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…Blushing, my daughter nevertheless obediently held her tank top just above her navel, knowing how important it was to give the men a clear view of her bare, pink vagina…
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…Girls were often nude around other people, but until their Festival they were never touched while naked except by their father or a trained professional…
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I take a class on preparing my daughter for her sexual duties

Andrea and Eddy

H0rnyHubby - June 14, 2022 | 13132 Views
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Andrea drove home from work frustrated as usual. The overweight 48 year old mom of one son had been divorced for over 10 years now and still hadn't been able to get laid. She sighed.…

Mom, Aunt and ME

TheHuntedOne - March 30, 2022 | 32273 Views
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I was 22 when i was caught the first time of my aunt with my neighbour at her knees my cock deep down her troat, after that day i fucked my aunt as often as i could. I filled my neighbours…
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