rest of the day went normal and his family went out see a movie like a normal family. 
     The parts were assembled onto the bed. His plan was simple really. He just needed his desired mommy outfit, stuffing and a picture of his mother. The outfit was simple in nature, a pair of stretchy patterned leggings, a flowery top with the words "Mama Bear" written on it that never failed to make him super horny whenevr his mother would wear it. Next he stuffed "her" full of towels and other clothes that would be simple to out back in their right spots. Once "she" was assembled he went downstairs and grabbed his favourite photo of his mommy. It was a summer photo of her in a swimsuit that was kept in their summer vacation photo album. The photo showcased everything he loved about his mothers body. Her hair was shining in the sun, her boobs were bursting through her one piece swimsuit and her hips down to her feet were absolutely ravishing. Everytime Thomas saw this photo he thought back to that vacation and all the nuts he busted to her. The sexy photo was placed where her head would have been. She was ready. All that was left was to fuck his mommy. He laid on top of her and grabbed her filled breasts not taking his eyes off of the photo. His right hand slid down and pulled at her ass cheeks. His rock hard penis nudged at her clothe pussy. He pulled his ass back and rammed it into her, back and forth he humped away at his very own mommy sex doll. The door opened downstairs. The time was 1:57. Who could be home now? There was not enough time to hide all of the evidence or even think for that matter, there was only action. He had prepared for such events. He grabbed the doll and raced to his room, throwing his mommy doll in the closet. The photo was still there. He heard heels clacking against the hardwood floor downstairs. Could he make it in time?
     "Thomas are you home? Did you got off early today honey?" Debra shouted from downstairs. Heels getting closer and closer. "Thomas sweetie?" She began her ascent up the stairs. With each clack of her heels came another moment wasted. The photo was still there.
     Thomas was panicking and thats when he saw his greatest failure. He looked to his parents bedroom and saw them. His boxers. He didn't even realize he left hs clothes in her room. Just like that fateful day months ago that started this whole fetish for him he was left hopeless. If he ran and grabbed his clothes and the photo he would be butt naked, depending on where she is on the stairs she would see her son streak across the hallway into her room. Even if she didn't he would once again be in her room with no way out. The mommy sex doll he created is still in his room. Does he take it with him? No, thats not happening. The heels move closer. He is out of time. Debra has made it to the top of the stairs. 
     "Thomas? Are you hiding from Mommy? Aren't you a little old for this?" She walks past his room and looks into her doorway. She sees his clothes. He is watcing his demise through the crack in his door. He backs away into the room and falls onto his bed. He starts crying. His mother will never ever look at him the same way. She will see him as the disgusting mommy loving pervert he is. The heels move further away into her room. He wipes away the tears and gets back up to crack. He sees her pick up his clothes. She then moves to her bed. He can't see what is happening anymore. "Thomas get in here NOW!" He stands there frozen. "Now Thomas, we don't have all day here!" 
     He turns to grab some clothes when his mommy says, "Honey you will come to mommy right now. Clothes or no clothes." Scared he opens the door. He is completely naked as he meekly walks towrds his parent's bedroom. With one hand on his penis he enters her doorway. His mother is sitting on her bed, with the picture in hand and legs draped over the side. She smiles. "Come, sit down next to Mama."
     "Listen Mom, I am really sorry I will never do this again I-I I just love you so much Mommy you don't understand. I need-"
     "Stop, you don't need to say anymore baby. I already know. In fact I've known for quite some time just how much you love your mommy." 
     "Huh, you're not mad? What do you mean you know? What do you know?" Thomas is kind of upset. Besides todays collosal screw up Thomas has been so safe and careful as to not leave any evidence so how could she know. His pride was kind of hurt but. But his penis was getting hard. The humiliation of standing naked before his mother was more then enough to get him hard, which she noticed.
     "Lift your hands baby. Mommy wants to see you since you got to see me all those months ago." 
     Reluctantly Thomas moves his hands to his sides revealing his 7 inch rock hard penis. It bobbed in the air in excitement. His mother sighed in approval. 
     "I only had to put two and two together you know. Baby I believe I said come sit next to Mama didn't I?" She motioned him forward. Thomas entranced by her arm sat next to her. She continued with her explanation, "I found your slip and thought nothing of it. But then I found a few more clues to the crime that was committed. I found cum, your cum. It was on the floor in front of the bathroom door. Upon closer inspection I found more of your little cummies in the bathroom." Debra raised her feet onto her sons lap. "Take my shoes off baby, I know you like my feet. You do like Mommy's feet don't you son?" Her eyes blinked oozing seduction. 
     Thomas began unbuckling her heels as his mother continued with her speech, "Not only was there cum on the door and wall but it appears you tried to wipe it all  off with mommy's leggings you naughty boy." Thomas had the right heel off and just as soon as he did he had her right foot in his mouth. Her toes swirled around his tongue filling his mouth completly, his nose took in the scent of her feet. The sweat and oils intoxicated him. He grabbed her foot with his hands and began massaging it. "Bad boy! Mommy needs her other heel off too!" Thomas obediently went back to work with his mothers right foot in his mouth. 
     "As I was saying I found lots and lots of cum on my leggings and my panties were completely soaking wet. Now hmm, I wonder what kind of naughty things could you have done to your old mommy's panties? Huh? Did you perhaps lick all of my pussy juices off of them? Did you eat mommy's pubic hair too? You dirty naughty little boy. Sons aren't supposed to do that to their moms. Its wrong. But I bet it felt soooo good. Didn't it baby? You watched me change and came all over Mommy's clothes again and again. How many times have you came to me? How often do you fantasize about your mother? Did you enjoy licking up all of mommy's leftover pussy juice from my dildos? How many times have you masturbated with me in your head? Because I have found lots of cum in this room."
     The left foot was finally free. Mommy pulled back her right foot and in went her left foot. Thomas reached for his penis but mommy swatted it away with her wet right foot. "You don't get to play with yourself you naughty mommy lover. Now answer the question. How many time have you came thinking about your mother?"
     She removed her foot from his mouth allowing her son a chance to speak. 
     "Uh, um ev-everytime."
     "Is that so baby, well mommy thinks th-"
     "Whenever I masturbate I only think about you mommy. You are my only fantasy. You are so hot and sexy. I love the way you walk and the way you talk. Your breasts are so big and round and after seeing them that day I cannot stop thinking about how milky they look. They look so good. I love your ass mommy. The way it sways as you walk in your leggings makes me lose my mind. I have to masturbate everytime I see it. I end up losing sleep because of how amazing your body is. Your powerful legs and pretty feet give me goosebumps. Just the sight of your feet makes me want to have passionate sex with you. Mommy I love your face. Your eyes are radiant and your nose is so perky and cute. Your lips and smile lines make me want to face fuck you for hours. I want to run my hands through your hair as you suck me off. Even your forehead gives me boner. Everyday I want to wake up with your warm motherly hands wrapped around my morning wood giving me the most caring handjob anyone could ever hope for. Mommy, to me you are the only woman I think about, want and ever wll need."
     Debra looked at her son, honestly quite shocked. She just sat there for a few seconds collecting her thoughts. "Wow. Um I really do not know what to say to this confession. I was hoping to scare you off with this act but it appears nothing I do will scare you away. You really love your mama that much huh?"
     "Absolutely. I love you. I love your body. I love you as a son and as a a lover."
     "Baby we can't. We are mother and son, we are not lovers. Understood? That being said I think I can give you a treat since you just made Mommy feel so good about herself." Debra began unbottuning her shirt. She pulled her feet back and unzipped her tight jeans. She was wearing the purple underwear from that fateful day months ago. "Can you help mommy with her jeans baby?" The jeans were caught on her fat ass. Thomas helped remove them not really knowing what was about to happen to him. What treat did his mother have in mind? She laid back and undid her bra. The bra stayed in place on her perky, now engorged nipples. "Come take my bra baby," she said soothingly.
     Thomas leaned into his mother and pulled her bra off. Her breasts bounced in reaction. His jaw dropped and drool dripped onto her belly. She grabbed his head and pulled it into her bosom. The two stayed like that for a minute. Finally Debra sat up and beckoned her son into her wide lap. He crawled up into her lap. She placed his face on her right tit which he immediately began suckling on. Her right hand caressed his hair while her left hand went to caress something not so innocent. Thomas was sucking on his mothers breasts while she jacked him off. He took one breast into his hand, squeezing and squishing her large boobs, while he licked all over the other breast. Feeling them was always a fantasy for him but he could suck them too. Amazing. He began pinching her nipples which seemed to make his mommy moan. He started playing with them both at the same time as he moved his tongue up her neck. Her moans got louder and more frequent. He bit on her ear which made her strokes that much faster. His lips found there way to her lips and soon enough they were trading tongues. At first Debra was hesitant not wanting to go to far with her son but the moment and his gentleness won her over. She pushed him off of her and quickly slipped out of her panties. She threw her sopping wet panties at her sons face. Thomas was hit with the strongest vaginal scent he had ever sniffed. Fresh pussy juice. These panties were soaking wet. He began furiously lapping up all of his mothers panty juices when all of a sudden he began experiencing yet another fantastic sensation. Not only was he smeeling tasting his mother she was going down on him. Her hot mouth was wrapped around his shaft. Her lips spread all out. He came. His mother pulled back for a second to swallow. 
     "Next time you have to cum let mommy know okay sweetie." She licked the cum off of her lips before going back down on his dick which had now grown soft. But thanks to her mouths expertise he was quickly hard again. Her tongue tickled his shaft and she bobbed up and down on her sons cock. Whe she came up to breathe her lips would stay on the head for a bit longer really driving Thomas nuts. He finished licking up her panties juices and now was just enjoying the masterpiece that was infront of him. His mothers ass was in the are with her back arched and toes curled. He put his hands through her hair like he always dreamed of doing. Debra shook her ass to tease her young son. Her cellulite jiggled in the afternoon sun.
     "Uh, mommy. I'm gonna cum again." Oh mommy I need to cum."
     Debra pulled her head off of her son and switched to manual hand mode. "You need to cum for mommy huh baby? Just give it me now okay. Give it to mommy son. Mommy wants your cum sprayed all over her face. Mommy's widdle boy boy wuvs her face wight? Cum all over mommys face honey. Come on baby cum for mommy. Cum and cum and cum all over your slutty mommy. Oh you liked that didn't you?" Mommy is Thomas' slut. Mommy loves Thomas' cum. Show mommy how much you love her. Baby give momm-"
     "CUUUMMINNNGGG! AAAAHHHHH" Thomas shot out his sperm onto his mommys face. Spurt after spurt came lauching out onto his mother. He hit her forehead, her eyes, her nose, cheeks and of course lips. Debra was covered in her sons semen. 
     "Baby, wow you sure can cum for your mommy." She wiped the cum out of her eyes and licked it off of her fingers. "Do you think you can cum for mommy again?" She looked down at her sons dick sensually. 
     "I could cum all day for you mommy."
     "Good boy." She place her hand on his dick again getting his eager penisn hard again in seconds. She laid him back and began licking her hands, face still covered in her sons cum. With her wet hands she lubed her already wet pussy up. She went down on her son again to a) lube him up and b) clean any excess cum up. Her legs were placed on her sons sides with her pussy staring his dick down. "Now if we do this which we definetley are you naighty boy, you have to pull out before you cum. Are we clear young man? Mommy is not on the pill right now, she can get pregnant. We do not want that. Okay baby? Do you understand. This will feel like nothing you have ever felt before so please baby even if you have to cum quickly let mommy know. Okya?"
     "Yes mommy I will let you know when I am ready to cum."
     "I knew you were a good boy. A naughty boy, but a good naughty boy." Just as she was about to take her sons virginity she glanced at her watch. The time was now 2:44 and the kids needed to be picked up from school. "Shit! Fuck! We have to stop!"
     "What why mommy? I thought you wanted this too? Did I do something"
     "No baby you didn't do anything bad. It's time to pick your sisters and brothers up from school. Damn! Hurry and get dresed your coming with me. We are finishing this in the car!"

Chapter 1 END

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