A Spa evening after corona lockdown

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An erotic evening at the spa makes me cum on the spa table with my wife boobs being massaged by the male masseur. rings

We set ourselves in the tone of getting an exciting evening for each other. It has been 40 days since we had a bodily relation due to overwork and CORONA lockdown. Amidst this after the settling of CORONA and opening of Spa, we made a plan to visit a spa and get a luxurious massage with body scrub and lotion.

We booked for a couple room and were given a male and a female masseurs two female were not free at that time. It was a same gender massage (we insisted). We were not so open to get a cross gender massage.

We went to the room. It was a huge room and we were given a transparent panty to change our clothes and a gown. We got nude and started changing our clothes. It was after a long time that we saw each other nude. I got fully erected seeing my wife and her Indian bushy pussy since she had not shaved for a long time. Even after wearing the panty, it looked like everything was transparent. Even my penis was erected. I tried to calm down to avoid any embarrassment. We settled, wore the gown and rang the bell to allow the masseurs in.

They came in and started undressing us. We were shivering. It was the first time my wife was topless in the presence of an unknown guy. I don’t know if the male masseur looked at her, but I could peek her boobs when she removed the gown. We were made to lie on our back and were covered with a towel.

Soft music was playing in the background and we were trying to relax since we had in our mind to do sex in the steam area after the massage is finished with. They started massaging us on the legs, it felt like heaven after so many days. The massage was good. The trickling of the oil on the legs was amazing. All the lust went away and the body was relaxed.

We were looking at each other and closed our eyes to relax and sleep. The oil strokes were really good. I don’t know somehow even the male massage was erotic as he was massaging my inner thighs and I was trying to control myself. I could not sleep and saw that my wife’s full legs were exposed and she was massaging her inner thighs. Her legs were spread open. And I turned to note that even my male masseur was looking at her off and on.

My wife was unaware of this and trying to sleep but I was totally excited to see this. My penis got erected and I was feeling embarrassed as I was getting massage from a male. Soon our legs were done and they moved on to massage our back. That was the most awesome as I like back massage very much. They exposed our back and half of our buttocks. I could see my wife trembling. The hands were running from above below. And we both were enjoying this.

After 5 minutes, the female masseur excused us as she wanted to use the restroom. She covered my wife and left. After 5 minutes, a male masseur entered the room and he came close to me and said that the female masseur is having her chums and she is not feeling well; thereby he will be taking her over for the massage. I wanted to say NO but was in such a state that could not argue. We needed the massage and were enjoying it. I did not bother to ask my wife as she looked to have slept and thus consented him to massage my wife.

He removed the towel and took lot of oil and started massaging her on the back and buttocks. I really don’t know if one can tell the hands of a male/female once there is lot of oil and the hands are soft. Now it was like both masseurs were eyeing my wife. I was getting super excited. The half boobs of my wife were visible from the sides. That scene was erotic. I was literally high.

Then came the time to turn over, and my wife was shocked to hear a male voice asking to turn over. She woke up with a towel over her boobs and in a surprising voice asked as to what is this. I explained her that she got unwell and so I told him to start over as you were sleeping. My wife could not say anything. I told her that he is professional and there is nothing to worry. She calmed herself and lied down.

He covered her upper body and I suppose had a peek of her boobs since she was topless. The masseurs again started oiling our legs by exposing them one at a time. But the weird thing was that the central part of the our panty area was exposed from the towel. The towel was left to cover only one of the legs. I suppose this was because they wanted a full view to massage. But suddenly I remembered that our panty were very transparent and the masseur could easily peek the erogenous area of my wife. Plus the oil was trickling in the panty which made it more transparent. I wanted to see the condition of mine and her panty. So I excused them to use the washroom. I wore the gown and was escorted to the washroom by my masseur. My wife’s eyes were closed and her massage was being continued alone there.

I went to the washroom and saw that my panty was drenched with oil and it was making my penis visible on the front. I further applied some water on it to make it more transparent. I came out and the masseur told me that the female masseur is free now and if u want he could replace himself with her. I approved.

We went in and now we were having a cross gender massage. On the way back I saw that my wife’s pussy area was visible on the front and the masseur was having the full view of hers. I lied down and got the massage continued. My eyes kept on moving towards her. He was massaging her legs throughout from the feet uptill the inner thighs. My wife must be getting tingles down there.

Mine penis was also getting fully erect seeing this. It was eyeing out of the panty and I could feel that. But still my masseur kept calm and silent and kept on massaging in a professional way.

Then after the legs it was the time for the chest and arms. He slowly asked my wife if she wants the upper body massage. My wife reluctantly said YES as she did not want to sound conservative. The masseur without removing the towel started massaging her boobs by putting his hands inside. I could see his hands below the towel as they were rounding up on her boobs. It was erotic. I was at the verge of cumming and suddenly when he put his both hands inside and started massaging, I came in my panty. It was a very erotic situation.

My wife’s face was looking like she got totally excited but could not cum. After the massage, it was the time to go the steam area. We went there, my wife told me all the story and she saw that she was totally wet down there and requested me to lick her clitoris to make her cum. I also told her that I already came when he was massaging her boobs. She was totally aroused and said we should do this more often as it was exciting. I told her that you could also remove your towel while getting them massaged to which she told that it is not in her hands, and it rests on the will of the masseur.

I started licking her and she started cumming on my face. We were high in the steam area. We both were totally nude. I got the condom as I was high again and we started doing sex under the shower. We got another wave of pleasure and we both came twice in the spa.

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