James Is Stunned How Anne Has More Lovers

Anne Buckley   March 11, 2019   | 17357 Views
James knew and agreed in writing when he married Anne .It's the 1970's. "Sexual freedom" "Women's Lib." He signed an agreement to share her with other men. She has an overactive libido. She had sex with boys in grade school and high school, and college. Recently while he was gone for a few days, he learned that Anne and her friend Carol had fucked a lot of guys. rings

James and Anne have been married 2 years. They dated in college. Both are in their early twenties.  Anne was always honest with James about her sexual needs. However, James wanted to wait to consummate their marriage. Anne couldn't wait  She was a party girl in college and still a top student. She is brilliant and beautiful.  Anne works in administration at the hospital.  Anne is 5'2", petite with large breasts, and a cute "bubble butt." She has long brunette curly hair with blonde highlights.  She has hazel eyes and soft buttery skin. She has a beautiful smile and bedroom eyes.James is a bridge, highway, and construction engineer.  He travels a lot for his job.  He is well paid and is in high demand for his knowledge. Like Anne, he is in his early twenties. He is 5'9" thin, muscular and handsome.When James came home from the airport after a long flight he found a note from Anne. It read, " I will be home at 5PM. I am taking us out for dinner. He called Anne's best friend Carol's home. No answer. What he didn't know is Anne and Carol went to the Tattoo Studio for tattoos and piercings. This was paid for by the girls new Black lovers.  Eventually James will meet them. After the tattoo shop the girls went to Anne's house to take James to dinner. James was happy to see Anne and they kissed. Anne said," I have a surprise for you after dinner." 
James replied, " Let me guess. You're pregnant? Is the kid mine? He was laughing."
Anne said, "NO! None of the above,"
Because of the new tongue piercings the girls had cold salads and drinks at the restaurant. James had a steak dinner.
After dinner Anne drove Carol home.  When James and Carol got home, James wanted to see the surprise Anne had for him.Anne went to the bedroom and removed her clothes. James was watching TV in the living room. Anne stood in front of the TV. He shut the TV off. He was almost in shock of what he saw. He saw Anne's nipple rings, belly button ring, clit ring and pussy rings.  Anne put her face to his and stuck her tongue pierced ring out to him. 
James asked, " when did you have this done?"
Anne replied,"after work today. Carol got the same thing. Healing will probably take 3 days."Late Friday night Julius called Anne. He said, " He and Terrance were in town and will pick her and Carol up for dinner and dancing."
Anne said, "James is home. He wants to meet you. He is a basketball fan of yours."
Julius said, " we want to meet the man who shares you. He will meet your masters. He is welcome to join us."
Julius said,  "did you and Carol get your tattoos and piercings?"
Anne said, "thank you for the piercings and tattoo. We had them done  together."
Julius said, " you are true White Queens. Terrance and I will educate James about the difference between Masters and a husband."Saturday evening the Cadillac stretch limozene  pulled up at Anne and James's apartment. The chauffeur rang the doorbell. He said, "his  name is Charles. Smiling, he tipped his hat. May I escort you to the car?"  Julius helped Anne enter the car and Anne sat between him and Terrance. James sat in the opposite seat with Carol. Both  guys kissed and French kissed Anne. James was putting 2 and 2 together about their relationship with Anne.While waiting for dinner at the hotel,  Julius and Terrance made a champagne toast announcing the girls new relationship with them as their Masters. To make the relationship official the guys put a large sparkling  diamond ring on the girls ring finger. Anne moved her wedding ring to her other hand. Each ring inside read,  "To Anne or Carol,  With Love From Your Masters, Julius And Terrance."James asked, "what does your being my wife's master mean as I am her husband? " 
Julius replied, " Anne has accepted us as her masters.  She is emancipated from her traditional monogamous relationship with you as your wife. You formerly agreed to that in writing when you married her. You agreed to share her.  When we are in town or in need of your wife and Carol they will be with us. The girls have given us their hearts and bodies.  You will see this unfold later. Let's enjoy our meal."After dinner the gang went to the Deja Vous Club to dance and and have fun. James talked to Julius and Terrance about basketball and their team as he is a big fan. The girls danced with other guys as their men talked basketball. The girls spent sometime with meeting other guys in a booth. The guys bought them drinks. They sat between the guys. The girls were being kissed, French kissed, finger and hand fucked. Their nipple rings were being licked and sucked. When the girls saw James looking for them they knew it was time to leave. The girls gave the guys their phone numbers and names.Julius and the gang went back to the hotel. More drinks were poured. Julius and Terrance had a surprise for James. The gave him a basketball with their team's signatures. The also gave him a glossy photo of the team with Anne and Carol at the Club. Both Julius signed and Terrance signed their names under their photo. Last but not least they gave James a beautiful photo album of professional photos of them seducing and fucking Anne and Carol for his enjoyment. James saw the photos and how much Anne enjoyed their large thick  cocks. James saw how much Anne and Carol are Queens of Spades.  Anne and Carol came from the bathroom after freshening themselves. The girls are naked and sit on Julius and Terrance's laps. James is trying to accept what is happening. Julius says," when we are done with Anne we will loan her to you. The girls are staying the night. You may also use Carol for your pleasure this time. They are both ours." James did neither. He called a cab and went home.  He had to sort things out about Anne.Meanwhile Anne is being made love to by Julius. He kisses and French kisses Anne. He licks, sucks her breasts and nipple rings. Anne has her hands on Julius's head.  Anne is enjoying Julius's stimulations of sucking, kissing, licking her breasts, nipples and pussy.
He worked his way down to her clit ring and pussy with his tongue. Anne was quietly moaning. He used his fingers and hand to stimulate her. The clit ring made her extremely sensitive having Anne quickly orgasm with little effort. Anne and Carol could easily get stimulated by crossing their legs and repeatedly pressing their thighs together with the clit ring. Tonight will be different.  Terrance lets Carol rest as he joins Julius to double stuff Anne's pussy. The guys have hired a professional photographer to complete an album of Anne as they both love her. Anne sits on Terrance straddling him with her back to him. She lowers her pussy on his cock as it slides into her. Anne lays back on him as Julius pushed his cock into her pussy on  top of her. Anne helped pushing his cock into her  pussy.  The men proceeded to fuck her simultaneously together. The two men's cocks felt as one giant cock stimulating  her to  orgasm. She had never been double stuffed before.  Anne was orgasming as the guys squirted copious sperm into her pussy. Anne was making loving sounds. As she orgasmed her body convulsed and she was squealing words like, " I love you. Fuck me . I am yours. My body is yours my Masters." Julius and Terrance held Anne kissing her and stimulating her clit to extend the orgasms.Anne licked, sucked Julius and Terrance's cocks and balls clean of sperm.  She stimulated their cocks with her tongue. The guys flipped a coin to see who fucks her cute little ass. Anne put her hair into a ponytail as the guys will pull her hair and slap her ass which  she loves. It brings the horny wild bitch in heat out of her. Julius called heads on the coin toss. He won. He lubricated his cock and Anne's ass. Terrance pushed his cock into Anne's mouth. Julius began to pump his cock into Anne's ass.  Anne pushed her ass against the thrusts of Julius's cock.  As she sucked Terrance's cock she was making humming sounds of joy as her ass is fucked. Julius increased his thrusting his cock, grabbed her ponytail pulling Anne's head up and slapped her ass to get Anne to fuck harder and faster. When he was ready to squirt her ass he pulled Anne up off of her hands kissing her, fondling her breasts and kneading her nipples and squirted her ass. Terrance kissed Anne as as she is on her knees with Julius's cock in her ass. Terrance licked, sucked her breasts and nipples. He also fingers her clit and pussy. He vigorously rubbed her clit stimulating her to multiple orgasms.  After Julius squirted Anne it was Terrances's turn. The photographer takes pictures of Anne's well lubricated ass being fucked by Terrance.  This time Julious is having his cock,balls being licked and sucked.  Anne does deep throat for him as she knows he likes the feeling of her throat.  Terrance will squirt her ass and Julius will squirt her throat. The photographer will take pictures of sperm dripping from Anne's lips and flowing out of her cum loaded ass. There will be more photos of Anne being loved by her masters. Soon they share her with special friends. Carol will also be shared.James Makes A Decision About Anne And Her Lovers...cont'd

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