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At Juicy we love to support our members by reviewing and featuring their sex story books on the site. The books we feature are the ones we reckon will get your juices flowing.

We particularly the collection by Mr and Mrs Juicy - there's a huge range of stories including sexy mum, sex with teacher, gang bang, lesbian sex, straight sex, fisting, anal sex, spanking and role play.

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Awesome New Stories
You guys rock!
We've enjoyed some fantastic new sex stories by our members this month.

A big shout out to Spanker for My School Teacher Mistress and Mr Juicy for telling us about Kate's gold digging lesson

And thanks to Fantastic for telling us about an odd duck and Mrs Juicy for sharing the story of a first fisting from both sides

Juicy Member of the Month
Juicy member of the month for October is Jaxxson. He is new to writing erotica but has started with a bang with 2 great new stories. For example sex in sauna contains this great section...

"And this better be the best fucking blow job I’ve ever had,” I said to her maliciously. Slowly she took my cock and guided it to her mouth. She never took her eyes off me and the message was loud and clear: "You want a blow job? OK Pal, you got it."

Check out the full story here. Thanks Jaxxson we love your work!
Interview with BDSM expert Dr Charley
BDSM expert Dr Charley talks about her professional journey

"It all started with my first therapy couple while I was still working on my Masters in Counseling Psychology. The couple was having relationship problems. The man had been suffering from impotency problems for the past six months when they came to see me. As I tried to get to the root of his problem, he stated that it started when he had desires to, “spank his girlfriend”. I turned to the girlfriend and asked, “What do you think about that?” Her comment, “I think that would be okay.” The next day they called to say they were over the impotency issue, live was great, and they were taking a few days to enjoy their sex life.”

Read the full interview here
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