Bianca in Pink

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Bianca is unsure about sex in the dunes. I’m meant to keep a lookout. Seriously Bianca: with your body as the competing outlook. stepmom

Bianca and I are at the beach; secluded in the dunes. Love the coastline at this beach. Rolling, undulating, tussocky, and pristine. Just what two young people in bonding lust need. We can see the shape of the world around us but we are nicely separate and private from other roaming inhabitants: we think.

It’s a warm Saturday afternoon yet the coastal car park was nearly empty. We love our Great Southern Land and the space it gives us. Not that we feel any more significant than the waves or understand just what the hell we are doing here alive in this immediate instance of time; but we are here together and any thoughts of the cosmic; the vast sky meeting the endless Southern Ocean are lost in randy playful bodies.

Bianca warns me to be careful. God forbid that someone she knows or any stranger for that matter sees me pawing all over her lithe young body.

Geez Bianca you are down to your fluoro pink bikini bottom. The top divested by you supposedly to get a tan. Your breasts are shimmery and glazed with sunscreen like sticky iced buns. Boy, do I want to lick them. Your nipples are twin pink foci of male need.

I’m still in the male daze of being allowed to spread sunscreen all over Bianca’s topless body. It was like seeing the piles of candy in the glass jars in the Ye Old Lolly Shop as a youngster and getting it all. I was so excited spreading the lotion, smearing it in massaging circles over her soft enticing skin. The delicious pushy weight of her supple wobbly breasts got me close to a hard on.

I squirted a dollop of lotion into her innie navel slit and smudged it around on her fem-pad of flesh above her bikini line. The sunlight so bright and clear I could see the so, so fine hairs on her skin crisscrossing down till they disappeared under her bikini.

This bikini bottom is sex beacon pink. I love the silvery metal rings at the sides sitting right on Bianca’s hips.  All her curves on show. Her full upper thighs. Her sleek shaved legs. The soft pad of fem-fat below her indented navel is getting me so randy.

The twin pink bust cup of her top was removed in the dunes but I got the tantalising eyeful as we walked to our current secluded spot. It was a great bikini top; it had that subtle lift and separation that really enhances Bianca’s breasts. The stretch of the fabric allowing that sweet hint of nipple buds. The top tied off both at the back but with a neck string, again with metal rings at the edge of the cups lifting where women want lift ;however, lucky nubile Bianca doesn’t need it. Her breasts sit firm; completely gravity defying.

Her curly hair is tied back of course. But I’ll let it get free later just like her honeyed fuzz between her thighs. Yes, Bianca I’ll be careful; not careful about touching you outdoors in the dunes; just careful about keeping the sand from irritating your private sensitive bits.

Her bright blue eyes I notice as I finish applying the sunscreen are made larger by her mascara. Sapphire blue orbs, so lively and darting. The freckles on her snub nose looking for something to happen. Yeah, sun bathing is okay but this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity; always remembered as our petting in the dunes.

I’m sticking to her body, my lotion greasing and smearing into Bianca’s.  She is spread out on one of those supersized national flag beach towels; which is great.  She’s enjoying the kissing and breast rubbing. Just my chest creating friction across her nipples. But she is completely aroused.

The idea of careful is something I want buried in the dunes.

My fingers are teasing along the edge of her fluoro pink bikini, eager for the true natural pinkness below; when my hand is gently guided away.

I have that male moment: Just what is it with women and beach sex.

I thinking this isn’t going to happen, not now, not ever.

I roll back over onto my towel next to Bianca with only my own hard on for company.

I calm. Life is good; I’m with Bianca.

Bianca sighs. She is thinking. But what?

Bianca is suddenly sitting across my hips, her hands rubbing my chest. Her pink bikini bottom dry humping into my board shorts.

“Just be careful,” and she actually meant it.

I was thinking maybe I could slip my cock under her bikini and we could have surreptitious, sneaky sex in the dunes. Quick and furtive. Sounded male good. 

Bianca was looking around too much. She wanted the touch but the location seemed full sex off-putting to her.

Her hands were massaging my torso, her groin was grinding into mine but her eyes were off on the crest of the surrounding dunes and the gap between them.

I was massaging her breasts up, out and together and occasionally just enjoying their flounce, sway and uncoordinated jiggle.

Bianca’s educated; well, she is already a fantastic respected local primary teacher; and her sensible brain was holding sway against her massive natural body urges. I had to admire her fortitude and her pussy denying mettle in the immediate instance. She was; looking uncomfortable with this.

Then she said it: “Geez Luke; I want to; but it’s too open; I’d die of embarrassment if we get seen.”

“It’s okay," I said and I meant it. Bianca was stunning, sexy and exciting; indoors. And it could forever stay that way; if that was us.

What more could I want; my peachy butted cutie had let me lick cream from her pussy this morning; the frickin cream for the pancakes and then spread herself so pussy wide on the kitchen table for one of the most memorable couplings of my young life?  My birthday present complete; unwrapped Bianca and her body wrapped into mine.

I really knew Bianca didn’t need do anything imprudent at the beach to give us both something totally memorable; our combined unforgettable. God; her eyes; her hair; when we first met; lucky me; the tiler repairing her classroom wet area.

Still with a deep exhale now; she rolled off me.

It’s okay; I love Bianca. She loves me.

We lay back holding hands, enjoying the afternoon. Simple; content, hand in hand.

I assumed Bianca was relaxing, back to mindless sunbathing with a boyfriend now under beach control, with his girlfriend basically naked next to him. One flimsy bit of pink fluoro cloth wasn’t hiding much.

There is however; something about teachers and how they think outside the square or in this case outthink the beach and their dunes.

Bianca was smooching me.  Bianca was sidling into me. Bianca’s hand was inside my board shorts.

Typical male response. Just loving it.  Then my cock was getting a peek at the great outdoors and the searing Southern hemisphere sky; courtesy of my girlfriends grasping fingers.

The amazing young woman who had let me into her life was suddenly giving great head in the dunes. Actually, it was sensational head given the location. It was a cock treat; plenty of shaft manipulation, ball sack massaging and knob sucking. I was fully relaxed in the pleasure of a head job in the dunes.

Then the delicious invitation from my stunning Bianca: “You can dog me; but we both need to keep a lookout; okay.” Had I heard that right or was I imaging it?

No: there she was on all fours; in front of me with her pink bikini bottom eased across her apple buttocks by herself.

Wow did I have the full view. Nature, stunning dune defined nature on a warm summer day held no interest compared to the stark graphic sensuality of Bianca’s genital invitation. Her true personal pinkness revealed; her lippy pussy open, with her honeyed fuzzy pubes above: all for me.

My prick felt the treat instantly it penetrated between her soft slitty folds. My pubic bone grinding into her twin smooth buttock dunes, mirroring the curve of the sand mounds around us. My cock thrusting where minutes before it thought it would never get outdoors. I was stoked. Man was I stroking, both for myself but equally for Bianca. I was pacing the pleasure for Bianca.

Geez I was in deep and thrusting strongly. My hands on her hips. It was intense. Bianca couldn’t suppress a series of tight-lipped petite moans. She was savouring it. Her eyes closed.

Was I then meant to keep lookout; solo? Well give me a break that was impossible. I had that pure memory searing view of seeing my cock slide in and out of Bianca’s pussy. I could feel the pleasure. I could see the wonder. I could hear her happiness.

Looking beyond was lost; I had to rim her puckered balloon knot. It was there. It just drew my eyes and then my finger. I hadn’t been here before. I didn’t know Bianca’s limits. God, I had pushed then in the dunes already. Was I pushing way too far with her puckered crack?

She just moaned louder as I rimmed her indented starfish and eased one finger in her tight crevice to add to her sensations and build my desire for her.

My cock was thrusting repeatedly. My finger was prodding constantly. Something had to give. I thought my wad. Maybe, Bianca was close to cumming?

Bianca’s hand was back between her legs. I thought she was reaching for her clit; that she was really super excited and was giving me a true intimate treat too.

But she had my cock; she had my cock out of her pussy. I thought that’s it; she can’t stand the outdoor danger.

However; as she eased my cock to her butt crack; she said:

“Be careful.”

I was not sure what this careful was; looking for anyone coming; or me cumming in her arse.

My sweet gorgeous Bianca was giving me her butt crack for the first time. And of all places: the beach.

Her pink tight rear hole was so tiny confronted by my engorged cock. I eased my head in carefully. A very considered relaxed shallow entry. Hoping Bianca would loosen a bit and her constricted muscles would wrap tightly and happily around my pecker. Shallow, shallow, yes; but amazingly defining for two.

I prodded into her gape slightly more. This was the butt of my dreams. Bianca had given me her ring and it was definingly tight and awesomely mind flowingly pleasurable. The intensity was truly building in the flesh of two.

My cock was suddenly warmly surrounded by her relaxed gawped butthole. I was in her crack deep. We bridged the interstices of self in her wonderous compression.

Life defining intimacy, sandy shared skin, the paring down of our bodies and minds to a cock and a butthole; then everything corporeal and cerebral lost in delicious, delicious waves of pleasure.

Bianca’s fingers eventually worked her clit to her indulgent deserved climax. I had no control and creamed her beautiful; gorgeous arse.

Male euphoria; then a slight pang followed; had I ruined everything?

No; she turned and tousled my hair just before she carefully wiped all her thigh cloistered bits a mite with the corner of her towel.

We were sated. We were calm. The dunes as forever; blithely mute; indifferent.

“Wow you are beautiful,” I said as Bianca was putting her pink bikini top back on.

“Mmm; you’re not too shabby yourself,” she replied.

Then she grabbed my hand and we playfully capered as we headed to the surf for a swim.

I reached up with my free hand and released her hair scrunchie; letting her curls spread as wide as the vast ocean and overarching sky.

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