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Sex at the Club

Hart   November 11, 2017   | 17365 Views
Two lovely, horny ladies and one very willing cock cheating Working in a club, you see lots of crazy shit....I'm going to tell you about just one of the crazy experiences I had.
It was a Friday night, the place was jumping. People were packed in the club like sardines, asses to elbows.
I had a couple young things roll up to the bar, bouncing them titties and round plump asses and immediately started hitting me up. I'm not tootin' my own horn but I'm a good lookin' guy and I get hit on a lot but these two came in guns blazin. They both wore these skin tight dresses and damn they made my dick rise. One blonde, one brunette both tasty as hell.
"Hey baby", the blonde said
"We're lookin for a little fun, thinkin bout takin you back to our motel for a spell...."
They must've stopped for a few cocktails before landing here...
" I don't think two sweet young ladies like yourselves can handle me, but thanks for the offer" I said with a smile.
The brunette chimed in "Sugar, we can handle you and then some. We just want to play a while, you interested?"
"What are we going to play?" I asked. "Tell me what you got in mind and maybe I'll think about it." They had me smiling from ear to ear.
Then the blonde, who had the nicest set of tits I'd ever seen, leaned way over the bar and took a gander at my now my bulge was hard to hide.
"Hmmm... you're packin something good in there, how bout we give you a preview" she said licking her full pink lips.
The brunette leaned in close and slid her hand over the blondes tits, massaging them hard til one popped out of the dress. Man they were perky and hard and that brunette went to town, just sucking away at them.
The blonde was lovin it. She grabbed that mane of black hair and pulled her face up. They started making out right there at the bar. I had to adjust myself a bit because my bulge was getting uncomfortable bein stuck in my jeans .
The blonde reached her hand up her friends dress and started rubbin her pussy and that brunette was grinding away. Then she pulled them out and put them in her mouth, all the while staring at me.
"I'll tell you what,... if one of you ladies can suck my cock back here" ...I pointed down behind the bar...." and get me to cum in front all these people, I'll go with you and let you both do whatever you want."
Competition ....women live for that shit.
I almost spit my drink laughing as I watched them flip a coin to see who went first.
Brunette was up. I made it easy for her....went down to wash some glasses away from the crowd.
She strutted her sweet ass behind the bar and pressed her luscious tits against my chest then slid down to my cock. Those thick lips wrapped around my cock and it slid easy down her throat. It went a little limp but was back to full attention and she was taking my full 9 inches down her throat. I looked down and she was staring up at me, eyes watering as she was gobbling me up. Took everything in me not to blow a load in her warm mouth but I had a plan. I looked for the ugliest face in the room and imagined she was sucking my no time I went limp.
"Damn....what the fuck" said the brunette. She seemed a bit insulted.
"Sorry darling , gotta do better than that" I said as she adjusted her dress, wiped her mouth, and pouted her way back to her seat.
The blonde started giggling and clapping her hands...she was as happy as a kid on Christmas. "My turn!" she said and she jumped off the chair and assumed her position.
Damn she was good...she was working my cock with her hand and her mouth, slopping her spit all over my slippery dick but I stayed focused.
Then she whipped out her tits and smashed my dick between them like a sandwich. Up and down, each time suckin the head..oh my lord my toes were starting to curl....but I stayed focus and eventually I went limp again.
The blonde stood up and grabbed my hand. She pushed her pussy into my fingers and she was soaked.
"Don't you like women hun?" she said.
"Well I like women just fine " I said and I pushed my fingers up her squishy mound.
I grabbed her ass and pulled her close, rubbing my fingers inside her, letting my thumb massage her sticky clit.
She was digging her nails into my arm trying to get me to stop. I loved the look of surprise on her face when it turned to pleasure. She was moaning and grinding that wet pussy all over my hand and then she tensed and I felt that trickle of cum down my fingers. She wasn't digging those nails anymore.
She stood there out of breath and watched me lick my fingers.
"Mmmm... finger lickin good. Now that's how it's done baby." I said.
I left her standing there and walked back over to the crowd. I saw the girls talkin and then the blonde made her way back to the bar..she said
"I think we should get one more chance...but we should go somewhere in private"
"The point of this, was for one of you to be sooo good, that I forget where I am. It's alright, you couldn't do it but I hope you enjoy your night anyhow" I said. I gave her a wink and went back to serving drinks.
"You get your ass back down there now. This ain't over." she said marching her bottom back to my glass rack.
I'm not one to say no to a lady so I obliged.
They both came behind the bar this time. That blonde went right to work on my rock hard cock and the brunette pulled out those tits. I wasn't focusing on anything now except sucking them and giving her a couple of roaming fingers to the pussy. I was getting twisted up between them. One on my cock, one on my hand, so I took the brunette and plopped her ass right on the bar and shoved my head between her legs. Her juices were so damn sweet. I slid my cock in and out of the blondes hot mouth, her lips were tight I filled her throat with everything I had. I could feel her gagging on it but she wasn't letting go...the brunette grabbed my head and came too, slopping those juices all over my face. Damn it felt good.
When we was done, we adjusted ourselves amidst a round of applause. The girls seemed a bit embarrassed when some ignorant asshole asked for the manager because they wanted a report of the incident sent to the owner.
His old ass came over to me screamin and fussin. The manager Bill came over , and took his complaint.
"Now I want that given to the owner. He needs to know what kinda place you guys are running here. Damn pervert mother fuckers"
he said.
Old school, ...he was definitely in the wrong place.
 Bill turned and handed me the notepad he had jotted it on.
"He said....."
"Yeah, I heard him Bill. Thank you kindly. Would you mind given the bar a round on me please while I take care of this gentleman's complaint?"
"Sure thing" Bill said, laughing his ass off.
The old man stood dumbfounded and so did the girls. They was just about drooling now.
"Tiny!" I hollered for the bouncer..."could you please show my new friend here the exit. Seems he's in the wrong place."
I turned to the ladies and said..."Now how about we take this up in private. Upstairs would be just fine"
They both giggled and headed for the stairs and I gave those sweet asses a spank on the way.

 Now I would tell you about what happens next, but like I said....this is a story of just one of the crazy things that has happened to me....and what happens next, well that's a whole nother story all together 
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