Never judge a book by its cover

Rolyat11d7 - May 17, 2017 | 57257 Views
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Yoga and Sex

leablue2999 - March 29, 2017 | 61982 Views
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When Oliver joins a new yoga class, a busty young blonde immediately caught his eye

Juicy get's a rude awakening.

juicyeeju - February 10, 2017 | 66808 Views
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Eagerly I climb on top of him, high on my haunches I hover over his saliva soaked cock. My lips hanging, dripping with my cum, lowering myself slowly onto it. I feel its tip touch my waiting pussy as I insert him in me, I let my weight force myself down until I feel him hitting deep inside. His hands reach for my breasts, cupping them, my nipples between his fingers. He gently at first squeezes them, then more forcefully. I’m riding his cock, my hands resting on his shoulders my legs lifting me to the tip and back inside again.
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Oh fuck, I can feel his cock pounding into the wall of my pussy, it’s uncomfortable possibly painful but I enjoy it, my cunt is dribbling into my hand as I frantically finger my clit, the wetness runs onto the sheets but is eagerly replaced with lots more. His movement is forceful and deep, he hits me hard with his hips onto my arse cheeks with every stroke, his cock hits my pussy with the same force. I’m going to feel this for a few days at least, but it’s nice to feel used.


Mr.Sexxy - August 19, 2016 | 57764 Views
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I lifted her blouse over her head, and unloosened her bra. "I need to feel that monster now! Jami, I need you to fuk me like it's no tomorrow. Like its the end of the fukking world."she said looking at me with a powerful intensity in her eyes. Without thinking twice about it, She began peeling off my clothes and I eased onto the bed. Diamond was sucking eagerly on my neck. I lightly pinched her clitoris and she yelped," Ewwww! Fuk, that felt good!" "I want that big buck in me right now!. she quivered. I stood up on both feet--butt assed naked with my eighth wonder rising like the morning sun. "Will this fit you properly?" I asked. "Fuk yeah! She said biting her lower lip with evil lust. She fell onto her knees on the side of the bed and ...
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