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Hey there, my name is Reneesha. I am from Assam 20 years old. I would like to share my personal experience with you guys and I hope you enjoy it. Firstly about my background I m a very open sexy Indian girl.

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I was born in a family with my father mostly outside as he is in army my mom being a housewife in the city of Guwahati. I have always enjoyed every bit of my life. Sexual interest was generated when I was in class 8 when I first kissed my classmate and I lost my virginity at age of 18.

I am a fitness freak and have grown my assets… Boobs 34 waist 26 ass 38. Having bigger bosom and butt than normal girls with milky white complexion gives me a lot of advantage and attention from guys. Guys would wait on stairs to watch my milk jar shake or on corridor to watch my ass sway which I like by the way.

Coming back to the story it happened a week ago when me and my three friends planned to go out during our vacation near Manas forest reserve.

We arranged a hotel for 5 days it wasn’t a lot luxurious but we got the best that was available. The location was pretty rural. We hardly found any vehicle. On first day in the evening we decided to take walk around the area.

We got out of our hotel everyone were in shorts and top I had some difficulty particularly as my butt hardly fit in shorts. Any ways as we walked through village every eye in that village was on us and we rocked our body as much we could as we enjoyed every attention. It is not often that they get to see sexy girls on road I guess.

But as we passed market we saw some guys drunk laying by the road and as they saw us they started to pass dirty comments which was in fact fine for us so we giggled a little and moved on.

As we were coming back to our hotel I noticed something unusual. We would be half a kilometre away when I saw a guy walking at a distance behind us and when I tried to look back he gave a flirty smile I didn’t know what to do so I smiled back. He was one of those drunk guy we saw earlier.

He kept stalking us while my friends didn’t realise it I got little kinky idea. I asked my friends that I will meet them at hotel and I need to buy something in market. They didn’t pay much attention and marched straight to hotel while I have now slowed my walking speed. The guy behind me realised I was alone now caught up and as my friends vanished a dusky voice said hello memsaab to which I gave a sexy smile and said hi to him.

Now I could really look at him he must be 30+ in age with well built stature chest hair through his t-shirt were visible with lungi. He had dusky black complexion.

He started to enquire about me as I said I need to go to market to buy some dress and he deviously offered to be the guide. His name was sudeep and he was lament worker. It didn’t took much time for him to lose control as we were walking I felt a rather soft touch on my left butt growing into a tight grasp. I knew my plan was working and I intentionally gave a sexy look at him.

Now there was no stopping he held my hand and almost dragged me to a jhoparpatti which I realise later was his house.when I reached the house it had one khtiya and I saw a woman cooking but the guy didn’t even paid attention to him and threw me to his khatiya straight a way.

I was little hesitating in front of his wife but in a second he threw his t shirt an lungy on that woman and jumped on me in his red underwear. I too was so desperate for sex gave a french kiss on his alcoholic mouth he did enjoy that as his hand touched every part of my body. His wife kept watching helplessly. I took my top and shorts off and I was down in my black lingerie.

His eyes were glued to my melons and he didn’t waste a moment to take my melons in his mouth sucking like an infant I was moaning in pleasure. I knew I m going to give his best fuck ever. He kept biting my boobs till it was red. I took his monster out and it was a big black monster. I threw him at his back and ordered him to do things my way.

I was totally naked now as I naughtily dropped my panty down I took his dick in my hand and guided it to my cunt as I sat on his his dick we both moaned in pleasure but he could not control himself and groped my ass as I started to jump on his dick. It was heaven my melons jumping with me I kept moaning aaahhh mmm ooohh the sound of our sex was audible to fair distance. There was no stopping his black hitting my white pussy.

After some time he released his semen in my pussy and his sperm was dripping down my knees as I collapsed on him.

But soon I realised his dick was stiff again and he drilled his dick in my cunt in doggy pose as I kept screaming. My white ass was red by now while he was fucking and calling me slut. His wife kept watching him fondle my boobs till he finally collapsed. It was already night he offered me to take me to hotel to which I agreed and started to wear my dress but I didn’t find my lingerie.

On the way to hotel I gave him another blowjob in the bushes and he cummed all over my mouth and tired from this hot encounter ended my first day as went into my hotel. My friends had an idea by now what kind of shopping I did. I was fell asleep but who knew it was just getting started.

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