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I inserted two fingers into her pussy up to the root, after a moment when they were quite slippery, I took them out and without any warning slid them both into her hot anus. She just pushed harder so that they went all the way in. She lifted herself up, turned around and climbed on top of me in a 69 position and began sucking my cock. After a while it was all slimy and I took a moment to lick her pussy. After a while she got off me, stood on all fours and bucked hard. Without waiting for any words, I lifted myself up and drove into her pussy in one swift movement. During the first few movements of my cock in her pussy, my thumb began to push her anus apart again. Without waiting for encouragement I removed the cock, slippery with juices, from her pussy and pressed it to her asshole. She bucked and spread her buttocks with her hands, and I pushed my cock in and began to push her sphincter apart.
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We had never played like this before, so even though she knew very well what I looked like, I felt uncomfortable for a while that my hard cock was expanding from above and I was standing straddling her head. But soon the strange feeling passed when I felt her hands on my buttocks and she started to press lightly so that I could drive my long cock into her mouth. I started to like it. I was even more surprised when, while licking her pussy and pushing my cock from above into her mouth, I felt her suddenly slip her finger into my anus. Each time I drove into her mouth her finger slid into my ass, to which I was not indebted as I also moistened my finger and started doing the same to her asshole. Unfortunately I got so caught up that she suddenly grabbed my scrotum and pulled me upwards until my cock was out of her mouth

My Ex girl friend Patty

Metalhorsie - June 24, 2022 | 10330 Views
straight, juicy sex stories 81
When we were together in one place it wasn’t big problem and everything was all right. She had tits after some correction from big A into middle C and she was hot. She could even suck my dick and nail her cunt on my cock in the car when she was waiting for a plane...

Pouring sperm- pt. 6 second Anna

Metalhorsie - June 29, 2022 | 7006 Views
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In a couple of weeks, when I came again, it was standard to fuck her hard, and I also drove my cock into her ass. Not only did she not moan or groan in pain, but she also stretched her ass cheeks and made her hole available for fucking...

Pouring sperm- pt. 4 Patricia

Metalhorsie - June 27, 2022 | 4082 Views
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Patricia is much more creative, there is no denying that. She blows, she likes to take cock in her mouth. Not necessarily in her throat, because she chokes, but she doesn’t mind when the cum lands in her mouth. In fact, I think she even likes it a lot. She puts her legs on my shoulders, I drive into her cunt, but at the end she tells me to take it out and finish on the outside.
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