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Have You Met My Friend Cassie

MySecretLife   October 28, 2019   | 37951 Views
This is my first story, this happened to me at the age of 18. I hope you enjoy it cheating

I have always been sheltered growing up. My parents made sure me and my siblings went in the right track considering we lived in a terrible neighborhood in San Diego Ca. When people imagine California they think of nice beaches and beautiful multimillionaire houses which is true, just they never think about other aspects of it like the ghetto. Well I don’t want to drag you guys on into a boring backstory of my life so I jump right into the story. Me and my older sister were invited to my sister best friend (We will call her “Vanessa” college graduation party. My sister and her friends were way better Older then I was. They had to at least be early to mid 20s while I was only 18. Vanessa decided to have a bong fire at the beach to celebrate her accomplishments. Vanessa Invited a few of her friends to her party that me and my sister were not familiar if I can remember it had to be 2 guys and 1 girl.  The guys names are irrelevant but i will always remember her females friend name... Cassie. Cassie was about the same height as me, maybe 3 inches taller than me. I was 5’2 and I was to the bottom of her chin so not that much of a difference. She walked up to me and greeted me saying, “ Hey my name is Cassie” I responded with a hello and continued to set up the tables with the food everyone brought. After that very short conversation we had we did not talk much after that till about sunset.


 if you live in California and in the summer you know it’s extremely hot, while the beach was dying down and families were leaving I decided to go into the water and cool off and asked everyone to come with me. While I was walking I heard Cassie doing a fast wali to catch up with me. She then asked me “hey I never really asked how old are you , you look way young then us” I told her 18. Then she replied “aww how cute , you are so adorable too”. To be honest I dead ass rolled my eyes at her not going to lie I hate when people who are a couple years of years older then me say that shit to me like come on lol. Anyways I told her to shut up jokingly and splashed her with the water, I guess I started a War cause everyone started to splash each other. While we were having a splash fight she she tackles me into the water, ( we were all about waist deep into the water) when she tackled me she accidentally or I should say “accidentally” grabbed my breast and squeezed them a bit. Which did not feel bad I kinda liked it but at the moment I did not think much of it. We began to wrestle and she literally kept touching me in places like by ass , stomach breast everything. I eventually told her “okay you win and moved walked towards our set up to get the s’mores started.. to be honest I did not want to go to the party unless their was food haha. 


We all sat down and while others were getting the fire started. It was about 8:30-9 and it cooled down a bit to where it was nice fresh breeze in the air. I brought 2 big ass blankets with me , you know the ones you get at the swap meet with the lion on it lmao. (If you know what I’m talking about that should make you laugh) one blanket Laid out onto the floor while the other one I wrapped around me.  Cassie asked me if she could get into my blanket and I said sure. My sister and everyone else were drinking and ran out of beer and her and the small group walked to the liquor store nearby to get more supplies, My sister kind embarrassed me a little bit asked Cassie “ hey can you watch my little sister we will be back in like 15 to20 minutes” Cassie replied “no problem”. After everyone left it I decided to lay down and look at the stars, she then lay down next to me. she asked me out if the random “do you have a boyfriend”, I didn’t think much so I said no I don’t and I asked her the same question. She then replied “ no I’m not really into guys like that at all, I’ve been with a few but it’s not really me” I said oh well that’s cool. I rolled over to get my phone out my bag to go onto Instagram and I felt her hand slide down my back to my ass.. I was kinda scared and did not know what to do so I kinda ignored her. She started to say how cute I was and started to squeeze my butt and massage it. I didn’t know what to feel but I liked this feeling. I left out a little moan and moved my legs apart a little but. She slide her hand down the backside of my Bikini bottoms and was teasing my pussy with her fingers lightly touching it.


She then flipped me over and moved her hand up my stomach to my boobs and squeezed my nipples with her fingers and massaging them. I was shocked so I just turned my head the other way. She put her head under the blanket and started to lick my nipples, ugh it felt so amazing, I started to squeeze my legs together because the sensations felt so amazing. She eventually started to rub my clit and my body began to shake.. she kissed the side of my neck started to slide her finger into my super wet pussy. She moved them slow at first but started to have a face pace after a while. I was to moan out so bad but I did not want anyone to see us. She whispered in my ear” have someone every gave you head before” I shook my head no. She then said “well you can experience that later on at the sleepover”. She then stopped and got up to whip her hands. 2 minutes later everyone came back and basically the party was back on again. I wasn’t sure on what just happened and I did not know how to feel about later on either. 


Part 2 coming soon. 

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