Juicy Sex Stories guide to successful erotica submission

Follow our sex story submission guide and before you know it… you’ll see your work live on Juicy.

1. Read our story submission guidelines

Please read Juicy Sex Stories Submission Guidelines to make sure your story complies with our rules.

This is very important.

Certain types of stories and sexual practices are not allowed on this website. If your story contains (among other things) scenes of rape, sex with a person under 16 years of age, violence or bestiality we will not publish it.

If you submit a story containing any of those you could be banned from Juicy.

2. Remember spell check is not foolproof

Spell check is great but it can’t pick up every mistake.

For example

'I peaked through the half open door' doesn’t make sense.

It should be

'I peeked through the half open door.'

If you’re not sure ask Google what a word means.

3. Use short paragraphs

People who like to read sex stories online don’t like to tackle long paragraphs.

So break up your story into paragraphs no more than 4-5 lines long. Look for places where the story naturally breaks and hit return or enter.

Also you must start a new paragraph each time someone new speaks. This makes it much easier for your readers to follow and you’ll get a better score for your story.

More about sex story paragraphs here

4. Read your story out loud so you can punctuate it correctly

Please read your story out loud and notice where you naturally pause.

Then use either a comma or a full stop to break up the sentence. You might find our guidelines on sex story punctuation useful.

You might also like to check for run-on sentences to make sure your erotica is easy to read.

5. Past, present or future ?

Your reader needs you to be consistent with your verb tense or they can’t follow the story. If your story is in the past tense use the past tense all the way through.

It’s easy in the heat of passionate writing to shift tenses - you just need to edit at the end to make sure your story is consistent.

6. How’s your speech?

When your characters talk it’s very powerful for your story, but you need to make sure that your reader can follow the conversation.

Before you submit your first story, have a look at our sex story dialogue guidelines to make sure you are doing this right.

7. No text speak

Text speak is hard for our readers to process so you need to write words out in full. This also applies to & which must be written as ‘and’

8. Take your time

Our most loved sex story authors are passionate about their work. They spend lots of time making certain their erotica is of a high standard before they submit it.

And that is why Juicy is such a high quality site.

Also bear in mind that our moderators give their time for free because they are passionate about what they do. You can help them by sending through great work.

Please take time to read your erotica thoroughly before you submit it - we want to publish your work first time!

You might also like to read our other sex story writing advice

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