Never To Old To Start Some New Fun, pt 1

randysandy   June 26, 2020   | 17707 Views
Sex life takes a turn for the better after a guy at work lends me a porno then a new "blacklad" starts work! It turned me in to a gangbang party slut for Blackcocks to do as the please with! cheating

Never To Old To Start Some New Fun, pt 1

randysandy   June 09, 2020   | 6 Views

I thought I would tell you of what I have got myself in to as I still cannot really believe it myself!
My name’s Sue & work at a printers factory in Derby UK, Have been marred for many years with not that much very "Sexually" exciting happening along the way as it were. I thought our sex life was ok & still had sex quite often but it only lasting around 5 to 10 min's being the norm, The only real excitement I get is knowing the lads at work like to get a look at my arse when I'm bending over the table to cut the prints to size! On some i really have to stretch over as far as poss to finish the cutting, I know one even takes pics on his phone thinking I have know idea so i always make out thats the case! I find this really turns me on so sometimes take much longer doing it than i need to, I must admit I do have a very nice tight ass so do play up to them a bit. I’m in my late 40’s but still do have a slim fit body.

Things started to get more existing at work after i got chatting to one of the lads that is well known for being the factory perv! He is also the one that takes most of the pics of my ass, It all started by chance when i spotted him showing one of the girls something on his phone, It was going to be porn related as always is with him! She was looking at it saying OMG etc for a bit before getting back on with her work, Now i don't normally get involved with such stuff but this time i wanted to see what all the fuss was about! After a bit he came over to where i was to look for a print he needed, So i said...So what ya got on ya phone now then Kev?
He looked a tad shocked as i never ask to take a look etc, But he got his phone & held it in front of my face, I gasped out a bit & felt my face going red,
It was a video of a blonde white woman slowly wanking a black guys cock!
At first I was a bit taken aback but then crabbed the phone to see better!

OMG I said... So its true then they 'Are huge'! I was transfixed by it & for the rest of the day couldn’t get it out my head, Later on I said to him ... I can't get the picture of that black man's cock out my head! "Really" so you liked it then did you Sue? Well now I know what I’ve been missing out on now all these years yeah!
Can i see it again? Yeah..Have ya got bluetooth..I could send it to your phone if ya like? Ohh yes of course i didn't think of that, After only a minute my phone beeped so i took a look & there it was, I couldn't take my eyes of it as had never seen anything like this before, I'd never seen a Porno in my life so was use to only seeing my fella's cock & the two i'd had before meeting him & they were deffo not like this fucker lol, Yeah he's a big boy Sue Kev said, Yeah just a bit! I can send you some more if ya like? Are you trying to corrupt then ha ha & keep ya voice down i dont want everyone knowing! But yeah go on then ya can do, What type of thing do you want? Have you anymore with Blackcocks? Ha ha yeah got lots of them Sue, Yeah send some more of them please, Have i gone & converted you to Blackcocks now then? Well I don't know if i would go that far but that video opened my eyes a bit,

For the next hour before we went home my phone kept beeping away as he kept sending more & more, Each time i was trying to take a quick look without anyone seeing! I coudn't concentrate on what i was doing as just had Blackcocks in my head, One of the girls remarked on the way my phone had been nonstop beeping Saying.. Your popular today Sue! Ohhh i know..don't know what it is ha ha.

I only live a couple of minutes away from my work place & think i set a new record getting back there, My Husband gets home around 45 minutes after myself so this gave me plenty of time to look at the video's, He had sent all sorts of stuff but all had blackcocks in them, I think i was in a bit of a daze for the rest of the night as my husband twise asked me if i was ok!

The next day at work kev said..Have you had ya fil yet then? Noo keep sending them, I can lend you some DVD’s if you like? Proper Porno's you mean?
Yeah, Don’t know if I could take it ... but go on then, The very next day he came up to me & passed me a bag with a DVD in it, There you go Sue you should like this! I snatched it from him before anyone saw us & put it in my bag,
When I got the chance I took a look at the cover in excitment glancing at the pictures on the cover, I couldn’t wait to go home for dinner to put it on as this was the first porno i had ever seen, It was in the player as fast as I could do it,
Sounds daft but i'd not been this existed for years!

It seemed really odd to see hard cocks on my telly & even more so pounding a pussy! Next thing I knew my hand was down my pants & was going crazy on my clit, I came in no time & harder than I had in years!
Back at work my pussy was still soaking wet with pussy cum as was still really turned on & found my self really bending fully over the print table to cut up the prints knowing full well lads eyes were getting a good eye full,

Later back home before Dave got in it was on again on the bedroom telly, This time i was butt naked as was going to have a shower anyway, My hips were jerking up & down like mad with pleasure at the sight of around 6 huge cocks going from tip to base in a blink of an eye up a young blondes holes,
I'd not been this horny for many a year, My poor pussy & clit didn’t know what had hit it as it wasn't really use to getting a work out like this,

At work on Monday Kev who had given me the DVD asked if I had liked it?
LOL I said well lets just say we had a fab weekend! Oh so Dave saw it as well then? Oh no he has no idea I have it, I just made the most of him as it were & almost finished him off as kept getting him to go again! We not done that in many a year! I was pleased to see he had a bag in his hand again & passed it to me,
This one had 3 DVD's in it this time, I've got you a mix of stuff to look at this time Sue! I had to leave them at work overnight as was going out direct from work & didn't really want to get court with them, But i did deliberately leave them showing on top of my table as it was a turn on knowing someone could see them!
I knew Elaine ( that’s the boss) would be coming down to see how i was going with the new prints after i'd gone home & this was a real turn on knowing she was bound to spot them!

The thought of her or anyone else seeing them really did it for me, The next day the DVD's were on the other side of my table so she had defInitely taken a look at them! I took one DVD home each night & left the rest on my table, I did this for 3 nights running with the same result each time, During the day when Elaine would come down to checkup on things she would be glancing over to the bag of the DVD's but not let on that she knew about them!

Anyway I went on watching more DVD’s as he gave me more & found I had really got in to Gangbang & guys with really huge cocks with them mainly black ones as had asked for that, Kev now had his work cut out finding stuff hard enough for me as i told him I couldn’t get enough of the really full on nasty shit & was really in to the hard anal stuff the most, Now i admit i've not done that much thats very kinky as such but i've always been Very in to anal sex a lot, I found i could take things up my arse from my early teens so was having anal sex from the word go,
For my 40th birthday my husband got me a couple of huge dildo's, One of them you could pump up to a really huge size & they've had a lot of use over time,

For around 5 or 6 weeks we were really busy at work & took on some Temps to help out, One was a Black lad around 19 "Dan" who had a fit body,
After seeing all the blackcock porno's i found each time I looked at him I just kept thinking of his cock & how big it could be!
Any chance I got I was getting a good look at the bulge in his tight jeans as it was really full & could tell he had huge balls, After a couple of days he started to help me doing my part of the job in the print department, Now this was really doing it for me so when i had some prints to cut up i was really reaching over the table more than i really needed to as he was sat just behind me & facing me,
I also started to wear my tightest jeans,

I Started doing this even more after one of the girls told me his eyes were glued on my ass the whole time! I did try to make out i was shocked on hearing this but it made my day! I kept making out I had to cut up prints right next to where he was working as it was a small very tight space & knowing each time he had to get by me I would have to squeeze in as it were, After a bit I stopped squeezing in & sometimes his bulge would brush past my arse!

Nothing was said at first but i think we both knew what was going on so did it all the more! I decided to leave a couple of the DVD's out next to my PC of Blackcock gangbangs, He always gets in around 10 mins before i do so would have to be blind not to see them, When walking to work the next day my clit was throbbing at the thought of him seeing them & to see if he would say anything! As soon as i got to my desk i could see they had been moved & he was sat there with a smile on his face, Morning Dan...Hi Sue....They always say its the quite one's ya have to watch! Then jested towards the bag, Hmm..Ohh ...Blimey yeah i forgot they were there! Are they yours then? Err well no i've just borrowed them off someone!

So you're into a bit of black then are you Sue? Ha ha well no..i've never been with a black man before but i do like to watch the odd porno with them in yes,
Didn't think you would have been the type? Well i'm not most of the time but i thought i'd give some a go! Yeah i see & lots of anal by the look of it,
I knew my face was going red but tried to brush it off, Ohh well...yes i am quite in to looking at a bit of that yeah, I then surprised myself by just blurting out...
I'm really in to anal sex myself, "Really" Cool, I love a woman who's really in to that too, Ohh so you've done some like that then have you? Ha ha err yeah ya could say that! Hmm i see, I've not really done that much kinky stuff but i've always been in to anal from my teens, Hmm good girl, As he said that my clit started to really throb, So what is it you like about them then? Blackcocks? Yeah,

Well..the size of them mostley, I always thought it was a bit of a myth but after i saw a vid the other month i saw it was true! Ahh so you've never had one then? Ohh god no, Just some white ones, How many? Only three,
Two when i was in me teens then my husbands, And the biggest size?
Ohh i think that would be my husbands, Yeah how long? Err.. think its 5 inches,

As soon as i said that he started laughing & picked up the tape measure..
Wow thats really small Sue! Ha ha well i thought it was ok but after seeing them DVD's i know its not in their league, The white ones just can't compeat with them!
We were both sat only a couple of feet apart so could talk all we liked without being overheard, I'd never spoken to anyone like this before & it was a real turn on so kept going, So thats small then is it Dan...i take it your more than that then?
Have you got bluetooth Sue? On my phone yeah..why? Hang on a sec,

My phone beeped & asked if i wanted to connect to to bluetooth!
I said yes where upon my eyes almost poped out my head as there in front of me was a picture of Dan totally naked with his cock rockhard! I quickly put the phone down & looked around to see if anyone was near then proceeded to stare at the screen!

OMG...Is that real? His cock was flat to his belly with the tip just past his belly button, You alright Sue....You look a bit shocked!
Is it any wonder....Bloody hell Dan you've put me in to shock! I wasn't expecting "that" to pop up! Ohh sorry, No no its fine, I can't stop looking at it,
So what do you think of it then...dose it pass the size test, Ha ha yeah just a bit, Its Flipping Huge! What is that around 10 inch's or something?

A tad over 10 inch yeah, I grabbed a tape measure & pulled out 10 inch's then held it pointing up, Wow.. that is big & it's flat to your belly aswell, Must be absolutely rockhard solid, Ha ha yeah its pritty solid alright, I went off to the loo to look at it so no one would catch me, I just stood there staring at it for ages,
When i got back he said...Where you been too then? Ha ha i think ya know that, That makes dave's cock look a bit pathetic, Can't get over the size of ya balls too,
I could see you were packing some from looking at your jeans but Jesus,
Bet you were popular with the girls at school then? Yeah but most said it was to big, I got off a lot more on older women! Ohh right..go on, I was going to nightclubs quite a lot & picking up women from 25 to 40 ish & going back to their place, OMG did they know how old you were ?
No not most of the time but some did & that really got them off big time,
Whats the oldest you've been with then? Ohh i've been with some your age...
Not that your old! Ha ha yeah i'm 49 so not past it just yet ya know!

For the rest of the day every time i looked at Dan walking around i just kept visualizing his cock when hard & flat on his belly,
Just before we finished for the day i said something about the pic he had sent & he said...If ya like i can send you more pics if ya want? Ohh god i dont know if i could take it....But yeah ya can do ha ha..send as many as ya like & gave him my number, If you do send any can you do it around 6.30 as Dave go's to play Snooker then,
I couldn't wait for Dave to go plus i didn't want my phone going off why he was still here, I didn't know if he was really going to send any but i was hoping he would & had the phone at my side,

6.30 came & went with no text & i was a bit disappointed but then said to myself...You silly woman what the hell are you doing! Only weeks ago i would have never dreamt of anything like this every happening,
As i got up to go & put the kettle on my mobile started beeping, Everything i had just been saying to myself went out the window as i shot over to grab the phone,
The text read..Hi Sue here are some pics of me, Click the link to open a page of stuff!

A page of picture's poped up with lots of black cocks all over it, My eyes were going all over it before i twigged on they were "all" Dans cock!
I didn't know which one to click on first as was spoit for choice but clicked on the one that had him holding a tape measure at the side of it,
It "was" just past 10 inch like he said, By now my hand was going crazy on my clit why going through them all,
His bell end was fucking enormous & had a huge deep shaped ridge around it, One showed how bulbous it was as the tip of his cock was pushed up to the end of a toilet roll tube with only the tip going in, I realised that this thing was easy "double" the thickness of my husbands cock, Looking at the top of the page i could see this link with Dan's cock was just part of a larger Blackcock site or such!

Next day at work i said..Bloody hell Dan wot ya like.. Ya not shy at coming forward are ya, Ha ha no not really, Did you like the pics then? Well i sure gave my self a good workout..if ya know what i mean! My wrist is still aching, Ahh cool..did you look at them all then? Yeah I think so..right up to when Dave got back,

Did you tell him? Oh god no but lets just say we had a good time in bed later!
Dont think he knew what had hit him ha ha, But i did have your cock in my head most of the time, Cool, Did ya see the vids too?

Vids..No..i missed them...what you mean of you? Yeah, I'll bluetooth them to you if ya like, I'm going to look for some prints up stairs in a min so you can send them to me then, I'm mostley up there on my own most of the time so it would be ok to look at them there, Phone beeped & i picked it up, My mouth dropped open as there was Dan in a video stroking his cock & swinging it from side to side etc,

Now you could see just how fucking huge it was, I kept looking up to check no one was coming up & at one point started to feel my puss but stopped my self as knew it could all go tits up if a was caught! Phone beeped again as a second vid
turned up but i didn't look at it as desided to keep for later at lunch time,

When i saw Dan a bit later i just said...Wow..Yeah i've deffo been missing out on some fun all these years with the little pecker my fella's got compared to you,
Have you taken a look at the second vid yet? No not yet i'll look at dinner,
OK... well the woman in it was sick of her husbands little cock too so she did something about it! Woman..what do ya mean? You'll see,
As soon as dinner came along i shot off home to take a look,
It was a vid of at least 4 black lads fucking a woman of around my age,
They had her in a DP & were really slamming her balls deep, It was only after a bit i twigged on one of them was Dan, He was fully up her arse & really going for it,

They even started to double fuck her arse hole too! She was taking them "both" fully up her ass balls deep at once, It was at this point i was sent over the edge as my hips thrust up as i came, The woman looked quite normal & not like a pornstar or such but just more of a housewife,

Back at work i went up to Dan & said..Well that took me by surprise,
Well you said you like it up the ass so i sent you that, Didn't twigg on it was you at first...then when you started to double dick her ass,...jesus, Who was she?

She was a woman who contacted Simon..Thats my mate who is on a interracial dating site but its more of a Fuck site really! Its mostley women that want to try black cock for a change i supose, Blimy i didn't even know there was such a thing like that, Ha ha oh yeah its full of women on it looking for some,
So you go with ya mates then? Yeah if one wants a gangbang or such Simon asks if i want to come along, And ya do, Yeahh, Most are women around your age & some are cheating wifes or have us fucking them why their husbands are watching,
OMG..thats cuckold? Yeah there's a lot of that, Been to quite a lot where the husband is sat in the corner watching us do his wife!

Blimy so how many you been in then? Oh i don't know...20 or so group fucks but more with just my self as i'm on the site to so you can just contact me on my own if ya like, So i bet most are looking for huge cocks then? Yeah most say they just want to try it, How long you been on it then? Err almost 2 years i think, Sexy milfs are my fevs to meet, Been with lots of them & even done one of my old teachers,

Dont think she knew it was me at first when she sent me the message on the site but found out when i went over to hers, She was so in to it that a week later we gangfucked the crap out of her, She was still a teacher too & quite posh,
You'd be surprised at some of the women who go on that site!
What do you mean? I'm talking some high class lady's, I've been to some really fancy homes that are worth shit loads, Their husbands are mostley away on business or such! I see one quite a lot as her husband works in Oil or something? He can be away for 6 weeks at a time, You should give it ago'll love it!

Ha ha God i don't know about that, On my own or with Dave? Any don't matter,
He don't even know i watch porno's lol, Yeah well think about it,
Have you ever done any nude photos Sue? Nude photo's Err.. well yeah some but just for fun really, So are you going to take any for me then?
What!...You want me to take some nude selfies you mean? would be hot,
Oh god i dont think so....i'll see, Later that night i got thinking about it & it really started to turn me on at the thought of doing it,
The next day i said..You know what you said about me taking some photos...well i might be up for it,
Cool i thought you might be ha ha, Its dave's snooker night tomorrow so i could do it then if ya like? Yeahh ya can send them on Whats app, Any type of thing you want me to do ? Hmmm...i want you butt naked with your legs spread & back over so it really shows off your cunt, And keep ya glasses on as i like that!
Ohh..ok i well see what i can come up with ha ha, For the rest of the day my pussy was buzzing like mad, I couldn't believe i was really going to start sending nude pics of myself to a teen blacklad, I told my self it must be my midlife crisis or something! But what the hell..i was going to do it,
It took me a number times to get the photo right as had my phone lent up on a pillow in front of me why i laid back in my chair,
For ages i had my finger on the send button but not sure to really send it or not, I was rubbing my clit so much why mulling it over it sent me just over the edge so thats when i hit Send, Ohh fuck i've really done it..I was saying to myself,   Part 2 to follow

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