Begging Lucian

Lutheran Maid - January 25, 2019 | 9508 Views
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I spent just an hour with Lucian. I remember that it was a quiet back alley at the dance club in Newcastle. We'd danced, kissed (of course) and he had felt my sex for me. Kristin was beside me, going with one of Lucian's gang. When he got his prick out I should have resisted. Instead I held my sex open for him and he pushed roughly inside me. It was the most amazing animal sex, the most amazing orgasm! I wanted to see him again! He said, 'you're married bitch', pleased to own you, but you gotta make your husband beg for it.'

At the Lickery

Lutheran Maid - September 07, 2018 | 6199 Views
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You've never been to the Lickery? Wow, really? Well, you should go. You should go, its THE place to be. You're going to understand what the weak males are for. You're going to realise your potential girl, you really are!!

Pussy Spice

Lutheran Maid - August 20, 2018 | 12528 Views
straight, juicy sex stories 106
Marlon pulled out of me his thick cock dragging slowly free, his glans glistening with the creamy white slime of his ejaculate. From the side he took up the little tub of pussy spice cream. I knew what it was. Once it was rubbed into my sex, once Peter licked it, the addiction of cum licking, black cock worship would be irreversible. He dipped a finger in the goo smiled and worked it into me. Tonight, Peter would become my slave.

Release: A Sexual Awakening

DeanCassady - January 24, 2018 | 17103 Views
Young and beautiful Aylar unexpectedly reconnects with an old flame, Javier. Without intending it, Aylar is caught up into a seven person orgy, and when Ken, Javier's friend, introduces her to his big black cock, her world is changed forever.

An Education: A Coming of Age Story

DeanCassady - January 12, 2018 | 30563 Views
straight, juicy sex stories 70
Ken is a black eighteen year old loses his virginity to his best friend's mother. This story contains interracial sex, BBC, black dick, slut wife, mature woman.
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