The Train Ride

Salacious Scribe   May 17, 2020   | 5455 Views
Strangers have a salacious time on a train. rings Train Ride

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Authors Note:

This story was written as a challenge to tell an erotic tale with the fewest words possible. I had it down to 618, but the minimum length for some sites is 750 words. I added some dialogue, a few adjectives and expanded some descriptions so I could post it on all the sites I submit stories on. Total word count is 951.


This story contains adult content including M/F anal sex, If this is not your kind of smut, please choose another story.


As I got on the train, my eyes met hers. There was an instant connection, and I knew that we would soon be naked and sweaty together. I could tell by the way her breathing changed that she knew it too.

A couple of hours later, I entered the dining car and saw her sitting alone. I boldly walked up to her table and sat down without asking. She looked at me with a wry smile on her face, and an invitation in her eyes.

"I'm Tom," I said, offering her my hand.

"Sue," she replied, as her hand slipped into mine.

We ate in silence. No words were needed. We both knew what was going to happen. After finishing our meal, I lead her to the sleeping car. When we reached my berth, I opened the door and let her enter first. She stepped through the door without hesitation. I followed, closing the door behind me.

Once we were alone, my arms wrapped around her waist from behind. I kissed her neck, and she tilted her head exposing more of it to me. My hands rested on her flat stomach, just below her warm soft breasts. I could feel the weight of them pressing into my arms. I cupped and squeezed one of the globes as my other hand grasped her skirt and dragged it up her legs, exposing her taut thighs.

She twisted her body around, pressing tightly against me and our lips met. Her breasts were crushed against me as my hands grasped her ass, lifting her several inches off the floor. Her long legs encircled my waist as I navigated us both to the bed. We landed on the thin mattress, our tongues intertwined.

She pulled her head back, showing me the hunger in her eyes. She began to unbutton my shirt, and I leaned back to give her room to undress me. She kissed my chest as I unzipped her dress, my hands exploring the exposed flesh. My clothes mixed with hers in a pile on the floor.

Between lipstick and the occasional nip, our lips left trails of little red marks, a map of where they’d been. She dropped to her knees, her eyes looking deep into mine. She grabbed the base of my cock and lowered her mouth over it. I groaned as she deep throated my shaft. Her mouth was better than any pussy I'd ever fucked. I lay back and closed my eyes, savoring her skill.

She sucked, and licked, and slurped until I was harder than I had ever been. I was almost disappointed when she released my cock, but then she turned, showing me her sweet ass. Reaching back, she guided my shaft into her warm, velvety-smooth pussy.

She rode me hard, like a Pony Express rider being chased by bandits. Our bodies were slapping together loudly. I grasped her hips to try and slow her pace; I wasn't ready for this to end. She slowed down a little, and I mentally recited the 11 General Orders of a Sentry, desperate to postpone the inevitable. She pulled away from my rigid shaft and got on all fours.

"I want you to come in my ass," she said salaciously, as she wiggled it at me. Still drenched from her fluids, I knelt down behind her and spread open those lovely, round cheeks. I looked at the cute little hole; it looked so tight, I was worried I would hurt her. I worked up a large wad of spit which I used to coat her asshole. My finger made sure she was coated inside and out, then I pushed my cock in. She rocked back, taking my entire shaft into her bowels without hesitation.

"Now, fuck me like a man," she demanded.

Never one to deny a lady's request, I grabbed her hips, pulled back, and then drove my cock fully inside her.

She screamed, "OH YES! Pound my ass!"

We moaned and groaned as my cock pistoned in and out of her bunghole. I let one of my hands slip around her waist, finding her wet pussy. I rubbed her clit, trying to make her cum; try as I might, I couldn't last much longer.

Our bodies slapped together in animal lust, both of us reaching the pinnacle of pleasure. As my cum blasted into her, her arms collapsed. Her face pressed to the floor, she cried out and shuddered in the climax. When we recovered, I took her in my arms and kissed the back of her neck.

"Baby, you're the greatest," I told her.

"You're not so bad yourself," she replied.

She kissed me on the cheek and got dressed, and flashed one last smile before walked out of my life forever.


This ends the story of Tom and Sue.

If you enjoyed this story, or if you didn't, please let me know. I don't get paid to write. Your comments, votes, likes, follows, shares, and reblogs (depending on where you found me) is my reward for writing. Feedback is a gift, and I like gifts. 

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