Ash and Val go on a first date

whippingboy - October 10, 2021 | 14570 Views
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“Tell me what you want, Ash!” What did I want? Wasn’t it obvious? I wanted her to lick and suck my dick! “I...”, I stammered slightly, as without breaking eye contact, she rubbed the head of my cock on her cheek, “I…” “Say it Ash!”, her eyes opened a bit more, her eyebrows arching questioningly, “say it and I’ll do it. Say it or I’ll stop!” “I… just… want… you know!?” I stammered out, my heart fluttering “Fucking hell, Ash!” Val said as she sat back, “Why can’t you even say ‘suck my dick’ what’s wrong with you?”

Unpredicted surprise encounters

UnluckyDick - January 13, 2022 | 17698 Views
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Dear Readers, This is my first real incident recorded in writing. So, I humbly request you to apologize, if there are any grammatical mistakes in this story, as this is my first story ever written. Preface to this story: Got married just before lockdown and it was arranged. It was done in traditional Kerala style. This incident happened a year ago during the first lockdown.

My Friend’s Husband

dinapetro - December 09, 2021 | 63797 Views
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My friend allowed me to use her house for a quick shower, but her husband shocked me by fucking me behind her back.

The threesome

dinapetro - December 09, 2021 | 6889 Views
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I liked the new employee, she invited me to be her husband's BD gift as a 3some and he fucked us both

My sister’s Husband (MODIFIED)

dinapetro - December 07, 2021 | 9373 Views
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I switched the planned sleeping places with my sister which resulted in my sister's husband fucking me thinking i was his wife.
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