RV Sex (and friends)

markfry - June 12, 2018 | 12000 Views
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He got up to give it to her, but she said , “No, I’ll get it.” She was seated directly across from Chris as we were eating around the campfire. She put her plate down spreading legs as she pulled up her dress showing her whole snatch. She leaves her bush with hair, which I love, so it was quite a contrast to Ruth’s pussy. I thought she had made a mistake and would pull her dress down, but she didn’t, in fact she said nothing, but finally arose and walked over to Chris bending over and giving him a great shot of her awesome tits. She has great nipples and huge areolas, I could tell Chris loved the view, Ruth was staring at me and smiling. I have to admit my cock was hard as I watched my wife showoff her wares.
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.....It has been a while since we had some free time, just the two of us; time to relax and enjoy ourselves uninterrupted by .....

Butt Play 4 2

Willneed69 - July 05, 2017 | 16834 Views
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You lay me down and grab my bulging cock in both your hands, slowly stroking it up and down. As you do you slowly run one hand down my shaft and start rubbing my ass. As you look into my eyes you can see I want more

Co-teacher is Horny

outdoor.horny - June 02, 2017 | 45165 Views
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Months of talking dirty finally lead to some fun

Nightmarish Husband

Justthisonce - May 17, 2017 | 26553 Views
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Paulette was just coming home. She was tired of such a long day from work, and she hoped to be able to have a peaceful night. She had been unable to get comfortable in her own home for at least a week. This is because her husband Craig had been unusually horny in the past month. At first, Paulette enjoyed the attention she had been getting from Craig but wondered where the extra libido had been coming from. But then, he needed to have sex twice a day. When that was not enough, he would bang her three times in a row.
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