My Best Friends Secret

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Leanna is my best friend. Ever since that embarrassing moment in first grade, the one where I tried to admit my love for Johnny Smith, she has always been there for me. We share everything.… banner2 Leanna is my best friend. Ever since that embarrassing moment in first grade, the one where I tried to admit my love for Johnny Smith, she has always been there for me. We share everything. Classes, lunches, and even secrets, but I've never seen her fall in love. It's like impossible, she's immune, never mooning over a boy or staring at a hottie. Sometimes I wonder if she's human or not.

It's my birthday today, I'm turning 19, we're in our first year of college, and Leanne decided to come over to my house. It's natural, and sometimes unexpected, but never the less, she's always welcome. At 9:00 am I finally have the house set up, Airplane Theme style. I want to become a pilot when I grow up, and Leanne supports that.

"Hey, Brie!" She says, stepping in. "You look good!"

I blush, and turn 360 degrees in the mirror. It's a super low V-neck mini dress, light blue, and super sexy. I wonder why I even wore it.

"Thanks so much! Come on in!"

I open the door wider, and that's when I notice that Leanne is wearing a super revealing crop top. She doesn't have big boobs, but I can see the top of them showing. Her skirt is short, too, and her arms are longer that I thought.

Leanne see's me staring at her. "You like?" She smiles widely, her pretty brown curls bouncing. "It's new, I waited for your birthday. I also have a gift for you!" Passing over a package decorated in glitter and sparkles, I immediately set it to the corner.

"I'm gonna open that once you get those heels off." It's taking forever for her, and when she finally does, she makes a show of bending down and placing them on the side. I think I caught a glimpse of her panty.

Leanne comes in, stretching. "Okay, spin the bottle - question version! You have to do it on your birthday!" She has a sprite bottle in her hand, still unfinished, and sets it on the floor.

It turns to me. "Okay," I say, rubbing my hands together. "Do you have a crush?"

Her face blooms bright red. "OMG yes! A huge crush. In fact, I was going to..."

After a few rounds, we finally get bored and I decide to open the gift she gotten me. It turns out to be a vibrator, and I squeal in delight, because I wished for one for years. The only thing in my house close to a vibrator is my electrical toothbrush.

"Try it!" Leanne practically forces it into my hands. I take my panties off, and place the vibrator against my clit.

Immediately, I feel the urge. I press it harder, wanting the orgasm so badly. "OMG it feels soooo good!"

The orgasm builds up, and I feel myself getting closer to the point. Just a few more seconds now, a few more seconds...

"I'm coming!!" I shout, and the water shoots out from me quick. Leanne is in front of me, opening her mouth wide and collecting it.

"Mmmm." She moans and starts to lick my clit. "So tasty."

I look down in shock, "Leanne, are you..."

She nods, and starts to lick faster and faster. Up and down, up and down. Wiggle in, wiggle out.

"AHHH!" A growl starts to escape my throat, and I arch my back, wanting more and more.

When I come, we both collect the water and kiss each other passionately.

I look Leanne into the eye, "Wanna go now?"

She grins a wicked grin. "You bet."
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