Tea, biscuits and a mouthful of ...

Pussyl1kker - January 16, 2018 | 14071 Views
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“I can see your beautiful pussy, the swollen inviting lips and engorged clitoris. And it shines when you are wet and needy. Very inviting!” He painted a wonderful picture. Thinking about it made me even wetter.

A picnic in the woods

Pussyl1kker - January 08, 2018 | 19290 Views
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“Yes!” I screamed, “I fucking love your hard cock ramming into my wet cunt and filling it with spunk!” As I made that admission, and it was a heartfelt admission, I had the most wonderfully intense orgasm. It shuddered through my entire body.

I offer tea and you want 'something'?

Pussyl1kker - January 06, 2018 | 12273 Views
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“Please,” I begged again, “make me yours.”
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The bed was very comfortable the pillows were perfect and my breathing returned to near normal very quickly. My thoughts? If I had any they wouldn't have included my husband nor that I shouldn't be laying naked on a strangers bed eagerly awaiting his return. I closed my eyes contentedly and listened to him doing things in the kitchen. The faint gurgle of the washing machine starting suggested that I wouldn't have much longer to wait.

Tea, Cake or Something

Pussyl1kker - December 23, 2017 | 9403 Views
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“Way I see it,” he offered, “we have three options. We can either go to the coffee shop and see if any of their 1000 attempts have managed to produce a palatable cup of coffee. Go to Maccy D's and get a paper cup of tea but be unable to hear ourselves think or....” his voice trailed off. “Or?” I asked.
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