Bianca: Give Me Ten Minutes

janus   August 20, 2021   | 9446 Views
Bianca always asks for that extra ten minutes to get ready to go out. Give me ten minutes with my love and... banner2

You know she takes forever to get ready.

“Give me ten minutes okay,” you heard Bianca say and that was twenty minutes ago.

She always looks sensational, smells good enough to eat before you get out the door. You have hooked into her in party room toilets because you just couldn’t wait to get her back home. She is so goddamn tempting in any sultry, slinky, fashionable, little short thigh revealing and butt shaping number.

But she really is pushing it tonight. ‘The I’ll just be another ten minutes honey,’ has passed its limit tonight. She’d had time and a half to do whatever a woman needs to do. You know; mascara, foundation or curling her goddamn sexy lashes or trying to tame her bountiful delicious curly hair; but your mind wanders, she could be shaving or preening and pampering her hidden indispensable zone.

She started with a shower about two hours ago. Then her prep while you watched the footy game and had a beer. However, this extra prep; the girly touch up; the I need to check or reapply.  Well she’s perfection. How can you improve on flawlessness in a bathroom mirror?

She has that sexy floral summer dress on. You saw it momentarily, the one which clings to her buttocks and accentuates her femshape and has the cute bodice that lifts and pops out her breasts and flatters her waist. Sometimes a girl is designed for a dress not the dress for the girl.

The night is young. It isn’t nine. The party wouldn’t get swinging till later. Still it’s the male waiting time. What to do while waiting for your woman? She said ten minutes. Geez that was twenty minutes ago or thirty minutes ago. How many times ten minutes does a woman need?

You could sneak a peek at her through the bathroom door. She could be playing with herself. You really are bored. You are entering male fantasy wait time.

You remember the thrill of catching her out, only the once and she wasn’t taken aback. She was on the edge of the bath naked; dry and freshly shaved and randy.

She quietly and unashamedly invited you in to work the soft pink ribbed vibrator into her smooth moisture laden gash. Pink working into pink. Her crinkly labia enjoying a ride along the top of the ingeniously designed device.  Her pleasure escalation became your pleasure in pushing, prodding and easing the buzzing toy in and out of her delectable slit.

You wanted to see her get off. Actually, get herself off while you watched. The device had two attachments she wasn’t utilising. You asked her about them.

She was coy and told you: “Luke baby; girls don’t tell all their secrets.”

You offered to stick the pieces of this triple teaser where they will do their best. They are useless and forlorn without a clit and pucker hole to over sensitise.

She agrees, only if you wank off in front of her and jizz her tits.

It’s surreal as you insert a wibbly plastic vibrating piece in your woman’s arse and two thin insect antennae like wavy buzzy frondy things around her clit hood.

All you can do is watch. All your partner can do is moan. Everything that adds to pleasure is contributing to the pulses of delight channelling through her body. Boy oh boy; she is happy. She has never moaned with this much enthusiasm under your tongue or a deep dogging. You are in awe of the cunning bastards who designed the vibrator and the willing women who tested them: what a job.

Bianca’s comely breasts, face and navel get sprayed with a huge cum wad. You are so frickin excited by the personal orgasmic show you are witnessing as your girl orgasms with a moaning flushed excitement; right before your eyes.

Nice recall; but she’s still not ready tonight. Now give a bloke ten minutes to do a job and it would be a different story.

Oh, screw this; let’s snoop and pry at the ensuite door.

As you suspected it was getting Bianca’s lashes super curled. God; she’s sensational, she’s left her hair out, full curly flounce. You have arrived at the right time. You see your angel’s face in the mirror give a sigh of fem-satisfaction. She is finally happy with how she looks. She’s ready to go. You hope?


“Darling, be a sweetie, give me ten,” and her smile and flashy lashes are just for you. She melts your impatient resolve, “I just need to pick out my shoes.”

You give in because she will give in to your body later. You check your watch, it’s close to ten. Still the party won’t hit its full vibe till later and we will be typically fashionably late.

You are standing waiting but there’s the best entertainment in the world and its male eye drawing.

Bianca is by the bed bending over. She is checking the strapping on her heels. Her calf alone nearly gives you a hard on. Your curly headed angel bends further to adjust something. Her black g-stringed butt cheeks are revealed under her floral dress. You have a boner.

You are behind her, feeling the warmth of her flesh, her butt cheeks. Bianca has made too much skin available for you.

“Oh you randy sod, don’t, not now, mmm; no later, you prick, mmm, mmm.”

She’s lost her willpower to resist and you had none from the moment her peachy buttocks were exposed.

It’s your hands and fingers that are leading the excitement charge. You have her tight young cheeks squeezing through one hand and her g-string; well it was pushed to the side and two fingers are working her slit and clit together, rapidly and pleasurably overloading Bianca’s sense of touch.

You bend her over the bed, really tugging and pulling the fabric of her g-string so it rubs into her back crack and pussy. Her butt hole will be desert. Your cock is out of your pants and pushes fully into her womanhood between her tight thighs. Bianca’s juices greet your hard pecker. Your woman’s crevice of heaven adjusts and shapes to your meat. You thrust into her thinking of her butt cheeks. Then hell you look at them, her white booty is all yours, you thrust deep and faster thinking of her tight arse to be creamed later. She will enjoy the party, her body happily satisfied and more to come later.

Bianca is fingering her own clit. She never misses a chance to get maximum pleasure. She cums. I fill her with a great releasing wad.

 She grabs some tissues and wipes the jizz and secreting liquids from between her legs. Right there in front of me. Now that is male eye delight but the key to my satisfaction is her flushed after sex face. Everyone will know as she enters the party. I can’t wait for my mates and her girlfriend’s jealous looks.

Bianca has the cheek to tell me to pack my cock away and hurry up and go. We have a party to get to.

“Right, I’ll grab the keys. Let’s go.”

We leave the house.

And time waits and waits for women to get ready. Always. And boy do they look good when given that extra ten minutes and that additional ten minutes and...

But give a guy ten minutes max and his woman looks more than special. She glows as she should as the most beautiful creation in the universe.

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