Deja Vu

Hart - January 18, 2017 | 7560 Views
straight, juicy sex stories 31
Then I felt it...the hot flash of his tongue on my pussy. He was biting my clit, it was pain and pleasure all at once.

The Lodge

Hart - January 08, 2017 | 10101 Views
oralsex, juicy sex stories 1
I thought about him while I showered, rubbing my clit with my fingers and the hot soapy water. I had to play with myself. Get my mind off of sex....can't have a throbbing pussy while trying to get to know someone. It's like grocery shopping on an empty stomache. You want everything

NYC bath house-[G-58]-part-1-of-1

charles-smythe - December 08, 2016 | 6756 Views
gay, juicy sex stories 3
Charles by now was also playing with his cock and rubbing my ass. I got so turned on that I reached over and started playing with Paul’s cock. After I stroked him a few times, he said, “If you want to try it out for size, go ahead.”

Car Trouble-[E-29]-part-1-of-1

charles-smythe - November 28, 2016 | 19318 Views
straight, juicy sex stories 28
Suddenly, there was a loud bang. I could feel myself losing control of the car and I swerved, trying to avoid letting the soft shoulder suck me too far into the ditch. At last the car stopped my foot heavy on the brake. For a few minutes, I just sat in the driver's seat, gasping for breath and tightly gripping the steering wheel, as I tried to compose myself. Then, as my breathing stabilized I slowly started to get out of the car.

Life changing-[CS-26]-part-1-of-1

charles-smythe - November 04, 2016 | 8511 Views
gay, juicy sex stories 7
As soon as I got to my room I called the front desk and ask for a massage to help me sleep. In less than an hour there was a knock at the door. When I opened it there was a guy standing there. He said, "You asked for a massage sir,
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