The Girl in a Country Song Ch.4 The Abduction

Fafah   March 20, 2017   | 10278 Views
Jessie was overcome with joy realizing she had finally made it to the end of her work week. She had imagined and worked hard for this weekend, for so long. A couple of romantic days… Luxury

Jessie was overcome with joy realizing she had finally made it to the end of her work week. She had imagined and worked hard for this weekend, for so long. A couple of romantic days and nights with her man, and lover Lukah. As a hard working woman and mother, she deserved some down time. It was her ex's weekend with her son and Lukah's son was out of town for baseball camp. The past week had felt as if all the decisions and world had been on her shoulders. With only one stop, to check on her mother, she would then be on her way to Lukah's. But she found herself melting away in her favorite chairs at her mother's house. Lukah knowing is was past time for Jessie to be home and had not heard from her. He called her phone, but received no answer. In her rush, she had left it in the car, when she went into her mother's house. Lukah called her mother's house phone and was told Jessie had fallen asleep. Knowing how tired she was, Lukah told her mother not to disturb her. Lukah wanted Jessie to rest, but he knew how much she needed and wanted a few days off, with no responsibilities, just rest, a little pampering and a lot of passion. Lukah had also been missing their passion. His loins were on fire from thinking about and missing Jessie. Lukah, always being one to try not to disappoint, hopped in his pickup truck, and drove to Jessie, at her mother's house. As he walked in, he saw Jessie in a deep sleep. She woke to Lukah's breath on her neck. She tried to reach her arms around Lukah. But quickly realized that Lukah had bound her hands and legs before she woke. Jessie started to speak, but was quickly silenced, as Lukah kissed her luscious lips and tied a blindfold over her eyes. Still very drowsy she heard him whisper, Jessie, I'll take care of everything. After the past tough week, she quickly surmised to Lukah, as he wrapped her in a blanket, gently picked her up and carried her to the truck. She softly asked, "Where are we going my love" but his only response was caressing the hair of her pretty little head, which laid on his lap. It was a long ride. But Jessie was very comfortable with Lukah being in control. She sighed and moaned, drifting in and out of sleep, but few words were spoken. As they reached their destination, Jessie not knowing where, with her eyes still covered. Lukah again picked her up, lifted her out of the truck and carried her for a short distance. Then he gently place her down, still wrapped in the blanket. She could smell the essence of smoke, and feel the heat of an open fire through the blanket. Lukah unwrapped the blanket, untied her, and removed the blindfold, exposing the night sky and a small near by fire pit. In her softest voice Lukah heard her say, "ahhh HOME....the perfect place.". Lukah slowly removed her clothes while gazing into her eyes. Then he started to gently caress her body, which turned into a much needed full erotic massage, with lots of light teasing touches on her most sensitive parts and deeper rubs on her tired, sore muscles. Lukah paused occasionally in a sense of teasing, to enhance her anticipation of his next touch. Lukah then lifted her relaxed limp body. Jessie's nipples were hard from the cool night air and anticipation. Lukah carried her to his bed, where he traced ever inch of her body with his tongue. He finally reached her wet pussy. As he made contact with her clit, she thrust towards him. He finally leaned down to taste the sweet juices of her womanhood. The taste and warmth instantly turned him on. But he continued pleasuring her with his tongue. Jessie could sense the excitement, bringing out Lukah's inner beast as his breaths got deeper and more frequent, as the intensity of his oral got much less gently. Jessie whisper, "Take me lover....I need you!" Lukah put her legs over his shoulders and in one quick motion was deep inside her. Even in her very wet and excited state, she was so tight. Lukah felt as if his skin was being ripped from his cock with each stroke. Lukah felt her pull back on the long hard strokes, but she continued pulling him deeper, seeming to enjoying the pleasurable pain. Lukah turned her over. Entering her from behind. Holding her hair, pulling her closer. Their moans of ecstasy rang loudly with the slapping of their body's like a bass drum. Lukah felt her pulsation speeding up. He flipped her back over. "I want to look you in the eyes as you cum." he whispered. Lukah needed to release, but fought to hold back. The feel, sounds of and look on Jessie’s face, put Lukah over the edge. He pulled out and release his hot cum on her chest. She slowly rub it over herself and then sucked the cum off of her fingers. Her last words of the day, in a light whisper, "thank your Sir". Lukah eased back into giving her gentle oral, till his beautiful Jessie drifted back off into a deep sleep.

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