Confessions of a Pizza Delivery Chick

janus - March 02, 2023 | 6849 Views
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The pizza box hit the floor, and the dessert was a mess. However, flesh always makes a more appealing meal. The bitch got that excited smile as her fingers massaged my sleek, shaved slit. She knew I was a tart.

My Best Friends Secret

LuxuryLife - August 05, 2022 | 63907 Views
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Leanna is my best friend. Ever since that embarrassing moment in first grade, the one where I tried to admit my love for Johnny Smith, she has always been there for me. We share everything.…

Be Fucked or Be Fired

janus - June 18, 2022 | 20702 Views
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“Oh, I choose the fuck”, I said, getting up and walking around his desk.
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Heidi meets a hunk at the gym and ends up at his place, but she ends up getting more than she expected.


k4riuki - December 09, 2021 | 56280 Views
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"Fuck, babe, you're so tight." Okay, so I hadn't picked the guy for his eloquence, but he had a nice thick cock and no issues with me calling the shots. That's what mattered. And my fans, they were enjoying. I would hear the clicking sounds of their comments and wanted to give them more. More than they have ever watched from me. I was becoming what they wanted. A lady ready for the camera. I flexed my muscles the way I'd been taught, and he swore again. "I work out," I said and flexed again. I leaned forward, and he pushed himself up on his elbows, his mouth latching on to a pale pink nipple. My eyelids fluttered as he sucked on it, his tongue and teeth teasing, but I didn't close my eyes. I always fucked with my eyes open… always. Lights on. No exceptions.
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