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As soon as he pulled out, Steve took his place and continued where my husband left off. This time, I was ready when Steve was, and we came together. The both crawled up to either side of me and we all slept again until morning. cheating Back in the early 80’s when we were in our mid 20’s, my husband was in the UK on a 10-week long course. Me and the children remained in West Germany. We wrote to each other at least once a week, but half way through his course, I received a letter from him that shocked me. He wanted to see me fucked by another man! Or for me to be fucked by him and another man! I didn’t write back to him for 2 weeks and when I did, I asked him what he thought I was, and didn’t he take our marriage seriously? When he replied, he was very apologetic and said it was only a fantasy anyway and wouldn’t mention it again.

But it was now 7 weeks since he left, and I was missing that feeling of his cock inside me. I had fantasised about my husband’s best friend, Steve, in the past. And if I was going to fuck anyone other than my husband, it would be him.

Steve was the first friend of my husband that I met when I landed in Germany. He met us off the airport bus and took us to our married quarters. He has been a good friend to us both ever since. Steve later got married, but his wife didn’t try to fit in with us; we had too much history together from before she came on the scene. While my husband had been away, he had always brought any mail to me from camp, and often stayed for a couple of hours, just chatting. I knew that he would jump at the chance of fucking me if I gave it to him. He may be my husband’s best mate, but when it came to a fuck, especially with squaddies, friends came second. And yes, over the years, I had often thought what his cock would feel like inside me.
Don’t get me wrong, I had had plenty of opportunities since being in Germany with my husband. I could have been fucked loads of time by loads of different cocks. There were plenty of single males in the barracks always trying to get the married women into bed. The most I had allowed was a grope on the dance floor during nights out at the Battery Bar or discos that had been organised.

Anyway, husband came home and never spoke about his latter, and neither did I. Occasionally, Steve would come over for the evening for a drink. One night, he didn’t leave until 5am and his wife wasn’t very happy with us. She told us not to send him home in the early hours again. So, the night I had his cock inside me, he didn’t return until the afternoon the next day. And it wasn’t even planned

I asked my hubby if he could borrow a projector and some porn movies from one of the single blokes in camp. Now this wasn’t an unusual request; married couples often did this and invited other couples to watch them and for a drink. Alcohol was Duty Free to soldiers and their families, so there was always a good supply in our homes. I used to watch everyone at these film nights; the women holding their hands tightly between their legs with the knees, the men crossing their legs trying to hide their hard-ons. It never went on late, they wanted to go home and fuck each other stupid. Me and the husband used to fuck all night.

This night, Steve and his wife were invited, but she didn’t turn up. There were three other couples there, too, so as the only person alone, Steve became the projectionist. I can’t remember how many films there were, but the one that stuck in my mind and had my juices flowing was the woman being fucked by two men. Watching her having a cock in her mouth and her pussy at the same time made me decide that I wanted what she had. I think I used it as a training film for what was to come. I hadn’t had two cocks together before and didn’t have a clue. One cock had always been enough in the past.

The couples started to drift away. Once the first couple left, I knew the rest wouldn’t be long. There were a couple of films left and we decided to watch them before we called it a night. I was sitting in the middle of the sofa, where I had been all night. Hubby next to me. Once the film was on, Steve came and sat the other side of me. The first was a gangbang. The woman was fucked by five cocks. At one point, she had a cock I her mouth, arse and pussy at the same time. The next was about two married couples. First, they started fucking their own wives, then changed half way through. Some of the time, the wives had both cocks together so they both managed to be fucked by both husbands, in their mouth, pussy and one of them even had a cock in her pussy and one in her arse at the same time. The sad think was, in those days, there wasn’t any sound to the films, so I couldn’t hear whether she enjoyed it or not.

I’m not sure if it was the alcohol that made me decide, along with watching these women getting fucked by loads of cocks, but I asked Steve to put the one on again with the woman and two men. He put it on and came and sat back down. Husband was doing what he had been doing all evening; arm around my shoulder, gently stroking the side of my tit through my clothes. My hand was resting on his knee and I started to move it gently up and down towards his cock, getting higher and higher each time, until I had my hand resting over it. I could feel how hard he was, and I could feel each throb it had. I moved his arm from my shoulders and put it on my knee, inviting him to find his way to my pussy. At first, he didn’t move. I remember that I had been wearing a button up dress that night, buttons from top to bottom up the front. I had to unfasten the bottom two buttons, exposing my inner thighs to my husband and Steve, trying to get him to move his hand gently up my thigh towards my waiting, wet pussy. I parted my legs for him, pushing Steve’s leg with mine. I knew Steve was watching my husband’s hand, hoping for a glimpse of my knickers or pussy. I was going to let my husband do that for him. This bit was a test to see if he would go through with letting another cock inside his wife, to fuck her pussy, her mouth and to cum inside her. He now knew that I was willing, but it was up to him to allow it to happen.

His hand didn’t take my dress any higher, so I decided to try something else. Slowly, I unzipped his jeans, pulling his cock free. My hand wrapped around it, I slowly moved its skin up and down his shaft, feeling his cock harden and throb more. His hand now moved higher, wanting to feel my pussy. I wanted his hand to feel it too. My insides were burning and my juices flowing. I could feel the wetness between my legs. Eventually, my dress was high enough for him to press his hand over my pussy. I felt him pull my knickers to one side, slipping his middle finger inside me. This was enough to send me into my first mini orgasm. Watching all those films, knowing another man was looking at my pussy, anticipating both cocks inside me; all these made sure I came quickly.

I had cum in front of another man. I hadn’t done that since I was 16, before I met my husband. I don’t think Steve knew what to do, so, while my husband had his fingers inside me, I used my free hand and took Steve’s cock from his jeans; he was certainly hard. I knew I needed to make them both cum quick so that they could fuck me longer. I moved my husband’s hand and knelt on the floor in front of them both, still holding and gently wanking their hard cocks. Pulling Steve’s foreskin fully back, I placed his cock inside my mouth, sucking him and flicking my tongue over his read and swollen head. I started slowly, speeding up when Steve started thrusting upwards into my mouth. When I knew he was near, I took him out of my mouth and wanked him faster. As he started to cum, I took him back into my mouth again, swallowing his cum and I felt spurt after spurt hitting the back of my throat. I couldn’t send him home to his wife with cum on his underwear and jeans. I repeated this with my husband, until the were both limp in my hands. I knew they would both be hard again soon; Steve was going to fuck another pussy and my husband had seen me swallow another man’s juices. And this was just the start of the night. His fantasy was coming true.

My husband told us both to go upstairs while he made sure everything was tidy downstairs and the windows and doors locked. Once upstairs, I stood in front of Steve. He came over and kissed me hard, starting to undo the buttons on my dress. His hands squeezed my tits through my bra, one hand rubbed my pussy through my knickers. He dropped to his knees in front of me. Pulling my knickers to one side, he licked my lips with his tongue. My pussy was soaked and swollen. I spread my legs a little so he could suck my clit. Just as my husband walked in, I had my second orgasm.

I was standing there with another man’s mouth licking and sucking my pussy, my juices running down Steve’s face, as my husband undressed in front of me. I watched him and as he removed his pants, his cock was hard already. He moved behind me and pulled my dress from my shoulders and unfastened my bra. He reached around me with his hands squeezing my tits hard as Steve slowly removed my knickers. My husband’s hand slid down my back and under my arse until it was covering my pussy. Steve stood and undressed, too. His cock was also hard. I reached out and slowly wanked it as I felt my husbands cock between my legs, rubbing up and down my pussy, in between my lips. My whole body was tingling with excitement. I had never felt this way before, anticipating these two hard cocks inside me. My mind drifted to the porn film where the woman had a cock inside her pussy and her arse at the same time. The way I felt at this moment, I would let the men do this to me. I had never had anal sex before, but, at that moment, I would do anything.

Steve gently pulled me towards the bed. I didn’t know what to do with two cocks; I was going to leave it to them to use me as they wanted. Steve climbed on and got onto his knees. I knelt on the bed and bent forward, taking his hard cock into my mouth again. Feeling it throbbing in my mouth, I knew it still wouldn’t take much for him to cum again. As I bent forward, I felt my husband’s hands gently part my arse cheeks, opening my pussy to him. I felt his tongue flicking in and out of my pussy and around the soft insides. His fingers were massaging my clit, bringing me close, but not over into an orgasm. I heard him say something to Steve, then felt Steve remove his cock and move around to the back of me. I put my head down on the bed and closed my eyes as I felt a cock at the entrance to my pussy. I looked around to see my husband guiding Steve’s cock into me. He rubbed the head up and down between my lips then placed it at the entrance. Steve gently pushed until his cock was fully inside me. I let out a moan as he entered, feeling my insides stretch to fit his cock inside. I felt him start to withdraw and at the point his cock was at my entrance, he pushed it back inside. Immediately, I forced my arse back into him has I came loudly. He kept his cock forced deep inside me until I relaxed, then started a gentle rhythm, fucking me and keeping the sensations running through my body. I felt him remove his cock, but a few seconds later, a cock was thrust all the way into me and continued hammering hard until I came again. I felt something sticky and wet against my face and looked to see Steve’s cock waiting for me to take it into my mouth. I pulled him into a sitting position by his cock and licked my juices from him as my husband got himself into a rhythm fucking me. I knew that if he went faster, he would cum.

It wasn’t long before he took his cock out and I took the opportunity to sit astride Steve’s cock. Opening my legs, I lowered myself onto him. I didn’t move too fast, I wanted this to last. My husband pushed me forward towards Steve. Steve grabbed my tit’s, squeezing them hard. I felt my husband rubbing the entrance to my arse, making it wet. He gently pushed first one and then two fingers into me. It felt great with his fingers in my arse and Steve’s cock in my pussy, moving in an out of both my holes together. My husband removed his fingers and I felt him move behind me, pulling one of my arse cheeks to one side.

Steve stopped fucking me, he knew what my husband was going to do. By this time, I did too. I felt the head of my husband’s cock at my arse. He pressed slowly, but my arse didn’t want to allow it in. I began to feel my arse stretch to fit his cock. It hurt, but I was determined my arse was getting fucked tonight. Slowly, his cock started to find its way inside. I could feel it on the thin skin between my arse and my pussy, sliding against Steve’s cock.

Suddenly, my arse opened and allowed my husband’s hard cock inside for the first time. I don’t know if I screamed in pain, but it soon became unimaginable pleasure having two cocks in my wholes, fucking me at the same time. I remember constantly screaming as time after time I orgasmed. I actually felt first my husband spurting deep into my arse. Steve soon followed, his juices hitting deep inside my pussy, giving me one final orgasm before they both became limp, both cocks falling from my holes.

I collapsed forward onto Steve, kissing him hard, forcing my tongue down his throat. My husband had collapsed onto me and was kissing my neck and shoulders. He whispered into my ear that the night wasn’t over yet. He wanted to see Steve fuck me on his own and for him to fuck my arse. I wasn’t about to argue. Looking at the clock, it wasn’t yet midnight.

I put on my dressing gown and they put their underwear back on and we went downstairs for drinks. We sat around the kitchen table talking about what had just happened. The husband was excited that his fantasy had happened. Steve said that from the day he met me he had wanted to fuck me, but I was the wife of his best friend and he wouldn’t do anything about his feelings. I did admit to them both that I had often thought about Steve’s cock inside me. My husband asked if this was likely to happen again as he would be fine with it. Steve said the same. I said that the problem would be hiding this from Steve’s wife so if it did, it wouldn’t be too often.

I felt Steve’s hand on my leg under the table, making its way upwards between my legs. I opened them to allow it. As his hand reached my pussy, I closed my eyes, leaned back opening my legs wider and moaned. This let my husband know what was happening under the table. Steve asked me to stand and he moved the chair. My husband cleared the drinks from the table. Both cocks were hard again. Steve turned me around and opened my dressing gown. My arse was against the table. I sat on the edge, opened my legs, lay on my back and held my legs up.

I felt a tongue between my legs. Both their juices had leaked from my holes, leaving them still wet and sticky. Steve was licking the mixture of all our juices. His tongue also delved into my arse, making sure this entrance was wet too. Again, my body tingled, knowing that soon Steve would be fucking me in both holes. I lifted my head to see where my husband was. He was stood at the side of Steve, slowly wanking, watching Steve about to have sex with his wife.

I saw Steve stand, holding his hard, swollen cock and moving it towards my pussy. I still watched as I felt the head open my lips to allow his cock inside me. I couldn’t keep my head up as I felt it slowly stretch my hole until he was deep inside me. Steve took hold of one of my legs and my husband the other, opening me wide for Steve to fuck me. He started thrusting into me hard, making me cum quickly. I arched my back from the table as I came.

When I relaxed, Steve turned me over so that my arse was free for him. A pair of hands pulled my arse cheeks apart and I felt his cock against my arse, but this time, it allowed him in easier. Another hand moved under me and rubbed my clit hard. I didn’t know whose hands were where, but I didn’t care. I was in a state of constant orgasms again as Steve fucked my arse hard. Again, I felt hot juice spurting into my arse as Steve came into me. I also felt hot cum land on my back and arse. My husband whispered to me that he had just wanked over me and that Steve still had to cum in my pussy, and so had he. This meant that they hadn’t finished with me yet. If he meant to worry me, it didn’t happen. My arse and pussy were a little tender and I suggested we go to bed to rest for a while. My husband seemed a bit disappointed, but he also knew that they would both be fucking me again later.

I lay in the middle of my husband and Steve in bed. I spooned against my husband, holding his cock in my hand. Steve spooned against me, holding my tit, his cock resting against my arse. We fell asleep, but I was woken up later with that tingling sensation between my legs.

I lay on my back. I looked down to see my husband with his head buried between my legs, using his tongue and lips on my pussy. Steve was at the side of my head, hard cock in hand. My husband took the other pillow and placed it under my arse, raising me up. Steve pulled my head round and placed his cock into my mouth, holding my head in place while he gently fucked my mouth. My husband raised my legs and pushed them up towards my chest. I felt his cock slip inside me. I was obviously soaked down there. I don’t know for how long or what they had done to my pussy, but his cock slid in really smoothly and with the way he was hammering into me, he intended emptying his juice into me soon. I felt him speed up and felt his cock swell as he emptied into me. At least four hard spurts of his cum hit me deep in my pussy.

As soon as he pulled out, Steve took his place and continued where my husband left off. This time, I was ready when Steve was, and we came together. The both crawled up to either side of me and we all slept again until morning.

Steve fucked me once more in the morning, my husband wanking himself until he came again. We all showered and dressed. Steve stayed for lunch before returning home to his wife. I did fuck Steve again a couple of month later, this time with my husband and my friend Dawn. And later, with Dawn, her husband and mine. But those are different stories. If you want to hear about them, please comment below.

My husband had introduced me to a new way to enjoy other cocks and with my husband’s consent, and nowhere, other than in the forces, were there so many willing cocks to use.
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