The Girl in a Country Song Ch.8 The Anniversary

Fafah   March 23, 2017   | 12116 Views
It was a special night. A one year anniversary for Lukah and Jessie. They had arranged to have the night and house to themselves. Coming home after a nice night out dining and a little… cheating It was a special night. A one year anniversary for Lukah and Jessie. They had arranged to have the night and house to themselves. Coming home after a nice night out dining and a little dancing. Jessie, knew the night would be far from over. As Lukah would have something very special lined up to complete the celebration. As Jessie was freshening up, She heard Lukah turn the music on. As she came out, Lukah was waiting with his hand out, leading into a close hug, followed by a swaying dance that lead to the bedroom. The lights were dimmed, but Jessie could tell the comforter had been removed from the bed. Lukah had already striped to his briefs. Jessie still a little tipsy, Lukah leaned over the bed to remove her panties. As Lukah pushed her on the bed, he quickly rolled her over and wrapped the sheet tightly around her now bare body. With Jessie on her back, and one arm free. Lukah reached up and looped an awaiting rope around her wrist. As she pulled away, the noose tightens. Lukah slowly moved to the foot of the bed. Purposely dragging his body over the sheets that have Jessie bound so tightly. Retrieving a second rope, which he slipped over the opposite ankle that had her wrist bound to the head of the bed. As he positioned himself back to the head of the bed, he could feel Jessie's heat coming through the sheet. He knew she was turned on and was already very wet. He slowly and softy started kissing her lips, gazing into her eyes. His kisses slide off her lips and turn to nibbles and kisses on her neck. Even though she freshened up for him. He could still smell the sweat and musky pheromones underneath her flowing hair, from the earlier dancing. The intoxicating scent multiplied his desire. As he felt his cock starting to expand, he knelt beside her head. Rubbing his half hard cock across her soft cheeks and over her luscious lips. She started to kiss and lick with each passing stroke. Lukah then let her suck the head of his cock. But even though Jessie likes to be submissive, she has a tendency to try to control and rush things. This time she has leaned her head forward, to engulf his full length into her mouth. Lukah was ready, but tonight it was to be on his terms. Lukah pulled her hair to the side. Putting his knee on it, to hold her head back. Pulling the sheet down, exposing her breast. With Jessie locked in place, Lukah reached for her jaws, with just enough pressure to open her mouth wide. Presenting the opening to her mouth and throat, for him to guide his cock inside at his will and pace. With his hand full of a breast, he drives his dick inside her wet mouth. As his strokes got deeper, faster and more demanding, he was starting to pinch her nipples, squeeze and slap both of her perky tits. Each slap was just a little more than her comfort zone, as he could feel her tense up and tighten her bite on his cock. Both bodies soaked in sweat, Lukah could feel Jessie 's mouth drying, from her struggling breaths. After the controlling and constricting grip of his leg on her hair and his cock feeling the depths of her throat. He pulled out, replacing the sheet around her breast. Then even tighter and wet from the sweat. Intensifying the stinging sensation from the aggressive breast and nipple play/ manipulation. Lukah lowered and positioned himself, to roll the sheet up that binds her legs together. Finally exposing her waist. Her ankle and wrist still tied. He pulled her free leg towards him. With Jessie now on her side. Lukah's hard slobber covered cock separated the lips of her pussy, rubbing her clit with each movement. Seemingly out of nowhere a riding crop appeared. With each pop, Jessie flinched, rubbing her clit over the hard cock. Lukah tossed the crop across the room. And continued the ass spanking with his bare hand. Each slap turned into a grab. His fingers dug deeper into her ass cheeks, which pulled her closer, each time the head of his cock protruding and teasing her wet pussy. :Fuck me Lukah!" she screamed "Fuck me!". He quickly untied her, turning her the rest of the way over. Her plump ass, with all the red marks, shining high in the air. Her still begging to be fucked! Lukah gladly filled her screams for satisfaction. Holding her tightly by the ass cheeks he instantly slammed his hard dick deep inside her. She begged for more to finish her off. But every time she was at the brink, Lukah slowed down or stopped. By this time her screams had turned into pleas and cries for a grand finale. Lukah turned her over. His cock dripping of her hot fluid and started to slide inside her ass. She moaned "no I need to cum. Fuck my pussy, please fuck my pussy..." Lukah had her finale planned out and ignored her pleas. He continued to penetrate her ass. As he went deeper and found the right angle. She felt and realizes that even while fucking her ass, he was pounding the hell out of her g spot. "Oh yea baby" she said "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass right there, fuck my ass hard". She spontaneously started to cum....her hot sweet juices flowing out of her pussy. Not sure what type or how many kinds of orgasms she was having all at once. But knew it was the best she has ever experienced. Lukah continued to fuck her ass. But slowed down to let her enjoy the whole experience, getting his own pleasure from all the pulsating and constrictions coming from both her pussy and ass. As he felt the contractions slowing down. He grabbed her tighter. Fucking her ass with everything he had. Screaming and moaning her name as he pumped her ass full of the hot cum from his orgasm and sending her to another blast of passion. .......
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