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She had tied Tim in the same way as the man in the porno. She told him he either participated in what was going to happen, or that she would leave him and tell everyone why Lesbian

This is a partly true and partly fiction story.

True Part.

Some years ago, I worked as a tutor and had several students for one-on-one training in English, Math, or I.T. At that time, I also did computer repairs as a hobby, and people would bring in their laptops for me to either fix or upgrade them.

One student called Sally was an exceeding pretty, nice, polite lass who was also very shy. Her boyfriend Tim used to pick her up and drop her off daily, meeting her in the classroom. One night while out for a drink, I bumped into them. We chatted for a while, and got along really well. After a while it became quite a regular thing meeting for a drink, one night while we were talking, Tim asked if I still did computer repairs. Their laptop had started being very slow, so I told him I would take a look if Sally could bring it with her to school the next day.

I took the laptop home to see what was wrong did all the usual checks, defragmented and cleaned the white space, cleaned the Registry, trying everything I could to fix it, this taking several hours. Then, I checked the actual state of the hard-drive and found it was 89% full. No wonder it was slow! I had an old external drive which I no longer wanted, so I decided I would move all their pictures and documents to this drive. There was one particular video file that was nearly a gigabyte on its own. I knew that I shouldn't look at their private files, but decided to see what it was, thinking they had copied a film from a CD or DVD that I would be able to tease them about.. 

Oh! My, What a shock! It was a home made video, showing almost exclusively film of Sally in all her naked glory. I know that I should have turned it off, and I was way off track, but in all honesty my mind stopped working and everything else took over. I sat there bewitched, staring at the screen, It showed Sally stripping, then getting dressed, even playing with herself a little. I realised that not once had she actually looked at the camera, and nowhere was Tim involved, so I came to the conclusion that Sally knew nothing about the video.

Sally was 5'5" tall, with a slim build with great legs. She had small, pert. but well-formed boobs, roughly a 32B, with nice sized nipples. Her pubic hair was shaved into a small heart shape, finishing just above the start of her pussy slit, and when she turned around her butt was very tight. Damn, she was a beautiful looking young lady.

As I watched the video, Sally walked in wrapped in a towel, and sat on the bed drying herself off. She took off the towel to dry her hair, then sat naked using a hair-dryer to complete the task. She was sitting opposite a mirror, so the camera picked up many different views. She was talking to Tim, who seemed to be in another room. 

In the next scene, Sally sat facing the camera, trimming and shaving herself, using her fingers to move her pussy lips so she could shave safely. After this she applied some cream to the area. Slowly her fingers rubbed deeper and deeper inside, herself bringing her to a small orgasm. I think she would have continued but I heard a door open and Tim shout that he was home. Sally stopped playing abruptly, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her, and pushed her shaving tackle out of sight before going to greet Tim.

I stopped watching the videos, and completed the tidying up of the laptop. I gave it and the external drive back to Tim a few days later, explained what I had done to the laptop, and told him that some of the files were so big they had slowed it down. I told him one video file in particular had caused a problem, he smiled slightly and asked me if I had watched the video. I instinctively said no, and he seemed disappointed at that. Sally completed my course, and although I still see them occasionally Tim has never mention the video again.

Fiction Part.

I completed the tidying up of the laptop, and gave it and the external drive back to Tim a few days later. I explained what I had done to the laptop, and told him that some of the files were so big they had slowed it down. I told him one video file in particular had caused a problem, he smiled slightly and asked me if I had watched the video I asked him if he had wanted me to. He looked almost ashamed and said yes, he loved Sally, and he was so proud of her that he wanted others to see how beautiful she was, but as much as he had talked to her about showing off her body, but she always said no. He told me that she had not long since started to be comfortable naked in front of him.

I told him that if she ever found out about the video she would either leave him or kill him, and that if she did find out he must never tell her he had allowed anyone else to see it.

Sally finished my course and passed with flying colours. I still saw them occasionally and had a drink with them. I was just finishing work one evening and was surprised to get a call from Sally, where she she asked me politely how I was, and then asked if I could call by their place on my way home.

When I got there, I was taken a bit by surprise when Sally answered the door dressed in a black wrap-around dressing gown. She invited me in and took me through to the living room. She told me to sit down, then sat opposite me and said "suppose you are wondering what this is all about?" I answered that I was, and asked where Tim was, to which she replied that we would be seeing him shortly if all went well. She seemed very nervous and talked about lots of silly things, then abruptly asked me if I had seen the video when I had worked on the laptop. Everything then fell in to place. I looked at her and admitted that I had, and she breathed a sigh of relief and said she was glad I hadn't tried to lie about it. She then explained what had happened.

Sally had been looking for some stuff when she came across the external hard drive I had given them and out of curiosity had plugged it in to see what was on it. She had looked through several files when she came to the video. She told me how shocked and disappointed she had been with Tim, when the thought struck her that as I had worked on the laptop I possibly had seen the video as well. When Tim had come home she confronted him about it, and he had confessed what had happened.

While she had been waiting for Tim, she had packed all her stuff, ready to leave him. She was so angry that she searched his stuff and found three porn videos. She watched them to see what Tim was in to, discovering that one was a lesbian video, one was two men and one woman, and the final one was a cuckolding video with the man being tied up while the wife made love to someone else forcing the man to watch.

Sally then stood up and asked me to follow her. She led me through to the bedroom, and to my surprise Tim sat in the corner totally naked. I saw what appeared to be a tennis ball stuffed in his mouth and realised that his arms and legs were tied to the chair. He was also sporting a massive hard on. Sally looked at me and said after watching the cuckolding video she realised that she was a little turned on by it and had decided to punish Tim. She then looked at me directly in the eye, and asked if I would help her.

She had tied Tim in the same way as the man in the porno. She told him he either participated in what was going to happen, or that she would leave him and tell everyone why. His legs were spread across the chair and each was tied to a chair leg. His arms were tied to the up-rights of the chair back, and she had found a tennis ball to use because she didn't have a gag. Around the base of his penis and balls, she had used a plastic tie in place of the Arabian Strap, and was amazed at the result. What I couldn't see at the time was a cord she had tied into his hair leading down to the bottom of his penis. It threaded through his butt crack, and there tied to the plastic tie. This had two effects, the first keeping his head up, the second, if he moved his head it yanked the strap. She walked over to Tim and flicked the tip of his penis really hard. Tim flinched, but the look in his eyes said that he was enjoying himself.

Sally looked directly at the bulge in the front of my trousers, and said that it looked like I was ready to help her. I simply said yes. Sally turned to face Tim and undid her dressing gown, saying to Tim, "Watch and Weep little man, Watch and Weep." She let the gown fall to the floor. She had on a matching set of white lingerie, a lacy bra and knickers. The knickers from the back were cut to slip tightly in to her butt crack, believe me when I say that the view was fantastic and far better than the video. Sally leaned forward, allowing me a view of her tight butt in all its glory, then slapped Tims penis so hard that even I flinched.

Turning to me, Sally asked me to fuck her. Who was I to argue? I stripped off and went round to where she stood, and just looked for several seconds at the stunning young lady before me. She was several inches shorter than me, so I leaned down and gently kissed her neck. Sally gave a little moan, but stood very still. I glanced at Tim and saw him nodding his head, his penis bouncing up and down. 

I focused on Sally, slowly kissing and nibbling around her neck until I stood behind her, I undid her bra, but did not remove it straight away. I kissed my way back to standing in front of her, lifted her chin and kissed her delicious lips, as she opened her mouth to me and put her arms around my neck. I spent several minutes just kissing her. The bra fell forward, so Sally let it drop from her arms to the floor, and I started a slow descent towards her beautiful nipples, moving side to side, even spending time kissing around her armpits, as she seemed to enjoy that. Finally, I sucked a nipple into my mouth and heard Sally groan loudly. I played and sucked softly on her nipples, then continued my progress down until I reached her lower belly. With infinite care I gripped the side of her knickers and started to slide them down reveling in the soft outline of her heart shaped pubic hair. Sally's legs had begun to tremble, so I eased her backwards so she could sit on the edge of the bed, sliding her knickers down her long legs.

Starting at her feet, I kissed and nibbled my way back up. When I got back to Sally's pussy I nuzzled my nose between her lips and took long slow deep breaths taking in that divine and womanly fragrance. Sally lifted her knees to give me better access, so I slid my tongue deep inside, literally drinking in her love juices. Sally wrapped her legs around my neck, pulling me harder into her lips and had her first orgasm, squirting love juice deep down my throat as she did. I kept on using my tongue and fingers playing her to prolong the orgasm for as long as I could, even tonguing her tight butt hole.

As she came down from her orgasm, I made her turn over and started playing with her again, slowly she began to cum again and as she reached her next orgasm I entered her hard from behind, pounding like I would never have sex again. I felt the build up of a terrific orgasm deep inside my groin until I couldn't hold back anymore and was sending streams of hot cum deep inside Sally, holding her hips as tight as I could to stop me slipping out. Sally was still having hers, so I kept on moving in and out as fast as I could, but my leg were starting to go. Eventually, Sally fell flat on the bed, her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

Apart from moans and groans Sally hadn't said a word throughout the whole thing. I lay beside her, just looking until she opened her eyes to look at me and whisper thank you.

After a few minutes I remembered Tim, so I sat up and looked over to where he was. His eyes were hard to describe, but they were almost popping out of his head and he was covered in his own cum. I went to remove the ball from his mouth, but Sally stopped me, saying to leave him there for now. She took my hand and brought me back to the living room, said asked if I would like to have a drink with her I had a can of beer, while she had a vodka and cola. Sally came and sat beside me, resting her head on my shoulder. 

After a few minutes she put her drink on the coffee table and pushed her hand between my legs and started to play with me. I sat back to allow her to get comfortable and to enjoy what she was doing. Looking down at the floor. She told me that she never kissed a penis before and asked that if she did it wrong to help her to do it properly. With that, she knelt in front of me and kissed the tip of my penis, sucking it in to her mouth. I stayed as still as I could under the circumstances. Moving her head slowly up and down, Sally took me a little deeper each time until she started to gag and stopped. She looked puzzled and tried again, and again, until she had to stop because she gagged. She said on one of the porn videos a woman had taken a penis right down her throat, so why was she gagging? I told her to swallow when she started to gag, and that it takes practice to be able to deep-throat. 

Sally started again, and this time made it a bit further, but her practice was driving me insane. When she stopped again, I said "Sweetheart what you're doing is driving me mad it's so nice, but I desperately need to cum and if you keep that up I won't have any choice and I'll cum in your mouth and I don't know if you want that."

She looked at me and told me to wait one minute. She got up, went into the bedroom, came back out and told me to cum in her mouth. She started blowing me again. She put her hand around my balls, took a deep breath, sucked hard and pushed her head down, and all of a sudden I was balls deep down her throat, and squirting jizz into her like there was no tomorrow. She sucked as much as she could, then came up for air with cum dribbling down her chin. I lay there, fully sated and gasping for breath. I asked what had made her want my cum in her mouth, and she told me she went to taste Tim's, to see if she would like the taste. She also told Tim what she was going to do for me.

We went through to the bedroom to see Tim. He was almost crying, begging Sally to relieve him, she sat in front of him and said "I will release you and relieve you, but understand this, this will never happen again under any circumstances. You will destroy the video, get rid of all your porn and will do whatever I tell you to sexually. You will be my sex slave, is that clearly understood?" Tim mutely agreed to everything Sally had demanded.

Sally knelt in front of Tim and took hold of his penis, very slowly wanking him off. She stopped a couple of times before he started to cum, driving him higher each time. When she finally let him cum, he came in a long shout of release, his huge spurts splattering Sally's face and breasts.

Sally stood up, and turned to me with cum dripping from her face, love juice glistening down her legs, and told me that I would never be allowed to do this again and asked me never to tell anyone else what had happened. I happily said no problem, and thanked her for allowing me to participate. I got dressed and went to leave. Sally came to the door with me, wrapped in the dressing gown again, and thanked me. I told her that she really was an exceptionally pretty lady with a fantastic body, then I kissed her and went home.

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