Secretary Blackmailed CH. 01

Teddywestside - July 10, 2019 | 5184 Views
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Suzy gets blackmailed for past fraud.
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She is so delicious. I now lower my mouth all the way down to her asshole again and tongue her hole a little more, then back to her wet and wonderful cunt. She is feeding me her cunt. She is leaking into my mouth and I’m loving her every drop...

Without a Compass

Lutheran Maid - April 11, 2019 | 15323 Views
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I thought of it as 'either or', not 'something and'. Sex I mean, specifically sexual relationships. You navigated through sex because certain things were a given. One of those was that my wife Jilly was not a lesbian. I mean, she had never shown the slightest sexual interest in women. Lesbian themes on TV or film appeared to be distasteful to her. But then she met Adele and my life became unhinged. Unhinged because I didn't believe that I knew Jilly anymore. Unhinged because I didn't understand how lesbians might see a cuckolded husband? Were husbands to be abandoned, excluded, despised....what? I didn't know. We just felt our own way.
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My vagina is hers! A finger of hers ever so slowly ventures inside me. I am gushing so wet and my breathing so rocky. My boss Helena is having digital sexual intercourse with me and I’m surrendering all of me to her. I’m holding her boobs now as all this happens. Her boobs seem to become like a security blanket...
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Edith moans and we lick into each other’s mouths as we finger fuck each other with no end in sight. We instinctively slowly take out our fingers and put our fingers inside the others’ mouth for a good suck and taste - or a good preview for what was more to come...
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