Behave, I'm watching you

JJP   March 01, 2018   | 43003 Views
We love to watch rings

I live in downtown on 40th floor. I have small telescope, and I like to watch people. You know how interesting to watch them, when they don’t know about it? They act so natural. They don’t hide emotions. I see couple is fucking so lazy on the 10th floor. Why lazy? He is, probably, terrible in bed because she is in her phone, while he’s fucking her. Guy is masturbating on the 23th floor. He does it every three hours. I think it’s not normal and he needs help. There is pervert and his fake woman. He takes care about her, kisses her, takes shower with her. It’s gross, but everybody is different. And there is she…

My girl on the 38th floor. I’ve been watching her last two weeks. She has new guy every few days. Very high sex drive. I think she knows people are watching her, because she leaves her windows open when she comes out of shower. Naked. And show begins. She gently dries her skin with very soft towel and starts putting body oil. This is torture to watch. I’m always jerking off, while she does it. Her hands slowly rubbing in a tiny amount of liquid into skin. Breasts, trained belly, her butt. I wanna lick with my tongue every inch of her skin. Her skin is glowing after that. I think she doesn’t shave her pussy bold. My telescope isn’t that powerful ( I wish), but I would like to think there are soft little hair just trimmed until certain length. She finished with her shower and was busy with phone. Probably, somebody turned her on during that call, because she put little bit more oil on her breasts and pussy and started to masturbate. Usually she doesn’t fingering herself only clit. I want her hands to be my hands so badly. Or replace her hands with my tongue. She cum, arching her back. I see drops of my juices on the floor. I finished with her.

Yesterday she had a guy. He fucked her during two hours. But, it looks like he wasn’t good enough. After he left she opened her bedroom draw and took out her toys. It’s quite a collection. First, she puts butt plug inside and starts to dance. Moves of her hips are so seductive. After that, she put small vibrator inside, locked it and took hula hoop. For some reason I could imagine how little vibrator doing its job inside of her, touching all the right spots. I started to play with myself. It not possible to act normal when she does all those stuff. She bit her lip. Two vibrators had fight which one will do faster job. But she liked teasing herself. Taking off small vibrator from her pussy, she started another show. Probably to lay on the bed with big dildo is too boring for her. She attached big cock to the side of the bed and lifted her hips so it could slide in. I forgot how to breath. No wonder she has abs. I wanted to replace bed and dildo, and fuck her. The way she moved her hips. God help me. It looked like she liked torturing herself and me. Butt plug inside her cute butt, big dildo is vibrating in her pussy, and she took small one again and started to play with her clit. FUCK! For the first time I thought, I won’t be able to satisfy her. It was way too hot for me. I cum two times just watching her.

Next day I saw little note on her window. I knew it was for me. “Behave, I know you watching me.” I smiled wide. My naughty bitch.

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