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default I was at bar in DC the other night, and was wearing a short dress and the guy sitting next to me started rubbing my pussy first through my panties and then pushing them aside. He would lift up his fingers to my mouth and I would suck on them. A couple of the guys next to him started to watch. Then I started riding up and down on his fingers. I finally came.
October 23, 2016   |   lovestosuck
default i know most of u won't believe but am a virgin
October 23, 2016   |   Mctim
default I just submitted a "Little Secret" and received a warning about the use of some words. I like and use lots of details in my stories, chats, etc. Here are a few examples "ass lips", "Butt Hole", "Piss Slit". "Cock Head and Rim", "Nipples", etc. Are These words/terms outlawed??
October 23, 2016   |   MSGTDICK
default I have a very special favorite "Edging" guys when they are tied up so that I am incomplete control - may favorite guys are 18 and older, in good shape and are or have been in the military and others in uniforms like cops, ETC. I always get off myself and like to see how many times I can get them off...In most instances, they have to agree use of their bodies when getting them off. Guess What---I like to be Edged too.
October 23, 2016   |   MSGTDICK
I haven't been fucked in over 8 years.
October 23, 2016  
image43 I have 4.4 acres, in the morning just before the sun hits the horizon, I walk either with a sheer see through lace robe but mostly naked. The property sold next store. A cement co. I used to not bring my cock toys to the stage like gazebo. Ohh I do now! 1 cock suction to floor 8 & 1/2 inches and a regular 7 inch. I straddle over the cock once comfortable I lean forward and squirt baby oil in my asshole. I take 7 inch cock and slowly slide up my asshole. Oh Fuck this fucking feels awesome. I notice the cement workers yelling. I was so hot! I closed my eyes as I dp myself. I felt footsteps on the Gazebo I have 2 big cocks in my face, once I opened my mouth that I commit to sucking cock for 45 mins my throat was used, they brutally skull fucked me until they shot their cum and I swallowed. I go out every morning with condemns.....Sherazde
October 23, 2016   |   Sherazde
default I had a hot romance with my boyfriend's friend
October 24, 2016   |   rhobbie
20160131_1600155921 want to get catch two guys fucking in the outdoors and i join them and they both fuck me then i swallow both loads of cum damn that is so good just love that big cock and cum
October 25, 2016   |   goodnplenty
20160131_1600155921 love going to the porn shop and sucking strange mens cocks and getting ass fucked then swallowing all thier looads of cum
September 02, 2016   |   goodnplenty
default I want to have a gang bang
August 22, 2016   |   kristenwai914
image5 I touch myself and every night imagining me and my boyfriend's future honeymoon
August 15, 2016   |   Juicy8Ginger
image5 When I watch a porno or read a sex story I imagine the main characters are me and my boyfriend
August 15, 2016   |   Juicy8Ginger
2013, 12 26_11 I never wear panties
August 03, 2016   |   Novarina
2013, 12 26_11 I get so aroused when I am touched that I will do anything
August 03, 2016   |   Novarina
default Hearing personal stories gets me more revved up that watching a porno. I like to hear to person say how they feel during sex and related activities, their thoughts and emotions and they reach Everest. Add me if you want to share.
August 03, 2016   |   hardstyletempest
profile2631431 If I tell you it will not be a secret.
July 26, 2016   |   dave
20160131_1600155921 i want to suck off two big cocks in the outdoors they both take turns fucking my ass then i swallow both loads of hott delicious cum
June 04, 2016   |   goodnplenty
default id love to do any and everything to a woman .im very domminant
June 04, 2016   |   michaelmarks
default i want a lady i can talk to on skype havent had sex in 4 years
May 26, 2016   |   hagridhorse
default I love to lick pussy.
May 23, 2016   |   damitboy
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