The Weekend Metamorphosis - Friday (Part 1)

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.....It has been a while since we had some free time, just the two of us; time to relax and enjoy ourselves uninterrupted by ..... Lesbian


The Dining Room

We are sipping our wine while the light in the hotel’s dining room is subdued; our table in the middle of the room invites everyone to look at you.....

I look at you! and I contemplate the activities of the night ahead. It has been a while since we had some free time, just the two of us; time to relax and enjoy ourselves uninterrupted by our two children; time to sip our wine leisurely and let it make us light headed and forget what it isn’t here; time to take things slow like we used to do in our early days when time stood still as we explored each others body. The get-away to this idylic hotel for the weekend was our present to ourselves; a weekend we promised to ourselves to get away from our routine, to re-discover each other and explore our desires.

The meal we had was light; energy giving for the night ahead. The wine was delicious, maybe too delicious judging by the two empty bottles on the table. But it had the desired effect. It accentuated the sexy thoughts in our minds; supressed the logical thoughts and elevated the sense of adventure. It brought us to the state where carnal activities was the only game in our mind!! My only thought, and I expected in yours too, was you and me, giving our naked bodies to each other, possessing each other’s body, merging into one in an expression of sheer lust and at the same time an expression of love.

I look at you and I see someone very familiar and at the same time I see someone else; I see you as another person, another woman, someone new, someone that I am about to have for the first time. It is the wine playing games in my mind, bringing goosebumps to my skin with the anticipation.

I look at you and you are dressed sexily; not quite slutishly; your long strong legs are clad in fine black stockings and you have a modest three inch black stilletos on. Your fine black dress reaches to just above the knees, but the crossed legs cause it to ride higher hinting to a pair of long slim legs. The dress, with a deep cut on the back revealing your suntanned square shoulders, is tight and that is purposeful!! You want to let them know of your fit tight abdomen; the dress wraps around your breasts, on the small side but with long powerful nipples. Your long blond hair reach just beyond your shoulders. If you did not look like raw sex, it would have been a little sexy outfit. But as it is, you are conscious of the lustful glances the men give you and the jealous hateful ones from the women. You try not to, but you can not help yourself. You hold the glance of the handsome young man across the room knowing very well that theirs is just a budding relationship, tempting him and annoying her!!.. ..will you be seeing him with your fantasy eyes as you look deeply into mine while we fuck later?

But not all the women look at you with hate. There are a couple who look at you with admiring eyes; eyes that signal their attraction; eyes that signal their desire for you. But there is one; there is always ONE! She is tall; taller than you; looks even taller on her 5 inch red stilletos; dark black hair that reach just below the ears; black eyes like black holes that no light escapes; strong square jaw, strong muscular body; muscles well defined by lots of exercise and weights. Her black stockings outline her strong legs; her red blouse tight enough to show off her nicely sized and rounded breasts. Her black skirt, reaching halfway down her thighs, hugs a nice firm bottom. She is butch and beautiful and she knows it. She looks at you like a bird of prey looks at its victim, it’s intended meal. I look at her looking at you and your eyes meet; you hold each others stare for a brief moment. I see you blush lightly; I see your eyes lowering to the floor and your head tilting down imperceptively. You are clearly impressed by her; attracted to her even, and is as if you acknowledge her power over you. I read her mind...the images in her mind. She does not want to make love to you; but she wants to have you, to TAKE you for her own sexual gratification, to make you her sex toy, HER instrument to please herself; I see the images in her eyes.....

But this is my night; our night!! for tonight you are mine to enjoy, to please; to enjoy and please each other. I turn and fix my eyes on you. You turn and look at me and you blush even more as if I know your guilty little secret, what you were thinking a moment ago; what emotions that short glance with the butch woman has stirred inside you!

We both say at the same time....shall we? And we get up to go to our room, to our night of passion. I extend my hand and you submit yours to my hold and we leave, neither of us glancing to the bar where SHE sits; but you do feel her eyes on your back, going down over your ass and along your legs; you are quietly pleased  that you are being admired.

The Lift

As we get in the lift we are both pleased to see that it is empty, and as soon as we press the floor number on the controls and before the door is closed, you are leaning on the wall, legs slightly open, invitingly open, head lifted up, lips slightly apart, waiting for my kiss.....I look at you and the desire for you stirs deep inside me, my heart rate starts increasing, my brain goes in overdrive mapping the night ahead, my plans for my pleasure, yours is not yet of interest to me; and I lean to kiss you.

In the back of my mind something is happening; or more accurately, something is not happening; the door has not closed; the lift has not started to move; I turn back towards the lift door; I can see a hand stopping the doors closing; I can see four long red fingernails at the end of a strong but delicate hand between the door, stopping the door from closing. And as the door starts opening, we both take a deep breadth, slightly taken aback by the sillouete of the BUTCH woman from the bar appearing in the gap the door leaves behind.

She nods at me and fixes her stare at you! She steps into the lift, stands in front of you, her stance mirroring yours, legs slightly apart in line with yours; her head slightly tilted down to look into your eyes; her frame is bigger and taller than yours, not by much, but sufficiently to be intimidating to you, dominating.

We are both standing there, your right hand in my left, unsure what to do; or are we waiting for instructions. She lifts her left hand slowly, palm up towards me, towards the space between us, towards our holding hands; and then she stops, hand hanging in the air like a begging, like a hand asking for something. She is asking for your hand! She does not want to take; she wants to be offerred. She wants me to put your hand in hers, to give her your hand, to give YOU to her, to hand YOU over to her. Giving means acceptance, giving your hand to her means I give you to her to be hers, to take you, to possess you.

And with a thousand conflicting thoughts in my mind, thoughts I can not decipher, thoughts that pull me in two opposing directions leaving my mind numb and my subconcious dictating my actions, I lift my hand! I lift your hand that is in mine; A powerful sexual feeling swells in me; I am loosing you, I am loosing my enjoyment of you for the night! I feel elated and deflated at the same time! I feel like a little boy who has his football taken by the neighbourhood bully! but I feel excited to witness and experience what is to come!! I feel the wine induced sexual urge to see this BUTCH woman take control of you! And does the small distand thought in the very recess of my mind hopes that SHE takes control of ME too? Am I falling under her spell and betraying you? and I put your hand in hers and move mine away. I just gave YOU to her!!!

But she does not grasp your hand, she does not claim immediately what was given to her. She knows that there needs to be a second acknowledgement, a second surrender, a second offering, or to be precise there needs to be no withdrawal. The thoughts race through your mind; your logic tells you to move your hand; your subconcious and your primitive desires tell you to keep it there; pictures flash through your mind of you and her, of master and slave, of taking and be taken; the image, the memory of me standing next to you fades away; space and time becomes the beautiful BUTCH woman in front of you; the desires deep in your belly, desires you never knew you had, or you had and supressed so long ago you don’t remember them any more, force you to force your hand in hers; ever so slightly but she feels the pressure of your hand in hers and immediately her fingers close round your hand, She claims the one who was offered, the one who submitted.

It is clear in her mind that for tonight you are her possession to do as she pleases.

It is clear in my mind that I am now a bystander, to look, to observe but not to interfere; maybe she will involve me along the way, maybe not.

It is clear in your mind that you do not have a say in whatever activities the night will bring; you know that you have to obey; you know that your purpose is to please HER; your pleasure is in pleasing HER.

It is clear in both our minds that the plans we had for the night, the plans of you and me being alone together, the plans of the two of us becoming one in spirit and body, are plans no more! They have changed, they have morphed in the blink of an eye to new plans, unknown plans, plans of not our making any more that will take us to a new direction for better or worse; only time knows!

I step slightly to the side and press the floor number on the lift controls and before the door is closed, you are leaning on the wall, legs slightly open, invitingly open, head lifted up, waiting and HOPING for HER kiss. Her left hand, holding your right hand, is slowly lifting above your head and pressing yours against the wall; her right hand fingers reach your face and caress your cheek moving softly along your jaw until the index finger is just under your chin; she pushes your chin up, pushes your lips up towards hers and she stays still looking at you; she wants you to move your lips to hers; to submit your lips to her kiss; to search for the kiss from the one you desire. To do that you need to lift your self up and you push up, your legs push up onto your toes; the tension along your legs accentuates your beautifully sculpted legs; strong slimlined thighs, nicely shaped calves; and as you push up and strain your head to reach her lips, your chest comes forwards, your breasts stand out, hoping for some attention; your erect nipples show through your dress signalling the heated desires burning in you. As your lips reach their destination as far as you can reach but not far enough to reach her lips, they move further apart ready to surrender.

Her right leg moves between yours, moves in the space left where your legs lifted up, until it reaches the wall; she leans towards you to kiss you and her thigh applies pressure to your body, pressure between your legs and the desire in you starts to swell. Her lips touch yours and her tongue sneaks in between your lips to meet yours; it invades your mouth; it caresses aggresively yours, establishing her dominance once again; every now and again it withdraws and her lips squash yours, she sucks one of your lips in her mouth and bites it, softly but the point is made; her left hand still holds your right one captive above your head stretching your arm high above your head; her right one has left your chin and is now squeezing your left breast; not hard but not soft either; her thigh is pressing harder between your legs; the excitement is rising inside you and as she pinches your nipple a sigh leaves  your mouth; your hips rock forward slowly and then back, and then once again; you take the weight off your toes slightly so that you can sit on her leg between yours; to apply more pressure between your legs; and you start to grind yourself on her leg; hips rocking forwards and then back; your breathing becomes faster and shallower;

And then, all of a sudden she pulls her head up; her lips leave yours; you strain your head to reach her lips but they are too far; you freeze for a moment; you open your eyes and look into hers....they are cold, dominant; they too make the statement that your pleasure is not important; you will have to wait; and as if to emphasise the point, her leg moves away, taking away the pressure between your legs, leaving you empty. And she smiles, a smile undecipherable, a smile that says there is more to come!! Good and bad!!

The lift comes to a stop; the door opens; she waits for a moment for me to lead the way and she turns, still holding your hand and follows me towards our room; you follow her, not that you can do anything else; or is it she drags you by the hand like her pet....

The Bedroom

I open the door to our suite. The room is not quite dark. The low level light we left on illuminates softly the suite. Enough to see but not enough to blind. Just enough to allow those entering to find their way round while maintaining  the mood of those coming in. We did plan the two of us to be entering excited and lustful and ready to fuck. We had not imagined there were going to be three entering the room. We had not imagined that one of us was not going to be involved in the activities to follow!!

As you enter the suite there is a small hall with a mirror on one side. The hall leads to the large bedroom with the king size bed we wanted to host our games; someone else's games now. A large armchair is at one corner of the room, and at the other there is the door leading to the bathroom with the large walk-in shower.

I open the door and walk in. She walks in behind me pulling you in last. She puts her handbag on the floor in one swift move. She whispers hoarsely to me, or rather orders me to sit on the armchair. I walk unsure to the armchair and take my place in it. I am curious to see what follows, apprehensive of what she has in mind for you, very excited to see you yielding to her, pleasing her.

She stops and turns round. Her right hand comes up, behind your head and pulls your face to hers. She kisses you hard; she bites your lips till you moan from pain tinged with excitement. Her hands take hold of yours; She slowly lifts your hands up, above your head, straight up, bringing her hands together higher than your arms can reach; so you straighten your body and reach; a movement that leaves your body open, undefended; her lips are stil kissing yours, hard; she graps both your hands in her left hand and trails the other down your arm; trailing her nails along your forearm down to your shoulder; s small stop to caress your neck before it descends to your chest; a long stop there to play with your breast, to caress it and molest it at the same time; to pinch and pull your nipple; You love the attention on your breasts and you let her know by a deep moan; she doesn’t care if you like it or not; she does this for her own pleasure.

I sit and watch the two of you across the room; my heart beats fast; my brain is in turmoil; my feelings nothing but full of sexual excitement; I realise that I enjoy, nooo, I love seeing you dominated; my hard cock testifies to this fact!! I want to see more; to see what she does to you!! I see.....

You..... legs straight clad in black stockings; your black dress riding high mid-thigh; body leaning on the wall and curved projecting your breasts forward and up; head tilted up being kissed, arms straight up imprisoned; you look defenseless !! which I guess you are!

She.... the mirror image of you but bigger and body leaning forward into yours in an agressive stance; the warrior who won and is claiming the spoils of war; her legs, beautiful strong legs that I want to caress and kiss, are clad in black stockings too; her pencil skirt hiked to the top of her thighs; her red blouse loose on her body; Her face looking down and kissing your upturned one; your long blond hair strikingly opposite to her short black hair.

A moan leaves your lips as her hand mushes and presses your breast; excitement or pain? Or both?

Another moan leaves your mouth as her hand leaves your breast and continues its way down your body; a moan of protest? Of a pleasure lost?

Her hand now lingers on your abdomen; a fit abdomen you are proud to show on the beach; an abdomen you work on so you can flaunt; an abdomen that now belongs to her; she feels its shape and strength, mentally comparing it to hers; she caresses your side going to your back and dropping down to your buttocks; she squeezes them and feels the crack in between drawing another sigh from you. Her exploring hand continues down to the back of your thigh and up the front; she is feeling the strength of your legs and decides hers are stronger; she will test your legs in a contest of power to subjugate them and you;

Her hand finally reaches its destination underneath your dress on top of your small thong that you wore for me; she cups your cunt and presses hard; you moan hard; she lifts her hand up to your abdomen and you regret the loss of pressure on your cunt; her fingers snake inside your thong and down along your cunt lips; you are wet; very wet; three fingers explore your cunt lips; one in the middle searching for your cunt and two on either side pinching your cunt lips. She reaches far enough to the entrance of your cunt and up again to your clitoris. She rubs your clitoris with her index and feels it enlarging. She can feel the blood filling your clitoris; she stops kissing you and stares into your eyes. You look at her mesmerised; a yelp of pain leaves your lips as her thumb and index pinch your clitoris hard; another yelp as she pulls it; then a gentle caress and playful motions make you sigh from pleasure. She touches it softly and you want more.

‘pleaaase’ say softly, begging for more!

And she obliges; she plays hard with your clitoris; her fingers move in a circular motion and your hips match the movement; her hand slips down; her middle finger already wet from your desires finds your cunt and enters; your hips move forwrads to take more of the finger; she reaches inside as far as she can, she withdraws and then two fingers enter; double the pleasure; her palm is pressing down on your clitoris.

Her two fingers fuck you like a small cock; they hook to scratch your g-spot; her palm rotates on your clitoris like  a small vibrator; You are defenseless against her sexual assault; arms straight up, body extended, your legs on tip toes unable to move apart from your involuntary responses to the sexual pleasures she gives you.

‘ooooooh’ .......’yeeeesssssss’ ....’mmmmmm’ are the indecipheraable words that leave your mouth; betraying your sexual arousal;

I can see the beads of sweat on her forhead; she is working hard to fuck you with her fingers; her right knee comes to your groin; she is using it to push her hand onto your clitoris and her fingers into your cunt; She is taking...she is giving you pleasure!!

Your hips respond to her manipulations; they move to participate in the fucking action; they move you to fuck yourself on her fingers and her palm; it is hard on your legs; I can see them shaking mirroring the shaking of your body as your approach your orgasm.

She knows it; she can read your body; she can feel the spasms building up in your cunt and pushes her fingers deeper; scratches your g-spot harder;

‘Aaaagh’..Your yell betrays the eruption of your orgasm; your whole body shakes; She allows her body to crash on you against the wall and the pressure of her breasts on yours add to your orgasm; the fingers deep inside you and her palm come to a stop; her knee pushing roughly against your cunt is supporting your body; heads in each other’s neck; she kisses or sucks your neck adding that little more to your orgasm.

She has toyed with you, dominated you, but gave you pleasure; a release you needed from the moment your eyes crossed!!

Her Turn

As you start recovering from your orgasm and your breathing starts returning to a normal pace, she lets go of your hands that she is still holding over your head and they flop lifeless to your side. She then moves slowly her leg from between your legs, her leg that was supporting you stand. As the leg is slowly being withdrawn your legs having to support you give way slowly, and you sink to your knees, shoulders hunched forwards, head flopped down almost lifeless. You had your pleasure. It is HER turn now.

She steps back. Her hands reach under her skirt, to her small black thong. She pulls it down and lifting one leg at a time removes it alltogether. Her hands then move to unzip her black drops to the floor and she steps out of it. She steps in front of you. Her hands go to your hair, she graps your hair with both hands, tightly, slightly painfully. With a hoarse voice she says.....’My turn bitch! Ready to please me?....NO!...ready to serve me?’

And with those words she lifts your head and you gaze into each other’s eyes! You see her power through her eyes; you see her desire, her passion; you see her expectation of your surrender and your heartbeat increases from a mix of anticipation and apprehension. She steps forward and pulls your face to her pussy......LICK BITCH....

You are both a beautiful sexy sight!

You are on your knees with your tight black dress riding high up your legs; still in your stilletos and with your black stockings slightly crunched and their top moist from the juices of your earlier sexual gratification. Your head with her hands tightly wrapped round your beautiful blond hair, tlted upwards and lost between her thighs; your hands raised and holding onto her ass to keep you upright.

She is standing in her red stilletos, black stockings too, knees slightly bend so that she can sit on your face. Her bare bum is firm, beautiful, sexy!! Her thighs are muscular; her red blouse just reaches above her thinly trimmed  pussy hair. Her hands are wrapped round your hair, and her strong arms are pulling your head roughly into her crotch; her back is arched to force her cunt further forward and increase the pressure that your mouth and tonque apply to it; her head is also slightly tilted upwards, eyes closed, jaw a bit slack, her breathing is heavy.

I can not see but the slight motion of your head betrays your action. You lick her cunt lips; Sometimes your tongue sneaks between the lips and up to her clit; your tongue caresses her clit, plays with it, flutters on it sometimes softly like a  batterfly, sometimes buzzing like bee; You can sense her reaction, the pleasure you cause to flow through her body and you enjoy the power you have on her, the power to make her body react to your actions. Now and again you bite her clitoris which sends an electric shock through her body; you sense her reaction by the way she pulls your head closer to her every time you bite her.

Sometimes, your tongue runs down her pussy, stiffens like a small cock as you push it into her; you use it like a small cock to fuck her. You feel her wet pussy tight round your tongue, and you stab it in and out. Looking at her towering over you and holding your head and using it for her pleasure, she seems to be in control; but you know you are the one who has the control. You are playing her body like a violin, your mouth and tongue the bow that makes her respond to your every movement.

As her passion starts building up, she is not satisfied with you just licking her pussy, toying with her clitoris; she wants more pressure, stronger, rougher! She starts grinding her pussy all over your mouth; your tongue deep in her cunt, your nose breathing in her smells is on her clit, playing stimulting her clit to a higher level of excitement. Your face, wet from her precome, is not a face any more, it is a dildo, a sex toy for her pleasure. She pulls your head rougher into her pussy; your hair are pulled, painfuly; her strong legs move with an increasing rythm up and down grinding her pussy harder on your face; as her passion builds into a crescendo she barks at you.....YES BITCH.....LICK ME...HARDER...YES..YES...

And you respond to her instructions; the instructions of your MASTER; you belong to her, you WANT to please her; you want to make her come; you want to smell her sweet smell of come; you want to taste the sweet taste of come; her excitement becomes your excitement;

She explodes; her legs freeze while her body shakes as she comes all over your face; her hands press your face tight against her cunt while her taught fingers pull your hair and your face tighter against her body. Her come flows all over your face, into your mouth, your nose, suffocating you, waterboarding you!!

You taste her come; you smell her come and it is intoxicating. You feel your body responding to the excitement, your body responds and a new arousal starts to take over your body.

I watch you both and I too feel your arousal and her orgasm. My hard cock is straining in my trousers. I crave release! I crave physical contact. I want to touch you, I want to touch HER! You, her, I am not sure who I want to touch first!!

Her body convulsions slow down, they stop. Her shut tight eyes open and look at you. Her hold on your hair and head relaxes.

'You did good bitch’ she whispers.

She turns and looks at me; she can see my arousal, my erection, the desires in my eyes and a rye smile appears on her lips and a wicket thought in her eyes.

'Undress’ she barely whispers to me and it is the loudest command I ever heard. I stand up and take my clothes off. My erection released from its confines stands proud in front of me, straining, seeking attention.

She nods imperceptibly and I react immediately; I sit; I take my place back on the armchair.

She turns and looks at my wife still kneeling at her feet; wet face, glimming face; a face marked with her come as belonging to her!!

She graps her hair again with one hand, turns round towards me and drags my lovely wife towards me sitting in the armchair.

‘Come and let him kiss and lick your wet face; your smelly face; your face marked as belonging to me with my come!!’

.....and the rest of the night begins.........

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