Don't you dare

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“I just want him to notice me.” She wanted it so much. Girl sneaked into big empty office. She liked this office. Her boss looked so hot in this chair. Every time when she saw him she got wet. She wanted to fuck him so badly. But this is what everybody’s wanted. He didn’t pay any attention to her and she didn’t like it. So I decided to do provocative video and send it via e-mail. She was sure building was closed so she made herself as comfy as possible. She stood tripod in front of a huge office desk and started video…

Man opened the door and walked into hallway. Some weird sounds were coming from his office. He kept listening. “What the hell? Moans? Who had no fear to fuck in his office?” Didn’t want to scare “victim”, he slightly opened the door. The following picture was magic. One of his co-workers laid on his favorite desk and masturbated. Who she was and why she did it? He just had sex recently but this scene turned him on immediately. He came closer. It was that very hot chick he saw the first day. When he saw her first idea which came into his mind was “how her pussy taste like?” And he couldn’t get this idea out of his mind. He pretended he doesn’t want her…but it wasn’t true. He did one more step closer. Her legs are wide open, pussy wet and juicy and fingers playing with it. Few seconds ago he saw camera and tripod. “Naughty girl does video for somebody?” He turned off the camera.

“Well-well-well, what we got here?” he took big chair and sat in front of her wide spread legs, admiring her wet pussy. Girl got scared and fell on the floor. Quickly scrolled to the far end of the office desk and sneaked at him.

“Oh my God, sir. I am so sorry. I-I didn’t think there is anybody here.” She covered pussy with hand. “I’ll disappear in a minute. I am so sorry again.”

“You think I’m gonna believe it wasn’t staged? You recorded your action on this camera. I’ll check it later.”

She desperately was looking for her skirt. There were no panties but she had skirt. She had to get out of here.

“Sir, I don’t really care what you think and…I have to go. Sorry, again.”

“Don’t move. You don’t go anywhere. I’m not sure if you’ve finished. I won’t let you go unless you finished.”

“I don’t think I can do it right now. And I might need something…bigger than my fingers and…thicker.”

“I’m sure I got something for you. Come here.” Man picked up her skirt from the floor.

“Umm, just give me my skirt and I’ll go. You didn’t pay attention to me anyway, so I’m not sure if you aren’t gay.”

“I’ll show you what kind of gay I am. I warn you last time, come here.”

Girl looked at the distance between him and the door and thought she might have chance to escape. Fuck the skirt, she’ll find something else. Like a scared animal she slipped through him and window and reached the door. She pulled the door handle. “Closed.” Another second girl felt strong hands on her waist. Man turned her around and pushed against the wall.
“Hold the wall.”

“No, wait, what are you doing, stop.”

“I said, hold the fucking wall, strong. You gonna need it.”

He lifted her, until her pussy reached level of his mouth. “I bet you taste amazing.” She had no choice but to follow his order. Widely open her legs she put them on his shoulders. Man caught her wet pussy with his mouth, sliding tongue right into her dripping vagina. Sensations were so strong that she had no choice but grab the wall and moan deeply. God, he did it so intense. She felt his tongue inside licking off her juices. Gravity was doing its best and she barely could move. Nowhere to escape from his attacking tongue. She screamed – orgasm finally reached her. Man didn’t stop. He switched his attention from her vagina to throbbing clit. His big thumb teased her enter drawing circles around it. Lips were sucking the clit… he wanted second orgasm from her. She tasted like slightly salted creamy sauce. Her nails pierced into his scalp. “Oh my God, sir, I’m cumming…fuck!” Scream, shiver and waves of second orgasm – all came together. Man sat near the wall and slide huge head of his big think cock inside of her.

“I want you to cum one more time.”

“No, please, I can’t,” she breathed heavily, “it’s too much.”

“Just relax. I’m big boy.”

 She was so wet she didn’t feel any pain but feeling were so crazy. Every muscle of her vagina was stretching enough to give her unreal pleasure. She felt like she didn’t have two strong orgasms five minutes ago. His dick was so big, reaching all the spots of her dripping hole. She almost cried it was so good. He fucked her softly but deep giving her time to adjust to his size. When she got wet enough he fucked her harder. His tight pussy was squeezing all juices from his dick. It was so sweet and delicate torture. He will fuck her again, but today he needs to finish. Few deep and fast moves got him to the end. Girl almost faint reaching best orgasm in her life. She couldn’t cry…just sob.

“I assume that video was for me?”

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