A Rainy Wednesday

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Without a second thought he says, “I can give you a lift”. Now normally...on a regular day when the morning goes to shit I would've said I’m ok...I would have thanked him and returned to the call to my sister. Today wasn’t a regular day….it was Wednesday. It was supposed to be sunny. It wasn’t, and this handsome man..whom I wished would talk….and explore naughty things with me had just offered me a ride. rings

It was a rainy Wednesday. An overcast day that once again the WeatherChannel had guessed incorrectly and I had kept hopes alive that there may be a small window of sunshine. I just needed to feel a little bit of warmth and to see the rays bouncing off of my skin. The rain had set into my bones like a chill I just couldn’t shake. Sunlight would chase those chills right away. 

I was running late for an afternoon meeting, called unexpectedly by my highly irritating boss. I hurriedly grabbed my umbrella, keys and purse and quickly walked out of my apartment. I was cursing under my breath...or so I thought, as I exited the main floor lobby and out unto the street. I slung my purse and umbrella into the front passenger seat and turned the keys into the ignition. Nothing. No sound. No gurgle. No sputter. Nothing. “SHIT.” Not again...not right now. 

Frantically, I reached for my purse. I’d just have to call my sister. I know she’ll be annoyed as Hell but I needed someone! 

A loud tap from my passenger side window made me look in that direction and there he stood. He was the mysterious, handsome newcomer to my apartment complex. We’d exchanged glances and the occasional “Hi” every other day or so...which is when we seemed to run into each other. My first impressions of him were superficial….he was so very handsome. He had a beautiful smile too. I blushed mostly when I found myself in his path. Truthfully, I had already fantasized about him locking eyes with me and professing his adoration and complete devotion to me the second day that I saw him. I’m a hopeless romantic….can’t help it. Anne of Green Gables was my favorite book as an adolescent and I still hoped that I’d find my Prince Charming. cheddar gouda and havarti melted together cheezy….I know. But a gal can dream, right? 

Nevertheless….I digress.

Fuck. Fuck FUCK….Not now. Not TODAY. I looked at him, smiled and opened my door to step out. “My my...looks as if you may need a lift somewhere….my guess is that it's urgent because about 60 seconds ago I could hear your trail of colorful words through my entryway.” Well...Fuck again...I wasn’t talking in my head. 

“Ummm Yeah...I mean Yes. I was called into a sudden meeting and my lovely fancy car here..who is way more expensive than she should be has decided to take another day off.” 

Without a second thought he says, “I can give you a lift”. Now normally...on a regular day when the morning goes to shit I would've said I’m ok...I would have thanked him and returned to the call to my sister. Today wasn’t a regular day….it was Wednesday. It was supposed to be sunny. It wasn’t, and this handsome man..whom I wished would talk….and explore naughty things with me had just offered me a ride. 

“Are you sure?” I didn’t even give him a chance to answer. “You are amazing...Thank You!” He grinned and led me to three cars behind. Perfect….even his car was beautiful. He opened the passenger side door and I slid into the soft leather seat. He bounded around the car and quickly slid into the driver’s side seat and when that key hit the ignition the motor just purred….and so did I. 

“So...where do you need to be?” he asked. 

“In your lap” was my sudden reply...OH MY mind had failed me once again and forced my mouth to utter what exactly I was thinking. WHY does this happen to me? WHYYYY? he blushing? His cheeks had turned a few shades of pink and this suddenly gave me a Get outta jail free card.

“Ummm, Uhhhh...I’m sorry. Did you say an address?” 

I suddenly lost all of my conservative responses and grinned…”No..I didn’t give the address to anywhere in particular only because I didn’t quite have the exact coordinates to your lap.” Wow….no turning back now. Little Girl, step aside….Sexy Goddess is here to play. 

The handsome neighbor grinned and I knew he felt exactly what I was feeling...there was an electric current flowing through the car. An attraction so intense that I knew I just had to kiss him and I knew that he wouldn’t pull away. I placed my hand upon his thigh and his lips met me halfway. That first kiss was explosive...that electric current flew through the both of us and I couldn’t break the stare of his gorgeous eyes. We pulled away just long enough for him to push the throttle into Drive and we took off down the Boulevard. 

My hand hadn’t left his thigh since our kiss and I moved it towards the swell in the middle of his pants. He didn’t look distracted but a slow grin began to spread across his face. I quickly found the zipper and slowly opened his pants. His erect dick surprised was huge...thick. My lady parts were tingling and I could feel how wet my new red lace undies were beginning to become. I didn’t even ask permission but I couldn’t help myself...I leaned into the drivers side and took his dick into my mouth. Oh my...he tasted even better than I had fantasized about…his dick was so smooth and I could feel every pulsing vein that was throbbing. My lips took in every inch of him and I could hear his breath lips slipped up and down...up and down and his dick grew even harder. He was loving this and it made me more daring. I pulled up my skirt and began to tickle myself through my panties as I licked and sucked all over him. He let out a guttural moan and I almost could’ve cum just listening to him. 

He was going to have to pull this car over because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to feel his strong hands on my body and I knew he wanted to touch me. It was like he read my thoughts because he quickly turned down a side road and parked in the lot of an abandoned warehouse. As soon as he put his drive shaft into Park we pounced upon each other. My hands grabbed his face for a passionate kiss and his hands grabbed onto my waist to inch me closer. He quickly forced his seat as far back as it could go and pulled me onto the top of him. My lace panties were soaking wet by now and he slid them to the side so he could touch me. When his fingers touched my pussy I was in heaven. He was gentle but assertive…..his fingerss flicked, fondled and eventually slid inside my swollen pussy. He quickly finger fucked me and I threw my head back in blissful pleasure. I had to feel him inside of me.

Again..we were riding the same wavelength so he traded his fingers for his pulsing dick and slid into me. I almost screamed because of the shock of how he felt. He was perfect...that dick was perfect. I could feel myself cream with excitement. I began to move my hips up and down and circle around him...he moaned again. I quickened my ride and he threw the seat back and it forced me forward. He grabbed my ass and began to push me up and down with the exact motion he wanted. Slow..Slow...Quick….Slow..Slow...Quick. My pussy was dripping and I could feel my body getting ready for sweet release. My was like he knew exactly what I was thinking and his control was impressive. We both stopped and began to kiss again….his dick still in me and I was loving the way it was feeling. His head tilted towards the back seat and I quickly obliged...I slid to the back seat and he followed right behind me. I threw my ass up as I landed on all fours and he grabbed onto my hips and slowly slid his dick back into my aching pussy. It didn’t take me long and it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. He was a fucking wizard. 

I moaned in pleasure and then could feel the beast in him awake. I flipped over to lay upon my back and he slid down into the seat so his face was inches within my sensitive clit. He ripped through my panties and began to flick at my clit with his strong tongue. He licked...he sucked and he even nibbled. His tongue made its way inside my wet pussy and he showed no restraint. That mouth of his was magical….He was great at this. His hands had made their way up my blouse and were fondling my tits. He pinched my nipples and grabbed onto my tits as he sucked on my pussy moaning just couldn’t stop. I didn’t want it to. 

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