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Lusty Encounter In Outerspace!

LucidBi888   October 07, 2021   | 3050 Views
Jennifer helps the process by letting her ass jut out for him. She now feels an ever-hardening once again beautiful cock push and slide between her ass cheeks. She is in heaven feeling his hardness wipe and slip up and down the entirety of her craving and naughty bottom… Luxury

Lusty Encounter In Outerspace!

Jennifer Saunders is a forty something particle physicist on a journey of a lifetime following her most serendipitous discovery. A discovery that allows her to travel into other lives. A bright light engulfing her every human cell, taking her through the tunnel which leads to her ultimate collision course and her newest reality into another being.

Having her panties slowly pulled down and being able to hold this large throbbing cock right in front of her. Her two hands holding this marvellous piece of sensual heaven. Jennifer’s hands exploring thoroughly up and down this man’s complete shaft and to this man’s cock head that pulsed to her every squeeze. 

‘I need this immaculate piece of throbbing meat in my mouth.’

Jennifer lowers her mouth down and just then this man runs his fingers through her hair and he gently steadies her for the oral mouth entry of a large penis head that is now exhibiting a drop of clear pre-cum oozing out from this beautiful penis.

One inch now from her mouth and she has to stick out her tongue to taste it, to run this all around her tongue and mouth. There is no going back down. Only one thing to do, and this is to open wide. She opens wide and in it comes. This heavenly oral intruder that fills her mouth with such other worldly delight.

A cock that now lunges forward and straight up into her willing and craving watery mouth. As this experience unfolds there is the undoubted beauty of space and stars that race past the inertia of a light speed ship in a galaxy of an unknown pocket of an unknown other universe. 

Jennifer now cradles his balls and fondles his ass cheek up and down. This rubbing and provoking now entices him to push a little harder and faster into her beautiful and warm wet mouth. The more she sucks and sucks the more she tastes the savoury taste of his leaking pre-cum and what else is to come.

The ship races and races on its interstellar connection of a universe mapped to connect all creatures human and not. She tries now to even slow down to savour even more but then a primitive force in the both of them takes hold and speeds up the process of a squirt of such beautiful squirt that enters Jennifer’s anticipatory mouth.

His hands tense now while holding her even tighter - her mouth right down all the way to the base of this gorgeous and cum-spent cock. A mouth full of cum now as she also glances out at the stars literally while finishing off such a beautiful man, and such a beautiful piece of cock. 

Jennifer is also spent mentally and licks her lips while this cock still drips a little more. She bends now to take a little more. She doesn’t want to waste a single drop. She glances out the window again to see the passing of twin stars about the distance we humans experience the distance of a sun.

The wondrous double flashing of this starry starry brilliant light gleams and glares as nothing else so wonderful in this universe, as Jennifer lingers with this semi-softening cum-spent cock that leaves Jennifer reeling from this candy in a lush cock-candy cream store.

Jennifer slowly but gently comes back to her senses smilingly,

“Who are you, and who is flying this ship?”

The man takes Jennifer’s hand in his both hands and reassuringly answers,

“So nice to meet such a wonderful woman as yourself. I’m Bruce Gilmore - a fellow traveller. A very very lucky traveller to meet such a wonderful acquaintance as yourself.” 

He smiled to her with teary eyes and a beautiful reassuring positiveness only a saint could express.

With his cock still in her hand and looking with awe from their starry starry jaunt in space and back again into Bruce Gilmore’s most gorgeous and caring glare,

“Who’s flying this ship?” 

“It flies itself. In just a few day we will be nearing planet SuperVana - planet SuperVana is approximately eight times the size of earth and richer in every earthly trait. A population of spirituals and love makers, of intellectuals and super high developed empathic sexualising beings that exist purely to love.

Jennifer Saunders stands now and kisses Bruce Gilmore sensually because it is the only thing that feels so right. To kiss this beautiful and caring man for cumming in her mouth. As they kiss she feels his hand now enter her damp pink panties and cradle her dripping pussy vagina.

They make their way over to near the front view window screen of an ever-rushing galactic eye-popping view. He turns Jennifer around so that they are both facing ahead and pulls down her lovely pink panties just a few inches so as to have easy access to her ever so gorgeous ass from behind.

Jennifer helps the process by letting her ass jut out for him. She now feels an ever-hardening once again beautiful cock push and slide between her ass cheeks. She is in heaven feeling his hardness wipe and slip up and down the entirety of her craving and naughty bottom. 

A cock head so wonderful as it now finds her vaginal entrance from behind. They both breath more deeply and more shakily in unison as he pushes his manhood slowly inch by inch inside of her wanton womanhood literally in space. She is full now as his cock and only his cock could utterly fill her craving cunt.

His hands now hold Jennifer’s hips as they both beautifully fuck for the very first time. She feeds her ass to him and he feeds his cock to her perpetually as they race through space. As they shoot through space. As he shoots his rock hard cock deep inside of her.

He is ever so deep up inside of her as they rock and pump together. Lust and thriving passion join them as one. It is a holy moment in time, in space. She looks out to see a million flickering stars on an ever changing canvas of a beautiful universe. She closes her eyes momentarily as he throbs deeper and deeper inside her. With her eyes glazed over she sees these million or more flickering stars.

Her ass shivers from deep within as his hand firmly holds her cunt now from the front as thrust upon thrust of manhood bangs her girly bottom. She is at climax now and in more and more stars as this wondrous cock fills her body - becomes her body. She puts her hands over his hands as she breaks the climactic glass ceiling as never before.

She is cumming like a bright flash of honest light in all colours of a ray of light. He is cumming like a rocket that has finally found it’s destination of all hope and all sense of fulfilment as in a ship’s every storm. From deep within her she can undoubtedly feel every squirt and every drop enter and spray up deep with her every being.

An interstellar fuck that only these two travellers could ever share. They stay in this position for a long while as they regain their senses and regain their breathe as of before. She now has a bounteous load of cum in her tummy and a now bounteous load of cum deep up in her messy and sloshy vagina.

Satisfaction fills the space within and overtakes all but every drop of reality she takes close to every beat and every note a heart could ever pound. He slowly sits back on the couch and she follows suit and becomes one with him once again as she sits in his lap to both affectionately cradle with one another in their eternal and lustful embrace.

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