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He squirted more oil on her back and spread up to it her neck and then downwards on her calves. He slightly pushed his hands below, brushing her ass. Seeing no comments being made he her spread the oils on her ass cheeks. "The masseur is too dirty" she commented, "just the way I prefer." He kneaded her backside and slightly brushed her groin. Pouring more oil over her tiny little rosebud he clamped his thumb over it and tickled her pussy. She shuddered and moaned. He poured oil on her thighs and massaged her inner thighs, brushing her lower lips again and again. He grabbed both her hands and pulled them behind, lifting her torso. He felt his blood rushing as he saw her magnificent breasts hang.

Summer of Love

Eros - January 19, 2017 | 15999 Views
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When Mason began rubbing the gel over her bronzed back, Natasha felt her muscles relax and moaned again in admiration of his skillful touch. She smiled dreamily as his fingers traveled up and down her spine. When she felt the clasp on her bra suddenly release, she turned her head toward him in surprise. Mason just gave her a silly grin and a wink that were so cute that she was unable to summon even mock anger at him.

one horny boss

shylover - December 23, 2016 | 36667 Views
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She slowly slipped off her lace thong and gently caressed her tight shaven honey pot.
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This is the disconnected ramblings of a lady musing about a long lost and obviously missed former lover.

Couple's massage

gentletouch1960 - November 08, 2016 | 18862 Views
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Mindy inserted two fingers as far as she could. Her knowing fingers probed Kira's most private place. Without asking, and out of pure sensual reaction, Kira carefully placed one hand on Mindy's ass. She wondered if it was wrong. Up until this day, she had never thought of a woman sexually. She started to remove the hand, but Mindy assured her it was ok. Kira's pulse increased, and from her lips came little moans, cries, and whimpers.
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