Lutheran Maid - January 31, 2019 | 7861 Views
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Cuckolding starts different ways. With Lucien it was swift and brutal. Mike learned the quick route. He learned the painful route.

A fugging good lay

Lutheran Maid - January 24, 2019 | 5203 Views
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How many joints, you tell me! You tell me!!! We'd smoked a weak one, but the next one, shit, that set the world spinning alright! Wesley said that he wanted to fuck the arse off my wife and she looked shyly at me. I drawled, 'why not! Kerry has had the hots for you for over a year man!' So I got behind Kerry, supporting on the bed, playing wit her tits till her nipples stood bolt hard! She opened up her cunt to show Wesley and he stuck it in her bare! No sheath man. He stuck that meat right up her and then the slapping sound of a rut kicked off.

Just like David

Lutheran Maid - January 21, 2019 | 4163 Views
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Look, David knew that this was changing, across Britain the most beautiful and intelligent white women were choosing black men. If you walked through any maternity depts the evidence was obvious. Now population pressure was making the govt legislate. Only some people should breed. The women, well, they knew who.

Brewer's halting progress

Lutheran Maid - January 20, 2019 | 3138 Views
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After my little chat with Brewer (see Bending Brewers' mind) a few weeks past. It was a critical time, one in which he could take a real hiding or he could start down the road of committed cuckold. You can bet, I wondered what happened to him! Then my mistress updated me, it was whilst I was manicuring her toe nails.

Bending Brewer's mind

Lutheran Maid - January 20, 2019 | 2504 Views
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Brewer, well, Brewer saw cuckold sex as a peep show. Carol was going to fuck her bull and he was going to get to watch, taking it all in like she was there to please HIM. I chuckled. How long had Carol had his cock caged...a week or two? Attitudes would change. She was with a very political, an angry black male who saw sex as a weapon, Carol as his bitch.
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