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Rahil   August 05, 2020   | 18852 Views
I had to meet my female best friend in New Delhi..... My hands were on her ass now, I was just moving my hands gently on her ass… Lesbian

Hi guys, it's my first story on the website, I'm 20  years old, live in Kanpur,  Uttar Pradesh, India.

I had to meet my female best friend in New Delhi, we used to share a unique bond, apart from feeling compassion and love, I also used to feel lust for her, however had never confessed to her.

I had booked a hotel room in New Delhi, it was 10:00 AM in the morning and I had woke up horny after dreaming about her the whole night. As the time passed, I got dressed in formals as she liked me in a formal outfit, at 11:00 she had to come, and there she was at sharp 11.

I welcomed her with a warm and tight hug, it was months since we meet. She was wearing a red and black dress. Red western dress which ended just above her knees and black bra, her deep cleavage was clearly visible, her exposed boobs made me lust for her even more.

She came in and sat at the bed, opened her hairs and made her comfortable, she complimented me on my outfit, we chatted for a while, I offered her coffee, she agreed and I turned to the table and started making the coffee with the kettle in the room.

As I was making the coffee, she said " I want to say something to you which I never said before ", without turning towards her, I said "Okay, what's that ?", She came closer to me and hugged me from behind, she had her body pressed on mine, her boobs pressing on my back was turning me on but I controlled and aksed "Is everything okay ?" I turned my face towards her and asked "What happened, are you alright ?", She said nothing and kissed me staright onto my lips. I could make out that she also feels lust for me, her kiss said it all.  I couldn't control and holding her face with my hands kissed her, our gentle kissing turned to passionate and hard kissing and biting after a few minutes.

My hands were on her ass now, I was just moving my hands gently on her ass, also I was pushing her ass toward my shaft, she was now biting my neck, the way she kissed my neck, made me mad, I was moaning "Aahhh" Ummhhh" "Aahhhh", I spanked her ass hard, she moaned "Aaahhh" I was spanking her and at the same time kissing her on her neck, earlobes, and lips, she had her hands in my hair, the way she holded them tight, I knew she loving it.

I picked her and pushed her back towards the wall and we were kissing passionately, it was damn hard, it was a mix of passion and pain. I kissed her neck, gave her sweet bites, it was dream come true, I wanted to be deep in her, we both were virgins, and I wanted to loose her my virginity.

I carried her to the bed and placed her, she quickly unbuttoned my shirt, while I ripped off her dress, her red lips made me to kiss her madly, her open sliky hairs, black bra was damn hot. She was the hottest woman I ever touched.

I tied her hands with my tie, and whispered in her ears, "Receive the pleasure I'm gonna give you baby", I kissed her hands and my fingers were exploring her body gently, she was moaning softly ""Aaahhh" "Aaahhh", I kissed her neck and ear, softly gave a love bite, she helpless situation made her moan loaudly "Aahhhh" "Aahhhhhhh", I made my way to down on her chest and boobs, ripped of her bra, and OMG !!, her pretty boobs and those dark nipples, I was sucking her dry, she was dripping wet, we both felt great to taste each other. We were smooching and at the same time her nails were on my bare back, I was having a hard time in my trousers, it was getting hard with every move.

Passionately kissed her legs, slowly moving towards her pussy, the animal in her was moaning "Ahhhhhh" "I'm loving it" "Ahhhhhh". I smelling her pussy while her pants were on, it was so good, I kissed her on her pants, and she moaned "aaaahhhhhhhh", I ripped her pants off and there was her pussy, absolutely wet and begging me to fuck hard, I moved my fingers in her core, it was so cool and soft inside. She was moaning while I was fingering her g-spot, as I had quicly figured where it was, it felt like an achievement to find her g-spot in a matter of few seconds.

I pleasured her with my mouth, as I tasted her juicy pussy, the way I rigorously I pleasured her made her go wild, at times I felt her almost fained, in a few seconds she came, and I drank every damn drop of her hot cum. I still didn't stop my passion, I turned her, and now I was having her back, spanked hard, and she moaned "Aaaaaahhhhhhh", I softly kissed her neck, her back and legs, also rubbed my cock on her ass, her ass was begging for my cock. She was squeezing her ass on my cock. I didn't even take a minute to drop my pants off and pull my errected cock out. She wanted to have a gist of my cock with her eyes but I didn't let her do that. I pulled up the condom, spanked her ass and slowly moved her in asshole. She was moaning, it made me even more passionate, I was moving in and out of her, and suddenly she shouted "Fuck me !! Hard", in a few minutes of ripping her asshole with my cock, my cock wanted to have a space in her core.

She could witness my cock, I'm having a 5.5 inch cock, she enjoyed it in her asshole and wanted to taste it with her mouth, but I didn't let her do that !! I made my way to her mouth and was just banging my cock to her cheeks, she was continuously trying to take it in her mouth but failed everytime. I could it back and kissed her lips, she was bitting my tongue, and I could easily make it out that she wanted my cock in her core. I went down and sucked her clit and juices, rubbing my hard cock on her pussy, she was shouting on me to fuck her !! I waited and as soon as I changed the condom, moved my cock in her core with a sudden shock, she had tears out of the pain, "Aaahhhhhhh", in a few minutes while we were fucking hard, she had her cum there, it was her 5th orgasm,  she said "ohh baby, aahhhhhhh".

I made her hands free, and she threw the condom off and I had my cum on her boobs, she just loved it, she took my cock in her mouth, I felt bliss, she was so good at sucking, it made my cock errect again, after her hot blowjob, she pushed me to the bed and was giving me love bites. Her loud moans at times make me feel amazing. I fucked her the second time, she was on top of me, madly bouncing on my cock, totally forgetting about the condom, she orgasmed for the 6th time, I was still fucking her, as soon as I filled my cum in her, she had her 7th orgasm. "I love you" she said.

I felt really good to lose my virginity to such a hot beast, we crave to meet each other again and have a fucking session for hours.

I would love to hear from my readers, also up for a hot session with a few, you can email me on [email protected].

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