Sarah, the hypnotic fuck toy Ch.04

Elyssia - December 06, 2021 | 4511 Views
After a moment however she pushed back onto him, now looking forward to pleasing her master however he wished her to. He loved how she arched her back, pushing her ass toward him, inviting his touch. In her mind-controlled state, she was enjoying the feeling even though it would be normally painful and revolting to her. They continued this way for a couple more minutes, before he turned and pushed her under the shower, Sarah giving a gasp and satisfied tremble at the hot, enveloping water.

Sarah, the hypnotic fuck toy Ch.03

Elyssia - August 20, 2021 | 11280 Views
Because she had not been instructed otherwise, Sarah continued to smile happily at the camera, as if the violent buggering she was receiving was the most beautiful gentle treat anyone could give her.

Sarah, the hypnotic fuck toy Ch.01

Elyssia - August 18, 2021 | 6757 Views
The man was gasping and grunting with the exertion of cock-slapping the pretty teen actress with his grotesquely engorged cock and, feeling that his orgasm was not too far away, aimed his tool at Sarah’s open mouth, filling it with his swollen dick.

Jessica gives it up for fame

Elyssia - August 22, 2021 | 42671 Views
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I shuffled slightly forward and, fisting my cock, presented it to the pretty wannabe starlet. I brushed her long hair away from her face and with a twist of my wrist, I wiped the swollen mushroom head slowly under Jessica’s nose, forcing her to take in the pungent male scent of my knob-musk.
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