Mr.Sexxy - August 19, 2016 | 21486 Views
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I lifted her blouse over her head, and unloosened her bra. "I need to feel that monster now! Jami, I need you to fuk me like it's no tomorrow. Like its the end of the fukking world."she said looking at me with a powerful intensity in her eyes. Without thinking twice about it, She began peeling off my clothes and I eased onto the bed. Diamond was sucking eagerly on my neck. I lightly pinched her clitoris and she yelped," Ewwww! Fuk, that felt good!" "I want that big buck in me right now!. she quivered. I stood up on both feet--butt assed naked with my eighth wonder rising like the morning sun. "Will this fit you properly?" I asked. "Fuk yeah! She said biting her lower lip with evil lust. She fell onto her knees on the side of the bed and ...

The Nightclub

Mr.Darcy1 - June 17, 2015 | 62999 Views
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You lick your juice off my finger and push me back against the fridge. You begin sucking my cock really fast as you play with my balls. You know I'm close. You stroke my dick with your hand as you suck and play with my tips. You grab my hand and push it on the back of your head so I can control you.

My night with a sexy Mum

Mr Juicy - April 23, 2014 | 83698 Views
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Jennifer climbed on the sofa her arms over the back ready and willing. “Martin it’s been a long time but...” she paused… “Can you fuck my ass, please? I so want that cock up my ass.” “My pleasure.” I said with delight shoving my cock straight back into her pussy to harden it up. It didn’t take long.

A day in the Sex Life of a Cougar

SmileyGirl - March 13, 2014 | 84434 Views
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“Don’t stop!” I scream. “Fill me, make sure you fill me up, shoot inside my ass and fill it up.” My words are reflecting my want. “I want your hot cum up my ass fill it, fill it ,fill…” I scream. Words escape me and my body is now totally under his control and goes limp under him as he fucks and fucks my well-punished ass.

Anal sex story

Wild Dude - January 04, 2014 | 56013 Views
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I felt my whole nervous system ignite and tingles slammed through my body as the cum spurted out of my cock deep inside Diane’s sweet ass. She came again as she felt the hot lava of cum fill the deep ending of her well-fucked ass.
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