An Unexpected surprise

dinapetro   June 18, 2022   | 15333 Views
I was doing my job properly when this gorgeous client pulled me to his hotel room bed, hugged, kissed me then fucked me like crazy. Luxury By Dina Petro

I was on duty at the room service desk when one of the room tenants ordered a bottle of alcohol with a bucket of ice and a glass, I prepared the order, knocked on the desired hotel room door saying, “room service”

A voice came “Come in please”

I opened the door, walked inside the room to find a hot looking, handsome man of mid-forties laying on the bed on his back, he smiled at me pointing to a side table by the TV counter saying, “Could you set it over there please and prepare a drink for me?”

I nodded smiling and saying, “Sure Sir”

I wasn’t wearing uniforms, a short, black lacey dress, light stretchy material, low cut on the top, the dress was clearly outlining my sexy body curves, especially my ass and tits, my back was to him while preparing his drink, he flirted with me, and I flirted back loosely one way or another, I have to admit I liked the guy very much, besides being handsome and very good looking, he was super nice and very sweet as well, all together was turning me on, I felt some witness down bellow believe it or not.

I have naughtily and purposely exaugurated the bending over process, I made sure his naughty eyes were rewarded with a couple of flashes of my upper inner and outer thighs along with some parts of my ass cheeks, the black thong I was wearing was unable to cover any parts of my rear assets anyway.

His flirting got intense and was diverting towards sexual joking and flirting, I was laughing loud showing clear amusement, then I said “Please stop it sir, I am pouring the drink now, I don’t want to spill it all over the area, I would have to clean it by then”

We both laughed loud on the comment, he whispered softly and naughtily in a low voice, but I could still hear it, “I wish you would spill it somewhere else that I have in mind, if you did, I would gladly clean it all”

I was silent for a moment, although I completely understood what he had meant, instead of being upset or mad, I giggled then moaned softly and sultrily, then I said, “If wishes were horses, men would ride” the way I reacted and said that Shakespeare statement was mostly inviting one, he was smart and courageous enough to realize it momentarily, but he kept silent without losing his smile.

I finished preparing his drink, he asked me to place it over the bedside cabinet next to him, I did as told, then I handed him the hotel finance statement to be signed by him, he looked at the paper, then looked me straight in the eyes with the naughtiest smile I have ever seen, instead of grabbing the paper slip, he held my hand by the rest, nicely and softly and pulled me towards him on bed, I did not resist, I cooperated until I was next to him on bed on my knees, he wrapped his arms around me, hugged me close and kissed me on the lips, no negative reaction or rebelling from my end whatsoever, except for some smiles and words like, “Sir, what do you think you are doing?”

In no time he got our positions reversed, I was on my back on bed with him on his knees between my legs, he spread my legs wide, looked me straight in the eyes, he dipped a couple of his fingers in his alcohol drink saying “do you want to bet that I could prove Shakespeare was wrong and I will make my wish a horse?”

My lower jaw dropped almost to the ground, I asked “What do you mean?”

He said, “If you promise not to hate me or get mad at me, I will show you momentarily?” I nodded.

He moved my panties aside, replaced them with the alcohol drops he had all over his fingers, then he lowered his head and started licking it over my pussy, I could not hide how engorged my pussy lips were and how wet and shiny my pussy was, neither could he miss it, that is why there was no room for acting otherwise or retaliating his actions, he was one hell of a great pussy eater and my body betrayed me by then by reacting positively to what he was doing, some moans were escaping my mouth unwillingly.

All I could say is that, I felt like flying to heaven while he was licking, tongue and finger fucking my pussy, my moans were getting louder, soon enough my whole body was shaking as if electrified, finally my first orgasm had hit and I was trembling screaming like hell, he had never stopped, he kept at it like a pussy licking expert till my orgasm had subsided and he had my pussy dry clean again.

He stopped, lifted his head up looking me eyes to eyes with the widest smile ever, I was smiling back with a clear sign of satisfaction and loving what he had done to me, he pulled his shorts and boxers down in a split of a second revealing a lovely rock hard, long and thick cock that was so tempting that I felt deep inside, returning the favor would not be only to please him, but for my own pleasure as well.

I got on my knees right a way while staring at his lovely cock, I held it in hand, then wrapped my fingers around it, massaging it up and down while bending over bringing my head closer to it, I licked its tip and length with the tip of my tongue first, then I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on it, trying to show the stranger my best expertise in cock sucking, which I am very good at as I was told by those who had gotten blow jobs from me. He was moaning of pleasure as if telling me he was loving the way I was blowing and pleasing him till finally, he pulled his cock out of my mouth as if saying, he did not want to cum in my mouth.

He helped me down on bed on my back, legs wide spread, guided his cock to my cunt entrance, he did not have to do any work for my engorged, cock hungry pussy lips to suck his cock inch after another so deep in me till his balls rested over my crotch announcing the balls deep penetration of his cock in my pussy, he froze for a moment, then resumed the fuck action, speeding the paste each time till he was fucking me nonstop like there was no tomorrow.

Around ten minutes later, he stopped as of a sudden, pulled out of my cunt, helped me up and got me on my hands and knees, got behind me and fucked me doggie for another ten minutes. I had cum many times by then, he was breathing harder and I was feeling his cock swilling inside my pussy, he pulled out of my pussy, I turned around so fast, took it in hand and started sucking on his cock, milking It till he rewarded me with a huge load of cum in my mouth, over my face and hair and over my tits, belly and everywhere.

He hugged me so deep, we rested for a while then he whispered in my ear, “what do you think?”

I looked him deep in the eyes with a smile saying, “well, you have shocked the hell out of me, this is very abnormal Sir, I don’t even know your name yet, and you sure have proved your theory and won the bet, but if I say I did not like or enjoy it, I would be a damn liar”

I got up, ran to the bathroom for a quick shower, got dressed and kissed him good by and got back to work without being missed, because business was kind of slow at that late time.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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