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The After Party ( Sex at the Club part 2)

Hart   December 03, 2017   | 14177 Views
Read - Sex at the Club by Hart....then come back for the After Party!! banner1 My hand stung against their firm asses.. "So what do they call you two tasty morsels..." They both turned and looked at me like I had two heads. "What's your names" I said, laughing. 
The blonde spoke up ....."oh, that's Trish and I'm Candice, but my friends call me Candy." 
"I bet they do" I said smiling, letting my hand run up her leg. My apartment was above the was loud most nights but I was usually working so it didn't bother me none.
We entered in the dark and I felt one of them grab my balls....nice. I told the girls to make themselves comfortable while I got us some drinks. I poured some wine from my private stock and grabbed some jello shots I had saved from a party the night before. When I got back in the living room...oh man what a sight. 
Two sweet creamy ladies sprawled out naked on my couch. Trish was between Candy's legs lickin her shaved muff. Her fingers were going in and out of her tight pussy with a little extra in the rear. Trish stopped for a minute and looked at me..
"Don't let me stop ya love, keep doin what your doin" I sat back in my chair and rubbed my cock...yup she was awake.
Candy was rubbing her big tits. Her nipples were huge and hard and she was archin her back. Trish was getting all up in that juiciness....damn I want some.
I dropped my drawers and my cock sprung out like a bent spring. I wandered over to the side of the couch and rubbed it over Candy's face.
She didn't miss a beat...she grabbed it and started sucking the head, stretching her neck all the way back and grabbin hold of my ass to take all my 9 in her throat. I grabbed those luscious tits and started squeezin her nipples. She was bucking all over the place...Trish and I was having a hard time holding on. I could hear Candy moanin, the deep growl in her throat was vibrating my cock...damn I'm gonna blow a load. Candy was cummin like a wild woman, her sweet nectar spewing all over Trish's face. 
I pulled out my cock and blew my creamy load all over Candy's tits and Trish licked them clean. I got some in her hair and her eyes...damn she was gobbling it up. "God damn must be worn out, have a shot."I said and handed them both some sweet jello vodka shots.
Trish was lookin a little sour..."What's wrong there pretty lady" I said and sat down beside her. "I didn't cum.." she said with her pouty lips. "You poor thing, I'll have to remedy that" I said and I slid down between her legs. I dumped the shot in my mouth and mashed my tongue against her clit, stuffin that shot in her tight hole. All I tasted was watermelon and nectar, all mixin together. She was ripping my hair out, fuckin my face. Candy was suckin her tits, putting her sticky fingers in her mouth. Trish said " I'm gonna cum..oh baby I'm gonna cum" Candy covered Trishs mouth with her own,....watchin them from my view..tongues twirling, fingers pinching dick was hard again. I pulled off her sticky pussy and pounded my cock deep inside her. She pushed Candy's face back down to her tits and Candy sucked them hard while her hand wandered down to Trish's swollen clit. Now it was Trish's turn to buck like a wild bronco and I slammed my cock hard into her, trying to tame that philly. Trish was hollerin... "Don't stop...I'm gonna cum! Ahhhhh I'm gonna cum!" Candy was rubbing hard on that sticky clit and I pulled off and took over with my tongue pushing three fingers deep in her hole. Trish's body convulsed like she was possessed. Candy took advantage of the moment and shoved her pussy in Trish's face and she sucked on her clit...while her own cum was squirtin all over my face. 
Candy was moaning now too...riding Trish's face, rubbing her big tits. I shoved my cock back into Trish's wet sticky pussy and leaned in to take care of Candy's tits. I pounded her hard. It was Candy and Trish moanin now and I could feel that sweet feelin risin up from my toes. 
Usually I pull out, but Trish's pussy was so tight and warm....I blew my load right in her tight hole, I could feel her pussy lips tighten around my cock as Trish came again. Candy was cummin all over Trish's face and her juices were dripping down her chin.
I was wore out already and we only been here about an hour. These girls were gonna kill me.

I plopped my ass down in the chair while the girls went at each other again. Kissing and rubbin each other's tits. My couch had a sticky wet sheen across the leather from their cum and them shots in Trish's sweet watermelon flavored pussy. I grabbed my wine and watched for a while but when my dick started risin again I figured it was time to give the couch a break.
"What you say we move this little love fest to the bedroom ladies...get real comfy." Candy stood up, still in her heels but nothing else and grabbed my cock. Trish came round behind me, digging her nails in my ass cheeks and pushing her tits into my back. "First door on the left my tasty morsels" They was giggling now, and Candy led the way, tugging me by my cock and I followed like a puppy on a leash. My pubes were sticking to my balls so I excused myself to get a quick wash up, leaving the ladies to their own pleasure. 
When I got back...Trish was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide and Candy was pulling something from her bag. J**us H was a double headed dildo. Now this I gotta see...
. Candy crawled up between her legs and rubbed one head against Trish's clit, the other on her own. I grabbed some KY from my nightstand and threw it to them. Might as well get it slippery. Next thing you know, one end of that dildo disappeared into Trish's pussy, the other end Candy's pussy swallowed up. Their legs was intertwined and their pussies were rubbing together. You couldn't even see that dido no more. They were so mixed up it looked like a game of porno twister. I sat back on the chair, sippin my wine and rubbin my cock. They both squirmed away....moaning and squishy....they both came again and my cock was throbbing, watching these two makin love to that dildo. So fuckin hott.
I was still rubbin it when they finished. Candy said..."Why you sitting all the way over there?" I said " I'm admiring the view" Trish climbed off the bed and came over to me, grabbing my hand....."I got a better view for you" she said, leading me to the bed. I laid down and Candy kissed me deep, I could taste Trish's sticky watermelon cum on her tongue. I could feel Trish's lips wrapping around my cock...sucking me down to my balls. Then she was off and I felt something so fuckin tight around my dick....I looked down to see Trish's plump ass and my hard cock disappearing inside it. It was so fucking tight! Candy jumped right in and put her pussy in my face. The sensation of Trish's ass engulfing my cock was pushing me to my limit. 
I grabbed Candy's ass and buried my tongue so deep in her pussy that my nose was rubbing her clit. The whole bed was bouncing with each pound from Trish's ass onto my cock. Fuck I can't hold it no more.... I could hear them both moanin and breathing heavy, they was squirming all over me. Candy came first....juicy creaminess all over my nose and face. Trish was next...I could feel her wetness dripping onto my legs so now it's my toes was curling as my load shot into Trish's tight asshole. She didn't stop pounding felt like my cock was gonna explode as it shot out. 
I was out of breath...drunk and content to be wrapped up with these two pretty ladies. I was about ready to pass out when I heard them say they was gonna shower. "Have at it my what you gotta do." I said and slowly drifted off. When I woke in the morning the girls were still there, tucked up in my bed. All three of us wrapped up tighter than three bugs in a rug. I made them breakfast and they gave my cock a goodbye blow job. I love morning blow jobs...ain't nothing sweeter. Before they left, I gave them each a sweet kiss and of course a couple of VIP passes to the club so they can get in whenever they want....and I hope to see them again soon. What a couple of lovely ladies...I don't think my cock has ever been so happy and satisfied.
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