Globes of Power

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Mother is jealous of her daughters large breasts. rings The Globes of Power

All characters in this story are over 18 years old.

Chapter One

Sandra Thompson, the middle-aged woman with petite frame and short, light brown hair, stood in the kitchen, preparing dinner. She glanced down at her small breasts, feeling insecure as she always did when her youngest daughter was nearby. Emily, her older daughter, had a slim figure and long dark hair. Sophia, her youngest daughter, slim with long dark hair like her sister, in fact they almost looked like twins if it wasn't for a couple of other things. Sophia, unlike her mother and older sister has very large breasts that seemed to defy gravity with their perkiness. Her breasts were still growing and the fact that she did not realize just how big they were made them more obvious. Sophia’s breasts now required a HHH cup bra. Sandra became more and more inadequate with each new bra purchase for her daughter. Sophie grew out of bra's so fast that most of the time she didn't bother to wear one.

Sophia came bouncing down the stairs singing. Sandra was chopping vegetables, she didn't see Sophia, but she pictured her coming down the stairs with her huge boobs bouncing all over the place. She couldn't help but compare herself to them, they just seemed to be in view all the time. She sighed heavily, feeling jealous or angry or ... she didn't know how she felt. The sound of pots and pans clanking against each other filled the air as she worked on the meal. Suddenly, the front door opened interrupting her thoughts. It was Jeff, her husband, coming home from work early today.

"Hey guys!" he called out, his deep voice echoing through the house. He walked into the kitchen, greeting each of them with a smile before sitting down at the table. "Something smells good."

Sandra looked up from her cutting board, feeling her cheeks heat up at his comment. "It's just dinner, Jeff," she replied with a shrug, trying not to let on how much his words meant to her.

Emily came up behind him, giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Hi, Dad," she murmured softly before heading back towards her room to continue working on a painting she'd been working on all day. Meanwhile, Sophia bounded over and gave him a playful smack on the arm before settling into her usual spot at the table next to him.

Jeff glanced over at Sophia, watching her plop down on the chair, causing her huge breasts to bounce. "Smells great, Mom," she said with a grin. "You're the best cook ever." "Did she make her boobs bounce on purpose?" Jeff thought.

Sandra felt an irrational surge of jealousy towards her daughter's exaggerated breasts yet again but pushed it aside. "Thanks, honey," she replied with a forced smile. She finished preparing the meal quickly, unable to shake the feeling that everyone in the room knew what she was feeling - or at least what she thought they were feeling.

As they sat down to eat, the family chatted about their day. Emily talked about a new poem she'd written while Jeff discussed work, both ignoring the elephant in the room: Sandra's obvious discomfort. The scent of garlic and herbs filled their noses as they dug into the meal. The tender chicken breasts fell apart in their mouths and mixed with the fluffy rice, making for a perfect blend of flavors. Yet, even as they enjoyed the food, Sandra couldn't shake her jealousy, even the word chicken breasts made her think about her small breasts.

The next day Emily, Sophia and Sophia's friend Ashley returned home from being at the beach most of the day. Sophia was still wearing her bikini, which was much too small for her. Sandra saw Sophia and Ashely coming in the front door. Sandra made a comment about how terrible Sophie looked and told her to cover up. Ashley and Sophia burst into her room, slamming the door shut behind her, and flopped onto her bed. Her day with Emily and Ashley had been fun - laughing, adventuring, living life to the fullest. But as soon as she got home, her mom's unhappy gaze and snide remarks about her 'boobs being too much' dampened her mood. She was sick of it! Her big tits were a blessing; why couldn't she see that? Why did she have to be so jealous?

In her room later that afternoon, Emily sat on her bed, her naked body in the mirror's reflection, and cried quietly. She was thinking about all the men staring at her younger sister, even woman, and not even glancing at her. Why weren't her breasts bigger, she was older than Sophia, so my tits should be bigger than hers not the other way around? Her breasts looked pathetic next to Sophia's huge rack. Emily curled up under the covers, tears soaking into her pillow as she wished for tits bigger than her tiny B cups.

Ashley went to the washroom.

Suddenly, there was a knock on Sophia's door. Thinking it was her mother she said, "Go away," as she groaned, not in the mood for company.

"Sophia, let me in." It was Emily's voice.

Sophia sighed and got up, unlocking the door. Her older sister stumbled in, looking flushed and disheveled. "What's wrong?" she asked, concerned.

"I... I just need to talk to someone about something," Emily whispered, closing the door behind her. She sat down on the edge of Sophia's bed, fidgeting with her fingers.

"What is it?" Sophia prompted gently, noticing the wetness under her sister's eyes.

"I... I can't stop thinking about how you and mom are always competing over our bodies, and how I never measure up," Emily confessed softly. "Every time someone compliments you, I feel like I'm not enough." She took a shaky breath before continuing. "I don't want to feel like this anymore, Sophia. I need your help."

Sophia felt a pang of guilt. Her older sister looked so vulnerable, so lost. She took a deep breath, steeling herself. "What do you want me to do?"

"Can I touch them?" Emily blurted out, pointing towards Sophia's chest.

Sophia froze for a moment before realizing she was still wearing her swimsuit. Not wanting to upset her sister anymore but at the same time feeling weird, she hesitated and then reluctantly nodded. Sophie was used to her friends asking if they could touch them, but not from her sister. Emily reached out with both hands and gently touched the large globes. "They feel very heavy, but its hard to tell with your swimsuit being so tight.", Emily said. "Here, this will give you a better idea" as Sophie reached under her swimsuit and removed her right breast. Emily looked at it in amazement. "My gosh, its huge, your areolas are bigger than my tits!" she said. Her sister reached out, gently touching them, a sense of wonder and awe on her face. Sophia wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. "I love you," she whispered, giving her sister a squeeze. "We're sisters; we should be supportive of each other, not compete." Emily nodded, sniffling, and they hugged tightly. Seeing her older sister much happier, Sophia laughed and asked her "Do you want to see something funny about them? Emily smiled and said "yes please, show me". Sophia reached down with both her hands to lift her huge breast up to her mouth and licked the giant nipple, then smiled at Emily and began sucking it. Emily had never seen something like this or even knew that that was a thing. She would never have sex with her sister, but she was extremely turned on. Her pussy juices were flowing from her.

When she heard Ashley coming back Sophia quickly stuffed her large breast back under her bikini top. Emily said thank you as Ashley walked in.

Sophia and Ashley entered the kitchen, they were still wearing their swimsuits but with an opened shirt and shorts. Their mom was at the stove, cooking dinner. She could smell the delicious aroma of roasted chicken and vegetables. "Hey, mom," she said hesitantly, watching as Sandra turned around, frowning at the sight of her daughter in a wet bikini top and shorts.

"What are you doing, Sophia?" She asked, her voice cold. "You were just at the beach, why aren't you changed?"

"Ashley and I went for a swim," Sophia lied, trying to act casual. "We wanted to cool off."

"Well, it's time to get ready for dinner," her mom snapped, turning back to the stove. Sophia exchanged a look with Ashley, who nodded.

As they sat down at the table, Sophia noticed the tension thick in the air. Their dad seemed oblivious, happily chatting about his day at work while their mom glared at her across the table, clearly unhappy with her reveling attire. The smell of food filled the room, making Sophia's stomach growl in anticipation.

"Pass the potatoes, Sophia," their dad said with a smile.

Sophia did as he asked, her heart pounding as she reached over the table exposing more cleavage than usual. Their mom's eyes narrowed dangerously, but their dad didn't seem to notice or care. He was too engrossed in conversation with Emily on his left side, who was telling him about her new science project.

The dinner progressed awkwardly, with their mom constantly shooting dirty looks at Sophia, who tried her best to ignore them. Ashley, seated next to her, offered silent encouragement with subtle squeezes of her hand under the table. After a few minutes, their dad asked how everyone's day was.

"It was great," Sophia replied, sharing highlights of their adventures at the beach. "We met some really cool people, umm... surfed some waves..." Her words trailed off as their mom let out an audible gasp.

"You were in a bikini all day?" She asked incredulously. "You do know that's inappropriate, right?"

Sophia bristled at this comment. "Mom, it was a beach, not a strip club," she retorted defensively. Their mom huffed and turned back to her food, clearly not satisfied with her response.

Ashley cleared her throat delicately. "We also went shopping today," she interjected, "and I got these awesome new bikini tops" She held up a shopping bag for everyone to see, revealing two new bikinis that looked larger than the one she was wearing. Sandra's eyes darted between Ashley and Sophia before settling back on her daughter's chest. "Sophia from now on when you’re at the dinner table, you will wear something to cover your chest more", Sandra demanded.

"I think it's time for dessert," she said briskly, rising from her seat and leaving the room before anyone could respond.

Sophia stared down at her half-eaten plate, feeling both angry and embarrassed as she watched everyone else dig into their sweet treats without her. "Looks like I'm not allowed any," she muttered to herself and pushed away from the table.

The next morning, Sophia emerged from her room wearing a thin white shirt that accentuated her ample curves without showing any cleavage yet still managing to make an impression with her enormous nipples practically poking through the fabric, her saucer sized areolas were slightly visible. Well, this should make mom happy, the girls are covered and there is no visible cleavage, she chuckled to herself. Sandra couldn't help but grind her teeth as she watched her daughter saunter down the stairs. Her heart raced with a mixture of anger and jealousy as she took in the sight of Sophia's wavy blonde hair falling over her shoulder and the way her hips swayed with each step. Jeff tried to remain neutral, but he couldn't help but notice the tension between them—it seemed like they were always arguing lately.

"Morning, everyone," Sophia chirped, pouring herself some cereal before taking a big bite and chewing loudly. "So, what's on the agenda for today?"

Sandra shot her a disapproving glance before turning back to Jeff, who avoided eye contact. "Well," he began hesitantly, "I was thinking we could go out for ice cream after dinner tonight?"

Sophia snorted derisively. "Great, another chance for mom to criticize my appearance," she mumbled under her breath.

"Excuse me?" Their mom snapped, whipping around to face her daughter once more.

"Nothing, mom," Sophia mumbled, looking down into her cereal bowl.

"I thought I told you to not wear inappropriate clothes at the dinner table" her mother said. Not wanting any part of what was coming, Jeff left the kitchen.

"You told me to cover them up, so i did, see?" as she moved her hands around her globes, with a slight noticeable pause at her nipples and smiled at her mother." "What is wrong with you?" Sandra snapped. "You know very well what your wearing is inappropriate, go up to your room and put a bra on along with a loose-fitting top." Sandra demanded. Sophia got up from the table and started walking upstairs when she said "Mom, my bra's no longer fit. Maybe I could borrow one of yours?" she asked as innocently as she could knowing full well that her mother’s tiny bra wouldn't even hide her huge areolas. Sandra didn't know what to say or how to react, so she didn't. Sophia laughed to herself with the satisfaction of getting back at her mother, but then she quickly felt bad about what she just did. That was mean what i just did. I love my mom. All I want is for her to love me. Why can't she? She cried.

Jeff asked if everyone was ready. They all answered yes, and they exited the front door for a walk to a local ice cream parlour. Sandra looked at Sophia noticing that not only was she beautiful but also as tall as her. She told Sophie to put a jacket on because it will be cold by the time they walked back home. Not wanting to cause a problem she went back inside to get a jacket and then she noticed no one else had one. "Mom, know one else has a jacket, so why do I need one? Sophie asked. Her mother snapped "just do as I say Sophia."

After eating ice cream Sophia noticed how hot it was, which made her think about her mother snapping at her about needing a jacket. She was wearing a loose-fitting top and normal jean, that should not be inappropriate in her mothers eyes. Why is she so angry with me all the time, she thought.

As they walked home, Sophia fell behind the others as she slowly skipped along in a daydream. Jeff looked behind him wondering where Sophia was. He saw her large boobs bouncing all over the place with each skip. "Well, I see you haven't forgotten how to skip. he said to Sophia. He immediately regretted saying that when Sandra turned around to look. Sandra let out a loud sigh and looked angrily at Jeff. As she looked at Sophia skipping, she could not help to notice her large breasts bouncing and Jeff watching with a smile. Sandra scowled at Jeff then at Sophia "your too old for skipping, come and walk beside us" Sandra said to Sophia. Sophia saw the angry look her mother gave her and her father, she stopped skipping, showed a pouted expression. Now Dad is getting it to, she thought.

While re-joining the family, Sophia said "I just can't do anything right, can I mom? Sandra did not reply, and the family walked in silence the rest of the way home. Sophia was miserable and angry with her mother.

Jeff felt sorry for Sophia, he didn't like how Sandra was treating her and was tired of the tension in his family. He decided he would speak to Sandra when they got home.

When they got back to the house, Sophia bounded upstairs to her room, sad and angry she tossed herself on the bed. She laid there for a while thinking, getting angrier and more confused. Finally, she said quietly to herself, I guess there's nothing I can do to please her, so I may as well stop trying."

She stood up, tossed her shirt onto her bed, revealing her plain looking bra that barely contained her breasts. Giggling softly at the thought of how much it would bother her mom, she reached into her drawers only to pull out another tight top that showed off even more cleavage than usual—a clear middle finger to her mother's constant criticism.

It's time for you and me to talk", he said to Sandra. She looked surprised "talk about what? she asked. "Why are you being so mean to Sophia." "She dresses inappropriately and makes a point of showing off her chest at every opportunity, she said. Jeff was angry, "no ... she does not do that at all, the problem is that you are jealous of her, you can't stand the fact that her chest is huge compared to yours, your jealousy is childish and hurtful, you are destroying this family." Jeff said in tears as he stormed out of the house. Everyone in the house could hear Jeff.

Downstairs, Sandra couldn't help but stare at the stairs every time there was movement upstairs; anticipation building inside of her like an ache. When Sophia finally emerged, wearing the revealing top, Sandra's face flushed crimson with rage. " What do you think you're trying to do? Show off?" She screamed, unable to control herself.

"Mom..." Sophia started, trying to reason with her. But it was too late. The damage had been done; she was already lost in a fit of rage.

Jeff heard Sandra yelling at Sophia again, so he came back inside.

"You think you're so perfect, don't you?" Sandra spat, her eyes narrowing. "With those huge tits and that flat stomach? Always trying to steal attention from me!" She grabbed a nearby object off the table and hurled it at her daughter, hitting her square in the chest. It was a small vase filled with daisies from Jeff's birthday party, but it shattered on impact with Sophia's chest, sending shards of glass flying. "You're just like your father, always getting what you want!" She screamed, pointing at Jeff. Jeff grabbed Sandra and yelled at her to stop. It was Sandra's turn to run crying out of the house.

Jeff winced as his wife's words pierced through him like daggers and felt guilty for not doing more to stop this behavior before it escalated. He knew he should have been there for her more, listened more intently when she spoke about her insecurities. He rushed over to Sophia to see if she was hurt. He asked her if she was okay. She was crying uncontrollably, as he looked at her chest for cuts. There were two small cuts high on her chest. Take your shirt off while I get a cloth and band aids. Jeff inspected her enormous breasts for any other cuts. Sophia still crying asked if he wanted her to take her bra off to check all of them. Jeff said, "No no, its okay, I can see from your bra there was no glass."

He cleaned the small cuts and put band aids over them.

Upstairs in her room, Sophia tried to make sense of what had just happened, tears streaming down her face from both pain and frustration. She slammed the door behind her. How could her own mother be so cruel? All she wanted was to feel pretty for once! She sat on her bed, hugging her knees close to her chest as she rocked back and forth, trying to calm down. Her huge breasts swayed gently underneath the thin material of her tank top, making them even more prominent than before.

The family sat down together for dinner that night with an elephant in the room-like tension hanging over them like a dark cloud. Sandra barely spoke while Jeff attempted small talk but seemed distant, lost in thought. Emily tried to make light of the situation by joking around but received none of the usual laughter or engagement from anyone at the table. They all just picked at their food without much appetite.

As they finished up, Sophia excused herself to go to her room, leaving father and mother alone together. Sandra confronted Jeff about his infatuation with his youngest. "Why can't you look at me the way you look at her? Am I not good enough?" She snapped before storming off to bed early, leaving a stunned and hurt Jeff sitting alone in the living room. He couldn't deny his attraction to Sophia but also couldn't understand why he kept pushing his wife away like this. Her behaviour towards our daughter cannot just be jealousy, I know she loves her daughters. There's something more than jealousy at play here, he thought.

In her room, Sophia stared at herself in the mirror, admiring how her dress clung to her curves but felt emptier than ever inside. She missed when her family used to be close-knit and happy, but now it seemed like nothing could bring them back together again. She was angry at how her mom was treating Dad. I need to make my father happy she thought.

About an hour after dinner Jeff went to the basement for his normal workout. Jeff was using the bench press with a little more weight than normal, hoping a hard workout would help clear his thoughts. Sophia came downstairs and saw her dad struggling a little to get the bar all the way up. She ran over to the end of the bench press, leaned over and asked Jeff he needed help. Not thinking as she bent over, her huge boobs practically fell out of her top. All Jeff could see were two of the largest tits he had ever seen. As he was memorized by his daughters’ huge globes he thought, my god there incredible, what I would give to be able to play with tits like that instead of his wife's tiny little things. He shook himself out of his trans. Sophia now realizing what was happening didn't immediately pull away, instead she playfully used he arms to squeeze her tits just a little, creating a valley of cleavage, "what's wrong Daddy?" "Nothing sweat heart, but you should be careful bending over like that, they could fall out", he said jokingly. She stood up and squeezed them together and laughed "what, you mean these little things?". Jeff could feel his penis going rock hard, wishing he had not worn his loose-fitting track pants without underwear. Not thinking, Jeff reached down and pushed his penis down, so it did not look like he was hard, but this drew Sophia's attention to his crotch. "Daddy why is your thing poking up?", Sophia asked. Shit, Jeff thought, "sorry sweat heart, it should not be doing that". Jeff needed to do something about his obvious hard on before Sandra came down and saw it. He went upstairs to put underwear on. On the way to the bedroom Sandra was coming out of the washroom and could clearly see that his penis was hard. She knew Sophia had gone to the basement where Jeff was exercising. Sandra was stunned. He hardly ever had a hard penis around me, she thought. That little bitch is making her husband Horney!

The next day at work, Sandra received an unexpected call from her boss offering her a temporary assignment out of town. Exhausted by the tension at home, she agreed without hesitation, packing her bags and leaving for an undetermined amount of time.

With their mom gone, Sophia and Jeff found themselves alone in the house more often than usual. Emily was staying with her grandmother for a few days. They started by watching movies together, slowly progressing to sharing meals and eventually even playing video games together. As they spent more time together, the tension between them started to fade away, replaced by a newfound understanding and respect for each other's company. They discovered shared interests like cooking shows and playing board games, which led to hours spent in each other's presence without any mention or acknowledgement of what had happened.

One evening after dinner, they decided to take a walk around the neighborhood when Sophia playfully asked Jeff if he wanted some ice cream. He smiled warmly at her, "Only if you promise to share some with me," he teased back. They laughed together as they walked to the local ice cream parlor. The cool air felt refreshing against their skin, and they held hands without thinking about it twice.

Inside the shop, they each ordered a double scoop of cookies 'n cream, feeling carefree for the first time in what felt like ages. They walked back home, licking ice cream off their fingers and laughing at each other's messy faces. Once inside, they sat on the couch together, the TV still off. Sophia sat down beside Jeff on the couch and turned towards him reaching for the TV remote, her left breast pushed into Jeff, Sophia was oblivious to it, but not Jeff. He instantly got hard, just from his daughters’ huge breast innocently brushing up against him? What's wrong with him he thought?

Without thinking, Jeff reached out and brushed a stray hair from Sophia's face, his fingers grazing her cheek gently. She looked into his eyes, not pulling away this time, feeling a comforting spark of connection between them.

He could not control his desire for his daughter, he wanted her, even just to touch them for a couple minutes, nothing more, he thought.

He saw a small amount of dried ice cream on Sophia's face. You have a little bit of ice cream on your face, as he licked his finger, then used it to wipe off the ice cream from her cheek. Thanks Daddy, did you get it all? she asked. "Not quite", I need a little more, "lets try this" he said laughing as he licked her cheek. Sophia and Jeff giggled. Jeff did it again a couple of times making it fun for both, then he said, "oh too much saliva on you now, I better fix that too", he kissed her cheeks pretending to suck the saliva off, they both laughed again.

Sophia was wearing a loose top and no bra. Her huge young tits really didn't need a bra because they were firm and perky, Jeff noticed as he accidently drooled on her chest as he pulled away. "Dam, sorry baby". She looked down at her globes and saw the tiny amount of saliva laying perfectly in her gigantic cleavage. "Its ok Daddy, you can clean it just like you did my face", as she turned towards him, pointing them directly at him. Jeff was shocked, not sure what to do or say. Her left tit was touching his chest, he could clearly feel her large nipple against him. Fuck it, he thought. "Okay baby", this time there was no laughter as Jeff bent down and licked between her globes. He came back up as Sophia said, "I don't think you got it all Daddy".

"Its down there pretty deep", he said. "Oh, let me help", while still wearing a shirt, she reached down and pulled her enormous breasts apart, "is that better?". Jeff berried his face between them, or at least as much of his face as he could. Sophia seeing her fathers face between her globes let go of them, they bounced back together like they had springs. "How does that feel daddy?", she asked.

"Baby you are so beautiful and extremely sexy", "so are you Daddy". "Do you like my huge titties?" "Or do you prefer little bitty titties like mom has?", she said this while squeezing them together a little. Jeff didn't say a word, he just stared at them. "Maybe you need to see them before you answer... do you want to see them daddy?". "Yes", he said in a shaky voice. "Ok, I will show you this one first, its my favorite", she reaches down with both hands and removes her giant right breast from her loose top, and then lets it go, making it drop hard, causing it to jiggle a little. "Emily says these are called areolas, she thinks they are bigger than Moms whole little titty, what do you think Daddy?" she outlined her giant areola with her finger and smiled. "Daddy, are you ok, you’re not saying anything?", "I'm fine sweetheart. I just can't believe how sexy you are, and to answer your question, yes, your tits are much better than your moms’ little things." he said.

"She is so jealous of my big, amazing titties. I bet my nipples are even bigger than hers?" She asked. "Oh yes, baby, yours are much bigger." Sophia's nipples were indeed in proportion to her huge tits, her nipples were huge. They were in fact 3/4" wide. They didn't look that big because her tits were so big. The same went for her areolas, they were 5" in diameter, which were bigger than a lot of woman's breasts, but on her huge tits they looked perfect.

"Your nipples are amazing sweetheart. I can't believe how big and beautiful they are." Jeff thought to himself that there is no way she could breast feed because a baby’s mouth would not be big enough for them.

Sophia remembered how her sister was amazed when she sucked on one, thinking this might excite Daddy as well "You know what else I like about them Daddy", "what" he asked. "They taste really good." Jeff looked confused, he had ever been with a woman with huge breasts, so he didn't understand what she meant. "How would you know what they taste like", he asked seriously. "Well, I tasted them of course, watch", she reached down with both hands lifting her huge breast and bending it towards her mouth. She didn't lick it, instead she sucked on it with ease and continued for a few seconds. She stopped sucking with a popping sound "so tasty, I love them daddy ... do you want a taste", she said as she lifted and pointed her titty towards her father. "Yes, i do", he said with his voice shaking again. Jeff licked and sucked her enormous nipple for a few minutes, he thought he was going to cum, so he stopped. "You can pretend my nipple is Mommy's little titty while you suck it", she laughed. Jeff didn't laugh, he went back to socking her nipple, he did think about how small Sandras’s nipples were compared to these, even two of Sandra's nipples together were smaller than just one of Sophia's.

Jeff couldn't take it any longer, he had to relieve himself. "Sweat heart", Daddy needs to use the bathroom, I will be back in a couple minutes". He went upstairs, tore off his shorts and jerked his penis for about 10 seconds to cause an incredible orgasm, more cum than he had ever seen.

He came back downstairs and sat on the couch beside Sophia. Sophia had tucked her huge tit back under her shirt. "That was fun Daddy", she said as she looked into his eyes to read his thoughts." "Yes, it was baby girl". Sophia turned the TV on not caring what was on, and placed her head on Jeff's lap, stretching out on the couch.

Just then, the front door slammed open, breaking the intimate moment. Sandra stood there, eyes wide with anger and disbelief. "What the hell is this?!" she shouted at the sight before her. She couldn't believe what she was seeing - her daughters head on Jeff's lap laying on the couch. Her face was inches from his crotch.

Jeff looked at Sandra wondering what the problem was, he looked at Sophia thinking one of her huge tits was exposed, but they weren't. "What do you mean what is this?" Jeff asked.

"You cheating bastard," Sandra spat, pointing at him. "You were never this attentive when it was just me!"

Sophia tried to defend herself, "Mom, were just watching TV, what is wrong with you?" she felt a mixture of shame and anger welling up inside of her.

"Don't you lie to me!" Sandra shouted, her voice echoing off the walls.

Feeling cornered and guilty, Jeff finally spoke up, "We were just trying to bond, okay? We missed you."

"Bond?!" Sandra scoffed, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "You think this will bring us closer as a family?" Her heart was breaking at the thought of them sharing such an intimate moment without her.

As she stormed out of the room, Sandra's mind reeled with jealousy and rage. How could they do this to her? She felt like she wasn't enough for either of them. The questions consumed her thoughts as she paced around the house, grabbing her bags and throwing clothes into them. She couldn't stay here anymore. It was too painful.

Sandra packed up what she could and started towards the door, the house in silence, not looking back at the two people she once called family.

Chapter Two

"Mother, stop it! Just stop!" Sophia shouted, hands on her hips as she stared at her mother in disbelief. Her cheeks burned red with anger as she tried to process what she had just heard. "I can't believe you would say something so fucking ridiculous! Of course not," she spat out, her voice shaking with emotion. "You're not jealous of me! You're jealous of these?" She scoffed, placing both hands on her ample chest and squeezing them together hard, causing her breasts to jiggle and bounce beneath her thin shirt.

Sandra Thompson recoiled at the sight, feeling a wave of nausea raised up in her throat as her daughter's large breasts jostled together. She had never been so disgusted by anything in her life. She looked away, trying to find some escape from the moment but there was none to be found. "That's not it, Sophia. You know it's not," she stammered, knowing that she was caught.

"Then what is it?" Sophia demanded, stepping closer to her mother. "You've always been so cold towards me, treating me like I'm some kind of embarrassment. You're jealous of my body, aren't you?" she accused, her voice rising even higher. "It's always been about my tits, hasn't it? Well, fuck you!"

With that, she began to yank her shirt over her head, the shirt stopped briefly as the bottom came to her tits, she yanked her shirt past the globes making her tips come up and then fall back down with a huge bounce, revealing her ample chest to her mother for the first time in years. Her breasts were weighty and heavy looking, swaying back and forth as she moved. They were even bigger than Sandra remembered them being, and it made her want to gag. "Take a good look, mom," she said, grabbing one of her breasts roughly and squeezing it hard between her fingers.

"Stop it," she whispered, but it came out as more of a plea than an order.

Sophia grinned wickedly, taking advantage of her mother's discomfort. "No," she said, moving closer still. Sophia was a little taller than her mother. She could see the fear in her mother's eyes now, and it only fueled her anger more. "You've always resented me for having something you never could - these," she said, cupping her breasts together and lifting them up so they almost touched her mother's chin.

"Don't you dare!" Sandra gasped, trying to move away but feeling trapped by her own mortification. Her daughter's body was overwhelming, and she couldn't get away from the stark reality of how much she resented her.

Sophia smirked, leaning in close to her mother's ear. "I'm not going anywhere until you admit it," she whispered, breath hot against her cheek. "Tell me you're jealous, mommy."

The smell of her daughter's hair, the heat of her body... It was all too much for Sandra. "I... I am," she stammered out weakly.

"That's what I thought," Sophia purred, moving even closer now. She could almost feel her mother's heart racing under her tiny tits, and it made her feel powerful. "You know what else I think about when I see you? I think about how much easier it would be if you were just like me. Stronger, more confident, unafraid to show off what I've got."

Sandra could feel the pressure building up inside her chest, like a volcano about to erupt. She didn't want any of this - not the confrontation, not the jealousy, not this strange desire that was coursing through her veins. But it was too late now. She was stuck in this dark place where lust and hatred mingled together into one toxic brew.

As if sensing her mother's struggle, Sophia leaned in and gently bit her earlobe before whispering, "I'll show you what it's like." With that, she grabbed both of her mother's hands and placed them on her own chest, guiding them over her swollen nipples. They were hard and beading with excitement; Sandra could feel how turned on her daughter was, how much she wanted to be desired.

Her fingers plunged deeper into Sophia's cleavage, feeling the warmth of her skin and the softness of her breasts beneath as they squeezed together. This was like a nightmare unfolding before her eyes; she couldn't believe she was doing this with her own daughter. "You're right, Mom," Sophia murmured, tugging on one of her nipples until it poked out from her bra. "I have everything you wish you did."

The taste of her daughter's skin was intoxicating, arousing her further as she leaned in for another kiss. Their tongues danced together, their breaths heavy and laboured. Sandra could feel herself losing control, but she had to stop this - had to pull away. She pushed Sophia away gently, breaking their embrace. "This isn't right," she managed to say, struggling to catch her breath.

Sophia looked at her mother longingly but stepped back, a sad smile on her face. "I just wish we could be closer," she said softly before turning around and walking away to her room.

Alone in the house now, Sandra tried to shake off the desire that coursed through her veins, but it only grew stronger. She found herself constantly thinking about how amazing that felt, how good it was to have someone want her so badly after years of feeling invisible. She knew she should be disgusted by what had just happened, but instead, all she could think about was how good it could feel to be wanted again.

Meanwhile, Sophia retreated to her room, heart racing and body tingling. She slipped out of her wet underwear and climbed into bed, the cool sheets soothing her overheated skin. She lay there for hours, replaying the moment in her mind, wishing it could have gone further.

Later that night, as she lay with her father watching TV, she noticed him glancing at her more often than usual. She couldn't help but smile to herself, knowing that her breasts were the cause of his attention. She leaned forward slightly, allowing her ample cleavage to spill out from her shirt. She could feel his gaze burning a hole in her back as they watched TV. It was both exciting and confusing; she'd never realized how much it turned him on. Growing bolder, she decided to tease him a bit more. She reached over and grabbed the remote, her breasts pressing against the armrest as she did so.

"What are you hoping to watch, dad?" she asked, her voice husky with desire.

Jeff cleared his throat, struggling to maintain his composure. "Oh, anything you want, sweetheart." His voice cracked slightly as he spoke, betraying his arousal.

Sophia smirked to herself, loving the power she held over him. "How about that show with all the hot single guys? You know, the one where they go on dates in the city?" She tried to act nonchalant, but she could feel the heat emanating from his body.

"Uh, sure, that sounds great," he stammered, his eyes fixed on her chest.

As the program started, Sophia casually crossed her legs, giving him a glimpse of her black lace panties. His gaze traveled up and down her thighs before settling on her crotch again. She knew what he was thinking, and it made her wet. She could almost feel the heat radiating off him. She leaned back, allowing her breasts to point upwards. The soft fabric of her bra did little to contain them; they looked like two ripe melons begging to be tasted. She licked her lips, catching him staring at her mouth once more.

They watched the show together in silence, both lost in their own thoughts. Sophia couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have her father's hands on her body, to feel his lips against hers. The fantasy sent shivers down her spine as she squeezed her legs together. She leaned forward again and reached for the popcorn bowl, her breasts almost falling out of her top. Jeff's hand twitched, clearly tempted to reach out and grab them, but he resisted. She popped a kernel into her mouth, savoring the buttery goodness and watching as his eyes followed the motion.

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