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“I didn’t know you had chest hair.” Lin was eying Ken’s well-formed pecs she’d traced earlier through his tee. She sucked on her fingers and thought, Ken is one… fine… specimen. Now, she didn’t have to touch herself to tingle, tingles radiated from her clit all by themselves. The slighted movement of her legs, cause her muscles to flinch. OMG. Ken’s my brother, and I’m so horny for him I can’t stand it, she thought. What’s wrong with me?


naughtyharshith - February 14, 2019 | 4356 Views
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Then I cummed in their mouths..I cummed loads…mom was tired but still horny..she started sucking my penis I was still hard..then I spread her legs wide and inserted my penis in her pussy and ramming mom was moaning in pleasure..I fucked in that position for 15min then I fucked her doggy style…she was moaning heavily..and me too..then mom was screaming and enjoying …. We fucked her hard and we slept together as we were exhausted…


naughtyharshith - January 29, 2019 | 9486 Views
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This time the story reveals about true incest relationship one of my close friend REV & his mom Mallika. Everything is common like you friends since from primary to college life . I was very much attracted with Hot ladies .I was regular to porn and imagine the erotic scenes masturbated in free times. As the desires and lust take me into the incest relationship between mom Mallika. She was hot milf thick lady with big Boobs and Ass.

The Friday my Life Changed CH1

jack1107 - February 21, 2019 | 559 Views
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“That feels fucking massive, you’re much bigger and thicker than your father. I will make you so hard tonight. My tits are very sensitive; I can cum when you suck and play with them. My clitoris is not small and loves to be played with. I love lots of stimulation and then fucked hard and deep in every hole.”

My first time with my Milf of a mom

Milfslayer - January 07, 2019 | 21094 Views
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'I used to think I was fucked up cuz I love porn(cartoon, incest, black busty milfs) n I would think bout fucking everyone I would see even my mom(Danella) and sisters(Vicki+Brittany). DDanella was my favorite cuz she had big tits n a big ass.
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