Tommie the Tomboy

MikeB78 - September 17, 2020 | 19145 Views
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After about ten minutes or so, I really lose track of time, Tommie is gasping. "Oh, Dave... Please... Whatever you're doing... Please... Don't stop... Make me... Oh, God... I'm close... Oh... Oh... I'm gonna..." As her vagina clamps down on my finger, I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and rolled it between my lips. She's gone completely silent, her back arched up off of the grass and all of her muscles are taut. Finally, she drops her back down in the grass and screams, "GOD!" so loud that it echoes off the rocky spires on the other side of the lake. I feel the familiar contractions of her pelvic area, each one causing a high pitched squeak from her throat. At times, she's mumbling, but I can't make out a word.

Tamed by a Cougar

jonny696 - August 01, 2020 | 15287 Views
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The urges of a virgin boy was explored by a wealthy lady who employed him as a gardener. There is a catch before their desires are met

Photographing Jenny

Slowhand1234 - July 08, 2019 | 17836 Views
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The effect was magical everyone just stood looking at her, nipples standing proud, suddenly George started to take pictures again and the others all joined in.

Sissy and Paul

Slowhand1234 - July 05, 2019 | 13732 Views
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The double ended dildo had appealed to her sense of humour and made her wet thinking about using it on me.


Slowhand1234 - July 04, 2019 | 11150 Views
straight, juicy sex stories 24
She had tied Tim in the same way as the man in the porno. She told him he either participated in what was going to happen, or that she would leave him and tell everyone why
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