My school teacher Mistress

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“And today Amanda you will count them all. I know you were late on purpose. I saw you pull up 10 minutes early. So you will count them all from fifty down to completion. If you forget to count or get the number wrong we will start again. Do you understand?” she said making sure I understood and agreed. “Yes Mistress I will, I will keep count.” The double whacks, one to each cheek started with the count down. She placed them perfectly and sent pleasure running through my already overloaded body. banner2

Interviewer: Thank you for coming Amanda, how are you today?

Amanda: I am fine; horny as usual. I have an ache and a want that needs to be filled.

Interviewer: It was the same last time we spoke I believe?

Amanda: Yes it’s always the same. It never passes even when I have dabbled in all the sexual fantasies my head can conceive, I still have the urge to be taken, filled and used. And above everything, to please.

Interviewer: Let’s talk more about it. Tell me do your thoughts always revolve around the same thing?

Amanda: Yes. In different ways and scenarios, but I always get fucked well and truly.

Interviewer: And is that what you want?

Amanda: Always. I wake and I need to please. I sleep and I need to please in my dreams. It’s in my head day and night.

Interviewer: So tell me about the last time you pleased someone.

Amanda: I was with Elizabeth last night, she is a schoolteacher. She’s strict and very sure of what she wants. She called me and told me to be at her house by nine pm.

Interviewer: So you went and were you there on time?

Amanda: Yes I went, but no I wasn’t there on time. I was parked up the road a minutes walk from her door 10 minutes early but I knocked on her door 10 minutes late.

Interviewer: Why did you do that if you were early?

Amanda: Because I knew what she would do to me if I was late.

Interviewer: Which was?

Amanda: Spank me of course.

Interviewer: And did she?

Amanda: Yes she did. I waited after ringing her doorbell for her to open the door. My was pussy churning and getting wetter all the time. I knew she would spank me for being late and I craved it.

Interviewer: So you were late on purpose to get spanked right?

Amanda: Exactly. My body started to get goose bumps as I stood in the cool night air, my nipples got harder and harder and I needed to touch my crotch to keep my mind from blowing. But I stood waiting for ten minutes; the length of time I was late.

Interviewer: Then what happened?

Amanda: Elizabeth opened the door, by that stage my pussy was dripping and my juice was running down my legs. The excitement of seeing her again heightened the pleasure and lust that was already pulsing through me and took me to another level.

Interviewer: Why was that?

Amanda: Because she was dressed in a black set of lingerie and black knee high boots. Her hair black was pulled back sleekly and tied into a perfect plait. Her eyes seemed to penetrate through to my soul as I waked into the house without a word.

Interviewer: So then what happened?

Amanda: My mind filled was with pleasure and lust then a shot of nerves and scared adrenaline as she stood in front of me, looked me in the eyes and clasped my chin. “You’re late Amanda and I don’t like it when you’re late!” she said in her deep Russian accent. “Come follow me.”

I knew where we were headed and rushed to follow after her. My desire to be punished was now driving me wild and needed to be satisfied. I needed to be spanked for being late and disappointing Mistress Elizabeth.

Interviewer: So she is a Mistress. OK that makes sense. So what happed next?

Amanda: We walked into a room, her playroom. In the middle of the room she had already put a chair and a small table. I knew then that my craving to be spanked was going to be met as I have been spanked many times by her in the past. I always feel it each time I sit for the next few days, which never fails to make my pussy hum as I feel the reminder of what took place.

Interviewer: So being spanked for you is a need. Is it a regular thing? Can anyone just do it?

Amanda: Yes and no. I don’t want it all the time… no not at all. In fact most of the time my ass is spanked when I being fucked in doggy and some guy or girl with a strap-on is pounding into me from behind grabbing at my hips and slapping my ass as they go.

Then there is a craving deep inside me that comes out and needs to be satisfied before it will leave me alone. I need to be spanked I need to lay over someone’s lap, someone that knows what they are doing, and feel the sting of their hand or paddle or strap sting and redden and heat up my wanton ass cheeks.

Interviewer: So not just anyone can do it is what you are saying?

Amanda: That’s right. Most people haven’t any idea. Men especially. They think it’s about smacking hard and being mean. I admit that has its place and time, but this is more; it’s a desire. It’s about cleansing myself of being naughty and being reborn anew. I guess in the same way a good catholic girl goes to confession.

Interviewer: So I am guessing Mistress Elizabeth understands your needs and wants then?

Amanada: Yes. As I was saying we walked into her room and the chair was in the center under the light. The rest of the room as dimed and Mistress walked to the chair and sat down. My cheeks tingled and my pussy churned seeing her dressed sexy and strong sitting waiting for me.

“Amanda come here my lovely and lay over my lap. You know you were late and I do not like waiting.” she said. Her voice was calm and strong. This turned me on even more, my body started to shake inwardly. “Come on my dear,” she said as she patted her lap.

Interviewer: How did it make you feel?

Amanda: I was going insane. My body shook and my pussy churned and gripped and pulsed. My clit ached and needed to be touched but I dared not touch it in front of Mistress. I didn’t just want to lay over her lap for her to spank me, I needed it, it was the soul reason I now lived and breathed nothing else in the world mattered right now. I walked to her as I breathed in the cool air from the room. As I filled my lungs with the air I centered myself. My breath was the only thing that I could now control. My breath, my center, bringing my mind back to the present.

Interviewer: So you now have given yourself to her for whatever was to come your way?

Amanda: Yes in sorts. I could always walk away. Yet I couldn’t. My desire to be spanked was much too strong.

Interviewer: So what happened next?

Amanda: I did what Mistress told me to do. I walked around and kneeled beside her then leaned over her lap as instructed. I have been in this situation many times so I know her preferred side and how she likes my to lie for her comfort. I know she is the one that likes to pull my panties down when she is ready. So I lay still, my short skirt revealing the wet patch my lust juice had already created.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I got what I needed, before Mistress satisfied my desire as only she knows how.

Interviewer: Were you scared of what was to happen next? Tell me about how you felt as you lay over her lap.

Amanda: Yes there is always a feeling of being scared, but those feelings are mixed with anticipation, lust, adrenaline, want, desire and pleasure. My pussy pulsed and my nipples hardened as they dangled resting on the side of Mistress’s leg. My head was screaming ‘Spank me, please spank me!’ the urge just grew and grew. Like there is one piece of chocolate left and you need something sweet so you lust after it.

Interviewer: OK I understand that. Go on.

Amanda: Mistress started to run her hands over the back of my hair and down my body taking her time. Her touch brought me to the present. Then she spoke,

“Amanda I told you to be here at nine tonight. You were late; you know that is not acceptable behavior. I will not tolerate someone with bad behavior. You understand me.” she said her voice calm firm and sure.

“Yes Mistress I am sorry I was late. Please Mistress I am sorry.” I said.

Interviewer: Why did you plead?

Amanda: I know Mistress can be quite harsh and although I wanted and needed to be spanked more then anything else I wanted her to be kind as well as I am really not a bad girl.

Interviewer: So what did she say to you next?

Amanda: She said, “Oh Amanda yes you are a naughty girl and naughty girls get punished then they will be a good girls. Isn’t that what you want to be a good girl?” She told me more then asking.

“Yes Mistress I will be a good girl I promise.” I said.

“I know you will.” was her reply.

Mistress ran her hand over the cheeks of my butt, I knew it was time. I held my breath, my body started to shake and the hair on my arms stood on end as I felt her lift my skirt and place it on my back revealing my ass for her pleasure. I almost came but controlled it as I knew Mistress wouldn’t approve. I felt the first firm but soft blow land on me through my panties. She always started with panties on.

Smack, smack, smack she continued to spank me. I could no longer count what she did I just controlled what I could with my breathing.

I felt Mistress rub my pussy through my now drenched panties and she brought me to the point of almost cumming but then she spanked my other cheek warming it up for the real spanking ahead.

Interviewer: So you are now over her knees and your ass is being spanked and as you say being warmed up. Inside how are you feeling?

Amanda: There is no inside or outside I am one. I feel great, I am receiving what I need like a heroin addict does with their hit or a coffee lover with their first sip of coffee even a cigarette smoker with their first drag of a new cigarette.

Interviewer: Tell me more.

Amanda: Mistress now pulls down my panties to around my knees - they are like a type of bind in a way. I know Mistress does not like them on the floor she has other uses for them and wants them clean. My ass cheeks are red and I feel then heat coming out of them

Mistress grabs hold of my hair and says “Where are your manners today Amanda?” much sterner then before. My pussy clenches tight as I feel the pain from my hair being pulled. This is all part of the next phase I know it and it takes me to where I need to be.

Interviewer: And where is that?

Amanda: To her.

I say. “Thank you Mistress, thank you I want to be a good girl.” She throws my head back down releasing my hair as she does. I fell the rush of lust and adrenaline I’m not sure, but I feel fine.

“Yes Amanda you will be a good girl. A very good girl.” She says as she starts the rain of harder spanks to the already reddened cheeks. Again and again they fall. I don’t count just breathe and as each spank hits me I fell a little lighter a little bit more me a little bit more cleansed.

When Mistress stops I ensure I thank her right away. Knowing this will please her and sending a pleasure hit to the inner well of me. “Thank you Mistress, thank you.” I say.

She replied. “Amanda I think you have been very naughty. Today we will use the paddle as well.”

Interviewer: So did the thought of a paddle scare you, did you want to stop?

Amanda: I know arguing was no use she would do it anyway. I also needed to please her. No the paddle didn’t scare me at all. It was more the thought of disappointing Mistress.

Interviewer: Ok go on.

Amanda: There was no time to think Mistress had picked up the paddle from the table right next to her. “50 on each cheek.” she said.

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.” I replied.

“And today Amanda you will count them all. I know you were late on purpose. I saw you pull up 10 minutes early. So you will count them all from fifty down to completion. If you forget to count or get the number wrong we will start again. Do you understand?” she said making sure I understood and agreed.

“Yes Mistress I will I will keep count.”

The double whacks, one to each cheek started with the count down. She placed them perfectly and sent pleasure running through my already overloaded body.

50, 49, 48, 47 - blows kept coming in quick succession - 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40.

I kept control of my breath as usual it is the only control I have. Keeping count was becoming hard as my senses and emotions were on full throttle and all heading in the same direction.

39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30 I was taking what my Mistress was dishing out to me. I was proud of myself but still firmly under tight control of my Mistress. Tears started to well in my eyes not for the pain, but for the relief, the expression of letting go of what I held inside. A washing away.

“Speak louder.” said Mistress her voice again bringing me to now.

Interviewer: You have said that quite a few times now what is the meaning of now?

Amanda: Now is now the present. I can get carried away with the situation and miss the now, the moment that is happening right now. When I am in a gangbang for instance it’s a lot harder to be in the now as there is just so much going on. But a good partner a good Mistress or Master knows how to bring you into the now and ensure you make the most of the moment.

Interviewer: I see so your Mistress was keeping you in the now.

Amanda: Yes exactly. That’s is why she is so good she keeps me on a tight invisible leash bringing me in and out of the now when she thinks it is needed or required. This makes the whole situation real and incredible.

Interviewer: Please continue.

Amanda: I knew there wasn’t long to go as we were now into the twenty’s 29, 28, 27... The spanks kept coming, my ass stung and I flinched each time the paddle landed on me. I knew I was free to get up at any time but deeply wanted to finish the spanking my Mistress was giving me.

13, 12, 10, 9, 8… the double whacks one on each cheek in some way seemed to make it faster and seem less then the real 100 that I was receiving. Mistress slowed down making me count each spank and wait for them, almost teasing me.

7,6,5,4. Mistress stopped then put the paddle down. My heart sank a little as I thought she was finished. I called out ‘four’ again. Just to show her I was a good girl and kept count. “Four Mistress, please finish.” I begged.

She rubbed my cheeks and my pussy, her hands roving over and inside me. I felt two of her fingers find their way and start to rub my inner walls as her thumb worked on my clit. It was intense, my ass was hot and stinging and my pussy clenched around her fingers as my joy bud accepted any pleasure it could take.

In and out she finger fucked me bringing me to the point of explosion and stopping again and again. “Not yet.” she said.

“Four more please.” I begged again.

Her free hand was still running over my hot cheeks soothing them. “Yes four more. I want them with my hand I want you to feel me, feel close to me and feel what I am doing for you.” she said lovingly.

Smack 3, smack 2 and smack 1 finally landed on my cheeks. I thanked her. Instantly she slid three fingers inside me and finger fucked me until I came. My whole body shook as the orgasm took over every part of me, every nerve fiber. Every want, will and desire was now located in my pussy and Mistress was fingering me as expertly as ever. I came a few times, I don’t know how many, all I do know is she released me eventually and my body went limp.

Interviewer: Are you all right at this point? How do you feel?

Amanda: I am more then all right and I feel clean, I feel a weight has lifted off me and I can go and stand tall and face the world.

Interviewer: What happens next?

Amanda: I wait until Mistress tells me to move and then I roll off her. My legs and stomach feel a little sore as they have been over a Mistress for a while but I stretch them out and feel fine. My ass isn’t sore; it’s red and hot but not sore, not yet anyway. The cool air of the room is soothing the heat that is radiating from it. I thank Mistress and hand her my drenched panties.

Interviewer: Why did you give her your panties?

Amanda: They are new, always new, and the perfect payment for her.

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