Indecent proposal (A cheating wife story)

sue1973 - September 18, 2018 | 9493 Views
One Monday morning Roger came into my office, just after 10 am break and asked me if I had ever seen a film called Indecent Proposal. I told him that I hadn't seen it, but I'd seen some trailers and knew what it was about. "Well" said Roger, "What would you say if I offered you £500.00 to spend a night with me?

Jenny Visits A Gloryhole

JennyfromNJ - September 14, 2018 | 6875 Views
Where do I stalk my prey? I find suitable guys in malls, bars, convenience stores, coffee shops…etc. Where can I find the easiest, most eager and ready cocks to suck? That would be an ABS (adult book store) that has a section of booths with gloryholes, holes in the wall at waist height.

Andy's Party

sue1973 - September 07, 2018 | 7782 Views
We kissed and Les held me firmly. His hand found it's way under my short leather skirt and inside my g string.

Rohini Ends Up Being Gang Banged

Sulochana15 - August 26, 2018 | 13280 Views
groupsex, juicy sex stories 3
  Rohini  Ends Up Being Gang Banged         Rohini was your everyday 40 year old housewife. She had been married for 15 years to a wonderful…

Tough Love

Lutheran Maid - August 23, 2018 | 7880 Views
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Just one evening, with enough wine to loosen the minds, I sat down with Kirsty and got to the bottom of her cheating. Fuck, the honesty of her thoughts both amazed and wrecked me. Don't ever believe that crap about sugar and spice and all things nice. My wife is as hard as nails.
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